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  Sleeping better!
Reviewed by: Mariann R. from Leesburg, VA

Back when we got two lovely, nutty short-haired cats, I already knew I had a mild dog/cat allergy. I am a pushover, so the cats can sleep wherever they want. I noticed that I'd wake up with a stuffy nose sometimes, so I thought I'd try this Allergen Wash. To my delight, it made a difference from the first washing. I do our bedding weekly and sleep better because of it. It may not be cheap, but the value of a good night's sleep outweighs the cost for me. By the way, I also have dust mite allergy much worse, so all my pillows have the Achooallergy covers and I got a memory foam mattress pad from them as well. I've recommended the site to coworkers - especially ones where their children have allergies.
Reviewed by: Catherine from West Palm Beach, FL

I'm so allergic to so many things - I just try everything. So far, this product is fine - cannot tell you whether it's good or bad - but I use it. I trust this company. Everything I use is covered. I'm so glad they came out with something you don't have to fry!
  Great Tea Tree Oil Scent
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Atlanta, GA

Love this product. I wash all my bedding in this every week. I especially love how I can wash them in cold water instead of having to use the sanitize setting so the bedding will last alot longer!! Have used on Quilts, Duvet Covers, Colorful Sheets, Comforters and Blankets. Worked great on all with no fading!!
  Years of Relief
Reviewed by: Marian, Cat Lover/Dust Mite Hater from Leesburg, VA

About five years ago, when we got Bob and Pepe, two rescue cats, my mild pet allergy joined my dust mite allergy for some heightened symptoms. Can't recall exactly how I landed on Achoo Allergy, but I checked out the laundry products and decided to give the Allergen Wash a try. It is expensive, but you use a capful or less with HE machine. BUT it really, truly helps! I noticed with the first round of washing bedding, which I do weekly. Combined with the Achoo Allergy pillow covers, I can let Pepe knead my hair and sleep atop my head pillow hog without paying the price. I buy in bulk and try to catch sales, but always make sure I have the Allergen Wash on hand.
  Children with asthma
Reviewed by: Children with asthma from Atlanta,ga

Love this product. I would choose over d-mite. A little goes a long way don't let the price scare you. It doesn't take much to wash the clothes.
Reviewed by: Dander-phobe from North Carolina

I have bought about 12 of these so far. I am extremely allergic to cats. Dander makes my eyes itch and my asthma get worse. I use this on all of our clothes and linens b/c we used to have a cat in the household. The product has a strong odor that is not pleasant, BUT it washes away and is never present after the wash. For larger loads I used two capfuls so the product does not last too long, but if you want an item of clothing to be "safe" again in terms of allergens, then this is the product for you. I wish the product came in a larger bottle, though.
Reviewed by: spouse of allergy sufferer from Chicago

My husband’s allergist suggested I wash my husband’s clothes twice and try to use a laundry detergent for allergist. I found this product and it is great. I don't have to wash my husband’s clothes twice anymore. Allersearch is worth the monies I pay. Thanks
  Allersearch Allergen Wash
Reviewed by: David-dust mite allergy sufferer from High Point NC

We have used Allergen Wash for over a month and can clearly tell a diference. Allergy reactions have greatly declined. All the sheets and pillow cases don't have that former powderly and slick feel. Their is no smelling of the product. We have re-ordered
Reviewed by: Sinus sufferer from Sacramento, CA

This detergent has really helped with my bedding in particular. I do wake up much less sniffly and can tell that my sinuses are less blocked while I'm in bed. However, it's not great at removing dirt or stains, which I found out the hard way when none of my white washcloths came out clean even though I used a lot of detergent. You really have to use this in addition to your regular detergent, though I don't use as much. However, that makes it even more expensive to use. I was curious about whether anyone had just tried adding tea tree oil? Of course, by itself that's expensive, too.
  Better way to wash
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Pennsylvania

Product is user friendly and safe for washing bedding. No smells, no residue and cleans well.
  amazing stuff!
Reviewed by: Dust Mite, pollen, mold allergy sufferers from malvern, Pennsylvania, land of mold

I bought this because my dog has severe dust mite allergies, so bad she had nose bleeds from inflammation... after $3,000 in test and allergy testing it was clear something had to happen. I started with the laundry detergent for all laundry and dust mite covers on all dog beds and ours! I have dedicated towels for the dogs muddy feet that have never come 'all' the way clean.. until I used this detergent. And you use some a tiny amount of it, it lasts and lasts. we had all the carpets removed from our home and our dog has much improved as have we. I highly recommend this detergent, leave the heavy perfumed expensive stuff at the grocery store and get some really fresh clean clothes from Allersearch Allergen Wash. We have other dogs with pollen and mold allergies who area also improving.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Aby Mom from Orlando, Florida

My cat was suffering from itchy allergies and we don't know what he is allergic to. We washed everything in the house we could with this product including his beds and blankets. It smells wonderful and I feel better knowing everything is clean and rid of pollen and dust mites. Kitty is already feeling better and itching less.
  great beginner step
Reviewed by: frugal allergy sufferer from austin

My doctor told me I have a pretty intense dust mite allergy. She recommended a HEPA filter, but at the moment my budget will not allow that. So in my research I came across this site and all the great products. Since I never launder with hot water, this detergent seemed like an affordable first step to decreased allergies. I have noticed a difference in my quality of sleep since I started washing my bedding in this product. And am saving my pennies for a filter soon to complete the package.
  dustmitex & allergenwash
Reviewed by: Sleep Better from Florida

Every product I have used, surpises me. Didn`t know I had Dust mites until I used this and found out how comfortable life can be.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: S from Oakland, CA

This product has significantly improved my allergic eczema. I'm not rash free, but this soap has probably made the single biggest improvement of all of the many treatments I've tried over the years. I don't notice the smell that others have mentioned - it smells good coming out of the bottle and doesn't leave any scent behind. My only complaint is the bottle - I ended up with the stuff all over my hands until I switched to a different container.
  I use it for my dog's allergies!
Reviewed by: For the Dogs from Orlando, FL

I bought this product after learning that my dog has severe allergies to dust mites. So we wash all of the sheets, blankets, dog beds, and anything else my dog might touch in this product. I've been using it for years, and it's made the world of difference. No more chewing of the feet, scratching, etc.
  Good, but a little strong smelling
Reviewed by: Amberlee from Modesto, CA

I recently purchased the Allergen Wash along with many other bed covers, air purifier, etc, for I have terrible mite allergies. I stripped my bed and rewashed all my clothing and I will admit I am doing a whole lot better. I don't know which or all of the products were the culprit, but I don't wake up every morning sounding like a man. I did like that you could use your own detergent and fabric softener, but even so, the clothes came out smelling a little strong. I would describe it as almost a tea tree oil smell. Overall it has been part of my success, but the smell does make me hesitate before I put it in the wash.
  Little extra to complement bedding and air filter
Reviewed by: Worried parents from Victoria, TX

Our 3-year old was recently ranked as severely allergic to dust mites. Naturally, we sought medical help and we were shocked to see our son prescribed seven 7 different medications as well as a looming threat of allergy shots on his first visit. We thought that there must be a better way to mitigate some of his allergic reactions. We bought his entire bedding on Achooo Allergy, including this Allergen Wash and we use it for his duvet, cover sheets, and his entire room. We even invested in Blueair 450E filter. Two weeks later, our son's lungs are clear, he is no longer wheezing at night and we only give him Zyrtec every now and then. Who wouldn't want to trade seven medications and threat of shots for this?! These products are great!
  Works Great!
Reviewed by: dust mite allergies from Ohio

I bought this detergent so I could wash my daughters bedding in cold water instead of hot water. The hot water really did a number on her bedding already as well as the electric bill was going to take a hit if I had to continue washing once a week, about 2 loads, with the hot water. This detergent is doing exactly what I need it to do! The detergent has a slight smell, but I don't really smell it after I remove the bedding from the washer. The smell isn't bad, just not a nice fresh smell like most other detergents. Again, so slight that I wouldn't even consider it a factor! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative to doing there washing in cold water instead of hot.
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Petersburg, MI

I recently purchased the Allergen Wash. This product is great. When I was my bedding, I use this product. My sheets come out smelling so clean, not a strong perfume scent, just clean. This product will kill any mites that are on your bedding. Its great for those blankets that can't be washed in hot water. Try it!
  Very pleased with this product
Reviewed by: Sandy from VA

Most of my linens, towels, and clothing need to be washed in cold water. That's a big no-no according to my allergist. But with the allergen wash, I can use cold water. My symptoms are reduced plus I save my clothes from an early demise. I also save energy since I don't have to use hot water.
  Refreshing and clean wash
Reviewed by: Joanne Campbell from Ocala, Florida

This product always makes the clothes, sheets, towels, everything washed coming out fresh and clean. Allergen Wash is a great product!!
  Great for Controlling Dust Mites
Reviewed by: Father of Allergy sufferer from Alexandria, VA

The wash has really helped with our son's dust mite allergy
  I think its working
Reviewed by: undecided from Albany OR

I am attempting to get my house allergens under control for myself and my allergic dog. I'm using a combination of Allerpet on the cat and dogs, Zyrtec, Allersearch Allergen wash on our bedding, and the rug dust-mite killer, plus a dust mite spray. In addition to this I've changed the furnace filters and put filters on all the vents. I also got a little in-line hepa filter for my cpap machine. I'm still not 100%, but its possible I'm reviewing too soon. I'm not the best housekeeper, so doing the vacuuming and dusting every week gets old, and I'm the only human with allergies, so others don't feel the urgency I do, hence, I get to do the work. So until this becomes more routine and I feel better, I'm reserving full judgment. What I can say is nothing stinks, the detergent gets our bedding clean, and I'm optimistic.
  Dust Mites & Dander Be Gone!
Reviewed by: Anti-Dust Mites Mariann from Leesburg, Virginia

Okay, so maybe they aren't completely gone, but after trying Allersearch Allergen Wash on my bedding I woke up breathing clearly and without puffy eyes. I was diagnosed with dust mite allergy eons ago thought I'd never sleep in a bed after seeing those buggers magnified umpteen times! and mild dog/cat allergy at some point. When we adopted two bed-visiting cats, I decided I needed to try something and AAW made a huge difference - hence my last order of three containers.
Reviewed by: shelly from Houston, TX

It's nice to have a product that can remove dust mites from all items, even those items that can be washed in hot water. Many blankets, curtains, etc. are of a material that is damaging if washed in hot water. The only complaint is that it leaves the items feeling stiff. They do soften up after a few uses.
  Try it - you will like it
Reviewed by: Hope, Get rid ot allergies from Wyoming

Like the concept of trying new products that will be especially helpful with any type of allergies. I will certainly try other products that you offer in the future, never know if the product is right for me, unless I try it.
  Allersearch Allergen Wash
Reviewed by:  from 

I really like the results of this detergent. I had a friend ask if this was different from the old surfactant detergents & I didn't know the answer. I hope it is really effective in all temperatures because I really prefer this option.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Brooke mom from Spokane, Washington

Our son is severly allergic to animals especially dogs. We got him a poodle to be his service dog. This product has saved us from having to wash our clothes in hot hot water! It's the best!
  It must work!
Reviewed by: Wife of asthma man from Montana

My husband has developed asthma, so I tried this a year ago. I always use it to wash the bedsheets and his underwear, and I do believe it helps. I'm tempted to use it in my carpet shampooer next year, I know-get rid of the carpet!
  pets have allergies too
Reviewed by: Not just for people w/allergies from Florida

I purchased this item along with the spray after my veterinarian told me my dog, Shadow was severely allergic to dustmites. I have been washing all of his bedding and soft toys weekly in this wash and spraying other areas where he sleeps with the allergy spray - He has had significant improvement in both his itchy scratchy skin and has completly quit sneezing altogether.
  Weird smell but great product
Reviewed by: Lacey from Columbia, MD

I bought this as part of a massive overhaul of all my bedding after finding out all my sinus problems and recent colds were the result of dust mite allergies. I am so glad that my mom talked me into getting this because it has been wonderful! I don't have the ability to see whether it's killing all the mites but it is definitely helping. The only downside is the very weird smell which seems to stick to it even after coming out of the dryer.
  No more morning sneezes
Reviewed by: Stopping AM sneezes from bedding from Princeton, New Jersey

My young son would wake up sneezing everyday. Several months ago I ordered the pillow & mattress covers-- not the super delux ones but the ones that sounded like they would be the most effective for the price I could pay. Also I ordered the Dust Mite works for Carpet.I also ordered the de-mite Laundry Additive. In one day I washed all of his bedding with the additive, I vacuumed the carpet well and sprayed the solution onto it as instructed, and I wiped his room down with my vinegar/water combo. I did allof this when he was out of the house and well before bedtime. The next day he woke up and I waited to hear the sneezing start. AND IT DIDN'T! Using these dust mite products has changed his life-- and mine. Now I routinely once a week, sometimes every 2 wks wash his bedding with the solution. Recently I ordered the Allersearch Allergen Solution just to try something different and it is as effective. I like the jug it comes in and I ordered the bigger size so it will be longer before I have to re-order. Other reviewers have complained ofthe "smell"(from the tea tree oil) of the solution, but if you follow the directions EXACTLY the sheets come out fresh and clean smelling. The one thing I can't change is the problem of having carpet--as renters we can't remove it although I wish I could! But we think frequent vacuuming followed by the carpet solution is our best defense. Now I'm saving up for the Air purifier!
  really helps
Reviewed by:  from charlotte NC

This product when combined with the bedding encasing made a hugh difference in my ability to sleep and feel beter in the morning.
  Wish I know about this product sooner
Reviewed by: Julia from Florida  from Parkland, Florida

I wish I know about this product sooner. My allergist recommended that take care of my daughters bedding. I went online and found this products. My daughter was diagnosed with allergies to dustmites. I washed her sheets and blankets. What an improvement. It was the first time she woke up without a runny nose.
  Performed beyond expectations
Reviewed by: Mary Smolding from Virginia

Small botlle contained over 30 wash loads. Only needed a small amount per load. Smelled strongly out of the bottle, but the finished wash had no odor whatsoever. My husband noticed a more comfortable sleep since I washed our bedding with this product. I recommend it for any family that has allergies.
  Breathing Easy
Reviewed by: wife of allergy sufferer from Vancouver, WA

My husband has dust mite allergies and had come to the conclusion that he would always have to deal with a runny nose and sneezing whenever he went to bed. We washed two days ago with this was for the first time. We are waiting for the allergy bedding so the wash is the only thing that has changed. Last night he didn't sneeze once! I'm looking forward to getting the other products to see if the combo will make this wonderful change a permanent one.
  Super Product a home must have!
Reviewed by: L. McCarthy from NY, NY

I love this product. I immediately noticed a difference and a little goes a long way. If you suffer from allergies you must use this product. Smells nice too!
  A Hopeful Solution
Reviewed by: a very hopeful allergy sufferer  from Birmingham, Alabama

When I got this I was surprised at how small the bottle was, and surprised at how little of the product was needed to wash a single load. (I also have a high efficiency washer, and have gotten used to the gigantic heavy detergent bottles.) I was apprehensive at first of so little detergent working that well, but it actually appears to have worked quite nicely. I washed a load of blankets, and while they were washing I did notice a faint smell like that of tea tree oil. However, once they were finished washing and drying there was barely even a trace of any scent. The blankets are definitely just as clean as they would have been with any other detergent, however they do appear to be quite a bit less stuffy having only been washed in warm water, and I've noticed that I can breathe a little bit more clearly after falling asleep under them. I'm not used to only needing that small of an amount yet, but I look forward to trying this on other wash loads and from what I have seen so far, I definitely recommend it for other allergy sufferers weary of having to wash everything in hot water.
  Relief at Last!
Reviewed by: No Longer Suffering  from Los Angeles

This product has increased my quality of life in just six wash loads - which is one week's laundry for this family. I suffer from allergies to dust mites and animal dander, which in my household of three dogs and two cats means I was always suffering from itchy eyes and a runny nose. But after doing last week's laundry in Allersearch Allergen Wash, my allergies are much improved and I wake up in the morning nearly symptom free. What a relief! Another real plus is that unlike some allergy washes or additives, Allersearch doesn't leave a medicinal smell.
  Great detergent
Reviewed by: Maggie from Lexington, KY

This allergy wash, in conjunction with the allergy covers for my bed, have really improved my allergy symptoms. This detergent has a pleasant smell and leaves my clothes as clean and fresh and any other detergent I've tried, with the added benefits of allergy reduction! I would recommend this product highly!
Reviewed by: FRED N. from LOS ANGELES, CA

  A good night's sleep!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Raleigh

I had no idea what a difference washing my fine linens (which can't take hot water) in this allergen wash would make! I have had significantly less watery itchy eyes/nose since I started using this product. My sheets don't smell "bounce fresh" (eventhough I still used all the other laundry products I normally use) but they don't smell medicinal either, so I'll take the "no smell" any day over the allergies!!
  Small amount goes a long way!
Reviewed by: Trish K. from Yuma, AZ

I have an HE washer, so the low suds is great! I did add a little soap and used a full scoop because I washed a large load. My nose wasn't as stuffy in the AM as it had been! It does have a "smell" that isn't as pleasant as my detergent, but I used fabric softener, and that worked well. BUY THIS! I like it better than the demite.
  allergen wash
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Concord, North Carolina

I have had pretty good results with it. The only thing that I find it does not work great on is the mustiness in some clothes.
  Allergen Laundry Wash
Reviewed by: Mother of allergy sufferer from California

As easy to use as regular laundry soap. I assume it's killing the dustmites too.
  From the Allergen Wash Manufacturer
Reviewed by: From the Manufacturer from NJ

My name is Ron Kay, I am the Manager of the Technical Department at Allersearch Labs. I am responding to a post below. I assume the customer is referring to Allergen Wash. Just as an informational item, the chemical smell mentioned is the combination of essential oils and natural compounds that give the product its allergen fighting qualities. The ingredients have been quantified to be most effective using the product as suggested on its label.. That strong smell is completely gone after the wash is completed. Items washed in Allergen Wash have no smell after washing. We formulated Allergen Wash this way because we know allergic individuals do not react well to fragrances. The poster is not realizing the full benefit of Allergen Wash unless the label instructions as to quantity are followed. In the alternative we suggest using the recommended amount of Allergen Wash and a reduced amount of the scented soap. The desired fragrance should be there, and the allergen level will be reduced. Please do not hesitate to call on me for any other product inquiry. Best, Ron Kay
  Mild but pleasant order
Reviewed by: C. Miller from Jacksonville, FL

This product imparts a mild, but pleasant order to the laundered items. It seems to be helping. I'm also using pillow encasings.
  Washing in cold water
Reviewed by: J Frank from Pennsylvania

Does not have a smell at all that I can perceive. This product is great and allows me to wash my linen in cold water - great for allergy sufferers.
  Really Works!
Reviewed by: Sensitive nose  from Los Angeles

Cleans my fine linens in cold water and really eliminates dustmites. I can tell by the volume of "fine lint" in my dryer that dustmites are being washed out and removed in the wash and dryer. I've had far fewer asthma attacks since using Allersearch. The detergent has a light clean odor barely noticeable after drying and inoffensive, actually just a fresh smell.
Reviewed by:! from NJ

  good stuff
Reviewed by:  from Alaska

it's great to be able to wash bedding and clothes and get rid of dust mites ,etc. with out using hot water all the time. My daughters stuffy nose disappears if I keep the sheets washed once a week!
  LOve my Allergan Wash
Reviewed by: Hates Dustmites! from Los Angeles, CA

Its all I use now. Not only for my fine linens 1000 TC egyptian comes out really clean. its gentle and makes the finish perfect. Great for everything and I can wash it cold!!
  life saver in pollen season
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer  from OH

I love this product becuase it helps get the pollen off our clothing in pollen season and especially the bedding is much less disturbing to us now.
  Not all it's washed up to be
Reviewed by:  from Lexington, KY

Not a bad product for the wash. Has a tea tree oil smell which can be nice to some and offensive to others. Not sure how useful it is though in that the heat that is generated in the dryer kills any and all dust mites. For the cool wash items and air dry clothing it seems to work pretty well.
  Love this stuff
Reviewed by: great smell, fresh and clean from Wilmington, N.c.

I was sure I would not like the smell of this from other reviews, but let me tell you these people are nuts. It has a very clean smell and my bedding is so soft. Love it.
  Excellent Product
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer and meniere's disease patient from North Carolina

I have allergies and Meniere's Disease(which is makes the meniere's symptoms worse and more serious). I have used this product for a year now when washing all bedding articles.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Military Allergy Sufferer from Florida

The Allergen Wash doesn't have a bad odor and the clothes come out soft and clean every time! It only takes a very little amount for each wash, too, so a little goes a long way!
  Allergen Wash
Reviewed by: Allergy Queen from CT

I love this product. It smells a little chemically at first. But when your clothes are finished being washed they spell "crispy clean". It's even better now that they have included little cups that you can use to measure now. The pouring in the cap was messy.
  allergen wash
Reviewed by: Allergy Mom from Louisiana, allergy capital!

Chemical smell, but works great. I noticed a large change in my son's asthma/allergy control after consistent use for 3 months.
  Good but Smells
Reviewed by: Stacy from New York

I would not recommend relying on this alone, it has a chemical odor, so I just use it as an additive with my own soap that smells good. Works great, I notice a huge difference when I add a capfull to my linens.

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