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Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer's mom from Denver, CO

All the things you see in the descriptions are a 100% true! I received mine in the mail today and washed my hardwood/tile floors with this and all I can say is "wow!" The floors are super clean, you can see and feel it. Much better job than cotton. I love the texture of the dust cloths, much better than microfiber ones I have. Another plus is that you can actually see the dust that you wipe off on the cloth, which makes me feel good that I am accomplishing something. My only wish is that they were bigger in size.
  Traps dust
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Opelika, Alabama

These clothes trap and hold the dust like no others I've ever used.
  Picks up the dust!
Reviewed by: Dust mite sufferer.  from Michigan

It's so nice to dust and see the dust cling to the cloth, instead of going everywhere in the air.
  Works great!
Reviewed by: Asthma/allergy sufferer from Los Angeles

These clothes scoop everything up and are easy to use and clean.
  Easy and durable
Reviewed by:  from Findlay, OH

I've used three packs of these for nearly everything around the house for the last several months. They pick up well and really do hold up just as well as a regular cotton cloth in the wash. Overall, very satisfied!
  keeps the dust contained
Reviewed by: dust allergy sufferer from Chicago

The dust cloths work well. They do a decent job of keeping all the dust on the cloth. I have dark wood and these don't fully pick up the dust. I have used better in the past but can't seem to find them anywhere now.
  The Dust
Reviewed by: Charlotte from Shreveport, LA

These clothes are great! The dust clings right to the cloth and doesn't fly around. The clothes hold up after washing.
  Love them!
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Sufferer from Indiana

The dust cloths do not leave dust behind. Very satisified after first time using. Very reasonably priced also!!
  Dust Cloths - Excellent
Reviewed by: cabin cleaner from Allentown, PA

I purchased a package of High Tech Dust Cloths for my cabin. I am working on my cabin's interior and I am continually cleaning up the dust. These dust cloths work great! It picks up the dust and as fast as I wash and dry it, its working again. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a natural product to clean.
  Fantastic Dust Cloths
Reviewed by: Family of allergy sufferers from Minnesota

This cloth really gets all the dust up. It is the best product I have used for wooden blinds and general dusting, it doesn't leave anything behind. I highly recommend it!!
  Great Dust Cloths
Reviewed by: Pat from WA

These are the BEST dust cloths that I've ever used! After using the dust cloth in our media room, which is a dust magnet, I was sold. No longer will I have to use a wet rag to remove the dust. The dust cloths pick up and hold ALL the dust. They also launder wonderfully and do not lose their effectiveness. I bought an extra pack of the dust cloths after receiving and using my initial order. Forget the wet dusting and Swiffer dusters. The achoo allergy dust cloths exceed expectations. You will be thrilled. The dust cloths are also great for dusting lamps, tub surrounds, counter tops and table decorations. Just the BEST! Finally a dust cloth that lives up to it's claims.
  High Tech Dust Cloths
Reviewed by: Heidi Natole from DeBary, FL

These make dusting so easy & fast! It's amazing how well they work dry. They pick up all the dust. They are like magic!
  Worked great
Reviewed by: Diana from SF, CA

To be honest, I'm a terrible duster. I moved into my current resident a year ago and have never dusted. When my daughter tested positive to dust mites, I knew that would have to change. These dust cloths really made it easy! Just wipe and go--no dust particles flying around & no wet cloth. They are also large enough cloths that I was able to clean my daughter room with one cloth.
Reviewed by: relieved from San Jose, California

These are wonderful. They clean my crystal colection better than soap and water. They work on my antiques and my laminated furniture easily iwth no polish needed. I no longer need to back away from dusting duty!
  Shopping for Dust Cloths
Reviewed by: Mother with Toddler with Allergies from Florida

These lightweight dust cloths are the perfect size and the dust clings to them. They launder well. Wish I had gotten them years ago, but who goes shopping for dust cloths?
  Works great
Reviewed by: ionic breeze owner from Louisville, KY

Great dust cloths that do the job right.
Reviewed by: Mother of an allergy sufferer from Rincon, Georgia

MY son was recently diagnosed with asthma and a severe allergy to dust mites. I dusted and cleaned our house frequently but the dust on the furniture always came back immmediately..even with dust repellent. The dust wizard clothes are wonderful! They actually pick up the dust instead of circulating it back into the air my son breathes. It has been 5 days and NOW it's time to dust again.....that's a lot better than every day like before! Now I can feel like I am helping my son breath better and have more time to spend with him instead of cleaning! Since my sons dignosis we have purchased many items from achool and all have been fabulous. It helped to put a worried Mother at ease!The customer service is A+ and the delivery couldn't have been faster! Thank you Achool!
  Dust Cloths
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Queens, NY

It was effective.
  Dusting cloths
Reviewed by: Gordon Family from Baltimore, Maryland

I find these very easy to use, and am finally free of those horrible dusting sprays, which just add gunk to the air, not remove dust. I keep these upstairs and downstairs for quick dust wipe-ups!
  It works!
Reviewed by:  from Hollis, NH

Clearly captures more of the dust. I no longer see the pof of dust in the sunlight that just gets stirred up and redistributed. I can dust less often.
Reviewed by: KM from TEXAS


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