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  Allergy bedding
Reviewed by:  from 

My allergist told me I had a severe allergy to dust mites and had to make some big changes. I had to call in to ask questions about the different comforter cover, vs comforter, vs fleece cover products and the staff was very helpful. I ordered mattress, box spring, and pillow covers in addition to the fleece blanket for the bed. I also got the carpet cleaner you sprinkle and the spray for chairs. I'm very happy with all products and would recommend them. The fleece blanket in particular is warm enough to use by itself and stands up to washing in hot water.
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy from Marietta,Ga

We used this in my son's room several years ago and it has worked so well in combination with the mattress, boxspring, and pillow covers, we have not needed to retreat for a long time. Planning to rearrange his room to while it is all moved around, might as well retreat! Thank you for a great product. It defiantly solved our problem.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Tracey from Minnesota

We have a cat but no one in our immediate family has allergies. However, Some good friends who often come for the holidays do have allergies. In the past they could only stay for a couple of hours even though I vacuumed thoroughly and kept the cat outside for a couple of weeks. I have used Allersearch x-Mite Powder a couple of times now and they are able to stay and visit the whole day! I also run an air purifier. Thank you!
  Not for us
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This product started us sneezing right away was glad there were test direction and it was use in a spot away from regular use.
Reviewed by:  from 

I believe this product works well however, you are to leave on for 3 hours before sweeping.. didn't know that til I already had it on my carpet and then couldn't sweep.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: No allergy reaction from visitors from Deerwood, MN

We own an adorable cat but none of my family has allergies. However, I have a dear friend that lives out of town and visits a few times a year who has many allergies. In the past, before her visit, I limited our cat to a certain part of the house for a few weeks and cleaned vacuumed often. However, in spite of hard wood floors and only 1 carpeted room, she would still react, need her inhaler, and have to leave after 2 or 3 hours. This is the second time in the past year I have used Allersearch X-Mite and it has been a HUGE success! Without previously telling her what I had done, after 3 hours of no visible reaction, I asked her how she was doing? She replied, "Great, I'm not have any difficulty breathing. We can stay longer. Did you do something different?" It was such a joy to have her visit lengthened and feeling great!
Reviewed by: Dust might Allgeries from Iowa

I was a little leary about this produt but 5 hours after I used it my family noticed a huge difference.
  Immediate Relief
Reviewed by: living with allergies from Virginia Beach, VA

When you're pregnant and have a 20-month-old, sleep is critical. After spending several nights on the couch because I sneezed every time I tried to sleep in my room, I ordered X-Mite out of desperation. But the next time I order it, I will do so with confidence. The first night after applying X-Mite as directed and also washing my sheets in de-mite, I slept soundly with no sneezing or stuffiness at all. I'm so grateful to have found a product that works--immediately!
  Can really tell a difference!
Reviewed by: Larry Gentry from San Francisco, California

I used the X-Mite on my bedroom carpet per the directions. I can really tell a difference when I sleep!
  Clean rugs
Reviewed by: Elaine Flanagan from Lousisana

I was just doing my yoga on my recently cleaned area rug. I was surprised to see how clean and fresh the rug is--amazing what you can see upside down.
  Worked Pretty Good!
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Killer from Bay Area, California

Laid the powder down in my girlfriend's apartment and ran the vacuum across the floor with no power to get the powder to site. Let the powder sit for 3 hours as directed. Vacuumed up the powder and it seems to have helped as our allergies aren't acting up as much.
  allergy relief from dust mites
Reviewed by: allergy to dust mites from Stoughton, Wi

Purchased your x-mite as I found out I am very allergic to dust mites and my Dr. told me to try some products intended to help this problem. It worked well. I thought it might be alot of work treating my carpet and bedding, but it was no big deal and it felt so much better for my allergies. Even my husband has had less headaches since treating the whole room. Will definitely use in all my rooms. I have used it in both our bedrooms and highly recommend it. Good product and no bad odors during treatment. We also sprayed the bedding with the anti-allergen solution which we liked. Thank-you! J.Lee
  A Great Alternative to Carpet Removal
Reviewed by: A Dust Mite Allergy Sufferer from Nazareth, Pennsylvania

My six year old daughter was recently diagnosed with a dust mite allergy. At our doctor's suggestion, I immediately purchased from your website, the dust mite protectors for our beds and they were terrific - made a big difference, the next step was to remove all carpets / area rugs in the house, stuffed animals, purchased air purifiers, etc. Obviously the expense was starting to mount. The next step and the one we were hoping to avoid - was to remove the carpeting in her room and the entire upstairs of our home. This was overwhelming for us both from a cost standpoint and the work involved. In any event, we thought we would just try this carpet treatment first or before removal of carpeting and we found that it worked great. I tested the room before and after for dust mite allergen and the difference was dramatic. We're seeing how it goes but hopefully we may not need to remove the carpeting thanks to this product. The process was easy as well. Just sprinkle on the carpet, brush in, leave on for 3 hours and vacuum upon return. Not too bad considering the alternatives....Thank you!
  X-Mite to the rescue
Reviewed by: Little Stephen from Fresno, California

My 1 year old son was diagnosed with severe dustmite allergies. My pediatrician recommended X-Mite for all the carpeting in our home. What a difference it made in my little boys day to day life! His nose doesn't run constantly and his eyes don't water all the time. Thanks for making my son fell so much better.
  X-Mite to the rescue
Reviewed by: Little Stephen from Fresno, California

My 1 year old son was diagnosed with severe dustmite allergies. My pediatrician recommended X-Mite for all the carpeting in our home. What a difference it made in my little boys day to day life! His nose doesn't run constantly and his eyes don't water all the time. Thanks for making my son fell so much better.
  No Worries
Reviewed by: A Mother from Springfield, Illinois

My six month old son and I rent an apartment. I knew how important being down and moving around was for his development, but I still hesitated to do it. Every time I put him on the floor to play he would start sneezing. I use to stress out about it until I found X-Mite. Now he doesn't have to share the rug with those pesky dust mites. I know he's the only creature crawling on my rug. Thank You, Achoo.
  my cat squirt
Reviewed by: SQUIRT ALLERY SUFFERER from Ruston, Louisiana

  New House
Reviewed by: wife of dog/cat dander from McLean, VA

Every little bit helps and the fact that my husband isn't constantly sneezing is a good thing :) Thanks X-Mite!
  Carpet Powder
Reviewed by: dust mite suferer from Bellingham, WA

This was easy to apply and really helped with my dust mite allergies. We have only done the bedroom carpet so far but we are going to treat all our house carpets with it.
  X-Mite Carpet Care
Reviewed by: K Walker from Wendell, NC

I have severe allergies and this product has seemed to work really well reducing allergens in my home. I am not getting the daily evening headaches I used to get since using X-Mite, and it has been 3 weeks. One suggestion though, if you have asthma, use a mask when spreading. The smell is quite strong and I was a little wheezy after applying but it is totally worth it.
  good stuff
Reviewed by: dog lover from Los Angeles

The Allersearch X-Mite really seems to make a difference with my dog and dust mite allergy. I use it on the bedroom rug, and don't suffer even though my dog sleeps in the same room.
  Best product ever!
Reviewed by: Mari from Florida

This thing really works! I felt the difference within days. I was able to sit on the carpet and stay in my office without having all the allergy problems I usually have.
  helps with pet allergy
Reviewed by: pet allergy not stopping us from oh

this product makes it possible for me to sit on the floor with my baby in our house without dog allergy causing me to sneeze. it is very expensive for the amount of carpet we have to vaccuum I use half the package but it does work well.
  Great stuff!
Reviewed by: Brooke, mom of allergy sufferer from Louisville KY

I will continue to use this product. I think every little bit helps.
  Good product!
Reviewed by: JZ from Lexington, Kentucky

Easy to apply, it was fun sweeping the powder into the carpet! Did not notice a drastic change, but in combination with everything else I've done to remove allergens my symptoms have decreased. Every little bit helps!
  Good Product
Reviewed by: Military Allergy Sufferer from Florida

The effects of the product is great; allergy symptoms decreased dramatically after using this product on my carpets. It's a burden to use, though, because the flip-up lid gets clogged with the product and you have to clean the lid out to close it properly. The smell is also very strong after a couple hours, so ventilate house while you are waiting the few hours necessary before vacuuming.
  allersearch x-mite
Reviewed by: Allerseach user from New York

I think this product is great. I applied it to my carpeting, vacuumed and my allergy systems were gone.
  This is a must
Reviewed by: Cured from Chicago

I was a little worried when I first used this product. It is a bit damp when you apply it and it smells like a hospital at first. When I brushed it into the carpet it looked as if it might not vacuum back up again! However, after the three hours that the label prescribes for effectiveness, the powder dried, the smell significantly dissipated and all of it came up. Afterwards, I noticed a big difference. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to purchase it in future. Thanks!

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