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  good price, but...
Reviewed by: desprate mom from Clarksville, TN

My 3 year old daughter is attached to her "Bubbles Mask"... wont use another one... since hers is getting worn and discolored I got a new one from the place in town where I got her first one. They no longer have the original "Bubbles" mask, so I wound up with the new "Bubbles II" --- Megan hates this mask, so we were back to using her old one... When i found this one here on this site (It is called Bubbles Mask and is picutred as the original mask that my daughter loves) I didnt hesitate to order it... When it came in, it is the "Bubbles II" mask.... the one she doesnt like... so, my son, who is one and also uses the nebulizer has two brand new Bubbles II masks --- and my daughter is still using the old worn out original bubbles mask... Can anyone tell me where to get the original one???
  Great for Kids!
Reviewed by: Mother from Roxboro, North Carolina

These mask are the perfect size when you have small kids that need to use them. Plus with the fish look to them the kids love them. Great Product!!
  Nice mask for a child
Reviewed by: Parent of asthma sufferer from Chicago

Our son is 4 and uses the nebulizer twice a day. This mask makes the treatment a bit easier for all of us. The rubber is soft the fit is ideal for his face. I think that the cute mask also makes it easier for us as parents to see him having to sit through a treatment.
  bubbles mask
Reviewed by: son with asthma from Kansas City, Missouri

This is a great product! Upon sterilizing my son's former bubbles mask, I unintentionally burnt when all the water evaporated. In my search to replace the mask, Achoo Allergy was THE ONLY place that had them! The service was great, the shipping was expedient and the quality is second to none! I only wish I had ordered two- just in case!
  Down Under the Sea
Reviewed by: Child Allergy Sufferer from Bunnell, Florida

Love the "fish" mask, makes nebulizing an under water adventure.
  Love the mask
Reviewed by: fish mask user from CA

my son loves the mask. He calls the medicine Fishy medicine.
  Bubbles Mask
Reviewed by: D Jones from Louisville, KY

Great! Only mask my 4 year old will use.
Reviewed by: Relieved mother. from Phoenix, AZ

My two year old daughter has bad asthma, has to do the Pulmicort Neb treatments twice a day and HATES them. Since we got Bubbles the fish, she gladly does her treatment. I even catch her wearing the mask just for fun. I can't believe there aren't more products out there like it.
  Wonderful Product
Reviewed by:  from Kansas

My child has used this mask for 2 years. It is durable, cleanable and enjoyable for your child.

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