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  Great it has ties!
Reviewed by: Berkeley girl from SF Bay area

I liked how soft and quiet the material was. I LOVED that the ties were on the inside and the outside of the duvet cover corners. I couldn't find that information on the web page but I was hoping there would be ties and there were. A+
  Allergy Armor Cotton Duvet Covers - Twin
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Michigan

Good product
  It works! It really WORKS!
Reviewed by: mother's to a 6-yr with horrible dust mite allergy from Bay Area, CA

I bought the Allergy Armor Cotton Duvet Cover along with a pillow cover and mattress cover. I was a skeptical that this would help with my 6-yr old daughter's dust mite allergy. Because nothing else was working. BUT THIS WORKED! I still vacuum and dust her room twice a week and wash her bedding twice week... but that alone was doing nothing to stop her night time coughing attacks that lasted 30-60 minutes. if she had a cold she would have asthma attacks But the very first night I used the Allergy Armor mattress cover, pillow cover and duvet cover... my daughter slept through the night without a single cough! I cannot remember that last time she slept through the night with NO coughing. This Allergy Armor product line WORKS!!!!! I still vacuum, dust and wash bedding twice a week. But this along with Allergy Armor has given daughter and mother and good night’s rest.
  Duvet cover...:D
Reviewed by: We have allergies and asthma from New Westminster, BC, Canada

We purchased the cover to help make sure we slept better and stopped sneezing all the time. I put our duvet in the Allergy Armor cover [super easy to put on] then made sure all of our regular bedding was washed and put our cover over the duvet cover I purchased and the bed is super comfortable! We are sneezing less and I think sleeping better!
  duvet cover supreme
Reviewed by: a dust-mite phobe from Santa Cruz, CA

I am extremely allergic to dust mites. Prior to using this bedding I suffered from asthma, congestion, coughing, and watery, itch eyes. It was essential that I cover all bedding in dust mite-proof covers. The Allergy Armor duvet covers are an excellent solution, and obviate the need to launder the duvets. An added plus is that the material is stain-resistant. I was also pleased that the order was delivered quickly.
  Duvet Cover
Reviewed by: Lou Ann - asthma sufferer from Bakersfield, CA

I use all of your products to protect my bedding from dust, dustmites, etc. They work great and I'm very pleased. Thank you!
  Waking up allergy free
Reviewed by: Theresa from New York

I decided to purchase a cover for my down comforter because I have severe allergies to dust mites. I put the cover on the comforter, and then put my own cover over that, and my husband didn't even notice a difference! The cover is very light weight, and gone are the headaches I used to have when waking up in the morning! I received the cover within 5 days of ordering - I am very satisfied and have since recommended this sites products to my friends and family.
  I can still use my comforter!
Reviewed by: Happy Customer from 

I am very happy with the duvet cover. My allergist said that I would have to get rid of my comforter and unfortunately my nice duvet cover as well. But with the allergy cover that encases my comforter, I can still use it and my decorative duvet cover. I love it!
  Money saver - My full bed is now protected
Reviewed by: SRP from Malibu, CA

This product completes the process of protecting every item on my bed. I have used Allergy Armor Cotton on every piece and am extremely satisfied with it. If you ever buy a new mattress, wrap it immediately to extend its life. The cotton product is much better than the standard allergy armor material. Still slightly heavy but much less noisy. I was ready to toss a down comforter because it was old and no doubt filled with allergens. After checking the site and realizing they made covers, it saved my current comforter. I can already tell a difference and wake up much clearer.
  Keeping us together!
Reviewed by: Fiance of an allergy sufferer from Syracuse, New York

I love my duvet but my fiance would wake up every morning stuffy with puffy eyes. He couldn't sleep in the bed and ended up staying on the couch. We thought we'd try out anti-allergy covers and sure enough with the help of Achoo allergy! I don't have to give up my duvet or my fiance! : His symptoms are much better.
  A fair product
Reviewed by:  from 

It's a bit heavier than I thought. But I like it.
  Nice, but noisy
Reviewed by: Amy from Massachusetts

This is a good product, well made and appears to work well, but it is definitely not "quiet" as the label says. It is crunchy sounding as a duvet cover. I've washed it once, so maybe after more washings it will be better. It is also heavier than I expected. I would have liked it lighter because now I do not want to put a duvet cover on top because of the anticipated extra weight. But, what can you do if you want to get ride of the mite allergens.
  love it... except it''s too short!
Reviewed by: Danielle from Spokane, WA

The fabric is thick, pretty soft for an encasing, and I like that it zippers closed. The only complaint that I have is that the dimensions are smaller than a standard down comforter. For us it is no big deal though because we fold it down at the bottom of the bed. Others might feel that it looks a little short.
  duvet cover
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Vermont

I don't have a duvet so I put our quilt in the duvet cover and zipped it. It works but when someone moves it sounds like nylon sleeping bags moving. I am getting used to it. My son has the twin cover and he has never said anything about it being noisy.
  Happy with the product!
Reviewed by:  from Utah

My husband was allergic to our expensive down comforter and I did not want to give it up because it. I bought the allergy duvet cover, and I put that on the down comforter and still use my regular duvet cover over the top, it works great, no allergy symptoms. I would recommend it.
  So Heavy!
Reviewed by: Kathy  from Boston, MA

I bought this for my King sized bed and my daughter's twin bed. The covers are SO HEAVY, my king size duvet encasing weighed 5 lbs! It was so uncomfortable I ended up taking it out.
  soft but heavy
Reviewed by: Sara, mom of Siobhan from Greenville, SC

We really like the softness of the duvet encasings, however the casing adds a signifcant amount of weight to the comforter. This is not a huge problem for adults, but it has made our daughter's comforter too heavy for her use.
  Good Value
Reviewed by: allergy and asthma sufferer from Santa Cruz, California

the Duvet encasing does what I need it to do--it keeps the allergens inside the casing, and it breaths. It adds to the insulation so our thinned out down comforter gets a boost from the cover's thickness. It's not too thick however, and the down comforter with the cover is still warm and comfortable, and this product makes it safe for my allergies and asthma. All that for the price is a good value!
   wonderful find
Reviewed by: a concerned mom from Napa, CA

I wasn't even planning on buying this as I didn't know they made this product. Another way for us to help our daughters dust allergy.
Reviewed by:  from brewster, NY

this product was actually purchased for my dog! he is sooo allergic to dust mites and since i bought a duvet that is like the cover which prevents dust mites from penetrating the inside, he is not going nuts when he sleeps. i cannot really ask him what he thinks but this cover is heavyweight and definitely made very well for the money. i saw the price and was hesitant to buy it but with their 30 day return policy i decided to buy it. i think this is a good product to really cut back on breathing these dust mite critters. i think my dog really likes it too! would buy it again. I am going to buy one for my husband who is allergic to them too!
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Challenger from St. Cloud, Minnesota

After purchasing allergy bedding for my first time I'm amazed at how much better I sleep! I thought waking up every night because of runny noses and watery eyes was normal but now I realize that by simply covering my pillows, mattress, comforter, etc. I can enjoy a good night's rest. Wow!
  Dreaming Again
Reviewed by: Sleepless no more from Northern California

Just received my comforter cover and started to dream again. I was able to sleep the whole night through without my allergies waking me up.
  The #1 Item on your list ...
Reviewed by: Todd Holden from Portland, OR

If you could only buy one product this one would be it. As soon as I placed the duvet encasing over my beloved down comforter, my nightly sinus problems were reduced by 70%. After adding the Allergy Armor pillow cases and mattress covers, I am 95% free of all the sneezing, itching, wheezing and stuffy noses that kept me from sleeping for so many years. They were covered by my medical flex spending account too! I just filled out my provider's form, printed the email invoice that I received and was paid before I even received the bill from AA&A. A totally smooth transaction.
  sneezy, snuffy nights be gone!
Reviewed by: 2 year old dust mite sufferer from boston, ma

When were told my 2 year old was very allergic to dust mites, we did what was recommend, we encased the bed and the pillows. we removed all clutter and stuff animals, but she was still sneezing and waking up stuffy. i was at my wits end. i could not believe it would be the comforter, but the night we put on the encasement, there was no stuffiness or sneezing. the only reason that i am giving it 4 stars, is that with the encasing the comforter is a little bit heavy and little bit too warm. however, my daughter will take warm over sneezing any day.
  Great Product... But hard to first install
Reviewed by: Fred Nabati from Los Angeles, CA

This is a great product that is protecting my comforter. But, it is hard to get the comforter inside the case all straight and smooth the first time. It curls up, etc. I would buy it again and reccomend it to others.
  allersoft duvet encasings
Reviewed by:  from san francisco

I appreciated that these encasings aren't too heavy. We have down blankets and little critters love to leave amongst the feathers. I feel confident that our blankets are protected from unwanted mites.
Reviewed by: Ines V. from Portland

It has made all the difference. My chronic congestion is gone!
  Hard to find duvet encasing!
Reviewed by: Wife and Mother of Allergy Sufferers from Santa Cruz, CA

We sure didn't want to give up our down comforter, despite the dust mite allergy diagnosis. Could not find a duvet encasing in our community. has them at the best price (comparison shopping on the Internet). High quality, roomy, launders well. And we received the shipment quickly. Very happy with this product.
  Hard to find duvet encasings!
Reviewed by: Mother and Wife of Allergy Sufferers from Santa Cruz, CA

When we got the dust mite allergy diagnoses for our son and my husband, I went to our local department store looking for a comforter encasing to go inside our duvet and encase our down comforter. No one carries these in our community. Internet search and price comparisons brought me to Great products! High quality, plenty big and roomy duvet encasing. We are vey happy with it. Best price I found; and shipped quickly! Washed up nicely in my own machine.
  Down comforter blues
Reviewed by: Julie LaBrecque, life-long allergy sufferer from Westfield, Massachusetts

I had always wanted to get a big, fluffy, soft down comforter...they looked so dreamy to sleep in and so warm. But, I was always afraid I might react to it. Finally, I decided to try it and got one. I was able to sleep in it for three nights before I figured out that the awful congestion that was waking me up in the middle of the night was from my new comforter. I removed it from my bed and, sadly, put it up on the shelf. Not long after I discovered and found the Allersoft Membrane Free Duvat Encasings...what a wonderful product! I have been sleeping with my comforter, inside the encasing, for a week now and have not had one bit of trouble. Thank you so my for giving me my dreamy back!!!
  Great except for size
Reviewed by: freaked out by dust mites from Skippack, PA

As a couple with dust mite allergies, we were glad to find a cover for our comforter. . .our bed is a queen size bed, but the comforter was too big for the queen dimensions, so we ordered the king. The width is perfect, but we had to fold the end over and duct tape it before we put it inside the duvet. But, it's not an obvious adjustment and I feel better knowing that the cover is there.
  Finally a good night's sleep
Reviewed by: J. Stern from San Diego, CA

I've been using this for about a week now with my new primaloft comforter. It was pretty ease to get on the comforter and has mainted itself relatively well thus far. I like it a lot, I only wish it came in more colors
  Excellent Product!
Reviewed by: asthmatic from Buffalo, New York

When my allergist told me I had to get rid of my down comforter I was devestated! I ordered this duvet cover, and am still able to use my comforter with no problem! Thanks!
  a great purchase
Reviewed by: Melissa from NJ

I purchased this duvet cover and it has made all the difference in the way that I sleep. It is a great investment,
  Pretty good.
Reviewed by:  from Boston, MA

I purchased a set of items for my bed, as achoo'allergy site was the only one that offered good selection and pricing. Most of the items I purchased (matteress cover and pillow covers) fit perfectly, except for the Dubet encasing! All available dimension were of a square (my duvet was a rectangle) and the only color available was white. Overall, the product is of good quality.
  peace at night
Reviewed by: Candi from Southwest Massachusetts

I'm allergic to his down comforter. It became an issue & too hard to keep on just 1/2 of the bed and away from my face at night. This duvet has solved all of the issue!! He's happy and I can breathe.
  allergy sufferer
Reviewed by: allerge sufferer from Woodside, NY

well worth the buy. very effective.
  Okay but a little pricey
Reviewed by: Roger, allergy sufferer from Montclair, New Jersey

As Duvet covers go these are serviceable though I wish the price were less costly.
  Duvet Casings Slippery
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Virginia

Not bad but makes the Duvet very slippery so it is hard to keep it in the cover and on the bed.
  love it!
Reviewed by: T Ward from Portland, Or

Quality is good, generously sized (K).
Reviewed by: arlene mcginnis from michigan

The product works fine and its good quality, the only thing is that the reason for down quilt is that its warm and light, now its as heavy as any comforter.
  Great product
Reviewed by: K.D. from Chester, VA

Keeps the down comforter clean and protected. Great product
  little bit big
Reviewed by: runny nose from CA

Our queen/full (not so thick) duvet was covered and then some. there was an off-corner seam through one side. zipper has flap. krinkly texture requires another cover over this cover. it feels cold and rough on it's own.
  Great Product!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Houston, TX

The down comfortor cover is great but the slickness of the synthetic fibers tends to make our silk duvet cover slide around on the material. Otherwise we love it!!
  Good Duvet Encasing
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer in Marina from Marina, CA

If you suffer from dust mites, it costs but the price is worth it. It is cold at first but comfortable after a while. Gets softer each time you wash it.
Reviewed by: Mother of allergy sufferer from ct

I was so glad that we could keep the duvet we had already purchased--my daughter's allergies came came on at 18 years of age--and with this cover instead of buying all new bedding--could custom fit what we already had--it was still useable!!
  encase it!
Reviewed by: allergic in bed from Minneapolis, MN

I really like having this encasing. It makes me feel much safer and able to use a big fluffy comforter for the first time in 10 years. It seems to keep the mites and dander from collecting in there or coming out of there. So far no asthma attacks at night for me since I've used it for a few weeks now! Very pleased to feel safe at night!
  duvet cover
Reviewed by: pjay from charlotte

plenty big and seems substantial but cuts down on softness of the down duvet making it stiffer and slippery under the duvet cover.
Reviewed by: Husband's allergies kept me up! from Springfield, Illinois

Very good quality and easily cleans.
  Pretty Cool Product!
Reviewed by: VA Allergy Sufferer from Virginia

By encasing the entire blanket, it gives you a fresher/cleaner feel while sleeping. It really does help to cut down on allergens, etc.

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