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  newly diagnosed with emphysema
Reviewed by: KMC,  from Chicago, Illinois

from KMC, Chicago, Ill. As an emergency department nurse for over 30 years, my first experience with an MDI spacer was its use with pediatric asthma patients. That alone should tell the reader how easy a delivery chamber is to use! I recently had pulmonary function tests, and the therapist showed me how to use an inhaler alone, then the inhaler with a delivery chamber. It was so much easier to form a seal around the chamber mouthpiece, than around the inhaler mouthpiece itself. The whistle sound that this Optichamber makes if I inhale too fast is an immedidate reminder to adjust my inspiration rate. Although the chamber is not as small as the size of an inhaler alone, I carry both in my purse. When I need to use a "rescue" inhaler I want to be sure the medication is delivered properly, with the best results possible. I believe this Optichamber does just that.
  Great chamber for an independent 4 yr old
Reviewed by: Mom of an asthma sufferer from New Gloucester, ME

I was very pleased to find this website with this chamber. My current pharmacy cost twice as much. Very pleased it was shipped & received in a couple days. Very happy customer!
Reviewed by: AJW, Asthma Sufferer from Saint Paul, MN

Thank you for carrying this product. I recently lost my Optichamber and it really makes a difference for my asthma when I exercise, so I've been missing it. I'm interested to find out what other products you may carry to assist me in my efforts to remain healthy both asthma wise and fitness wise.
  MDI Spacer
Reviewed by: Newly Diagnosed Asthmatic from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This was my first experience with an MDI spacer. The seal was good, the size was perfect, the whistle was useful in regulating inspiration. It was very easy to clean.
  Best on Market
Reviewed by: Michael - an asthmatic from Anchorage, Alaska

Not only is this chamber slightly larger than the AeroChamber, allowing better dispersement of MDI medications, it has a removable mouthpiece making it much easier to keep clean.

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