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  Best chamber on the market!
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Detroit

AeroChamber is the best brand on the market. I tried the Vortex but you can't see the medication and I was getting this "metal" taste with my medicine - also the mouthpiece fell off and the valve broke!
  Great delivery system
Reviewed by: M.T.S.B. from Woburn, MA

My son has many medical issues. The AeroChamber Max makes it easier for him to take his MDI's the mask allows him to take full breaths of his medications without worries of having disjointed breathing cause missing meds.
  My 5yr old Son actually enjoys using this device!
Reviewed by: Happy Parent from East Tenn

My 5yr old son is very picky to begin with and doesn't usually enjoy taking medicine. But this device has a "breathing indicator" which helps determine the best moment to actuate the inhaler during an inhalation to assure he gets the proper dose. My son likes to practice making the breathing indicator "wiggle" before he actually "takes" the medicine. The best thing is that our Dr. reccomended we find this device on-line as retail pharmacies in our area were asking high prices for it. We found it at for nearly half the going rate of our local stores. PLUS, the customer service was excellent and easy to reach and speak with - I received an email confirmation of my order instantly and an email announcing the shipping of the item which arrived quickly and as expected. I'll order again from!
  Excellent for little ones!
Reviewed by: Amy A from Waco, Texas

My daughter is 4 and still has difficulty coordinating her inhalation and exhalation. The mask that attaches to the AeroChamber is excellent for this so she ends up with more of the medicine in her lungs.
  Just what I needed!!!
Reviewed by: Mom of an Asthmatic from Vermont

I spent hours searching the internet for an AeroChamber with a large mask for my son. Insurance would only pay for one a year, and we had to have another set up for school. To purchase this item through my pharmacy was going to cost $80. With Achoo Allergy, I only paid $41. I ordered the spacer late at night and received a phone call first thing the next morning with the fax number to send the perscription to, and the spacer was shipped the same day! I couldn't ask for better service or faster shipping! Thank you Achoo Allergy for making everyday life with an Asthmatic Child a little bit easier!!
  Great Mask
Reviewed by: 5 year w/ old asthma from bradenton, FL

My 5 year old daughter with newly-diagnosed asthma has used it with ease. The mask fits well and was shipped very quickly!
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from 

My son loves the bear pictures on the side. He wants to do what the bear is doing!
  Spacer for MDI is helpful for children
Reviewed by: Mom of Allergic Asthma Children from Netherlands

Taking the two puffs directly from an MDI is difficult even for adults. The AeroChamber Max spacer is extremely helpful for our children who occasionally need to use their MDI's during allergy season, when they have URI's, or during exercise. We have bought these both to use at home as well as to keep at school with their MDI's there. We have been pleased with this spacer for years now.
  Great product
Reviewed by:  from 

This is a great product and at a reasonable price as well as an easy site to use. My son has asthma and this AeroChamber Plus works great to maximize the amount of medication he is inhaling.
Reviewed by: Youngster with asthma from Charlotte, NC

This chamber helped to make the transition from nubulizer much easier because we could moniter whether our daughter was inhaling enough air/medication. We could see the flap move.
  Inhaler Emergency
Reviewed by:  from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

I needed an AeroChamber Plus for my daughter so she would have one at home and one at school. The local drug stores were charging over $50.00 for this and AchooAllergy had it for less than half price! Thank you sooo much!
  An must have for any asthma sufferer!
Reviewed by: Katie G. from Elizabethtown, KY

The AeroChamber Plus is fantastic! It allows the medicine to go directly where it needs to go without the guess work of 'Did I get enough?' The alarm sounds when you take in too much at once! Cleans easily! An item I couldn't live without!
  AeroChamber Plus
Reviewed by:  from 

This Aerochamber was recommended to us by our Allergy/Asthma Dr. for my son. It's an easy and more importantly effective chamber for my son to use. I know that his medicine is working and it is also very easy to clean!
  good deal
Reviewed by: My daughter is an asthma sufferer from Michigan

Good product. My daughter has been using hers for over a year.
  Excellent delivery
Reviewed by: Jackie from Texas

I used Albuterol for two years before getting the AeroChamber Plus. After using a spacer, I wonder how much medicine actually got in my lungs. This product has made a tremendous difference to me in getting my HFAs where they belong, in my lungs. I would highly recommend this.
  Always use an Aero Chamber with asthma inhalers
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Lake Oark, Missouri

Rather than use a simple spacer to breakdown the incoming medication which can hit the back of your throat at high speeds and prevent the medication from reaching your lungs, use an aero chamber that allows all the medication to reach your lungs.
Reviewed by: Lisa from Las Vegas. NV

All I can say I am so happy to find this website! Why you may ask? Well when my Dr. gave me a prescription for a new AirChamber and I took the prescription to be filled I found out many pharmacys did not carry this item. And when I did find one that did the price was $35 or $ 50 bucks and that was with my insurance. So I took it upon myself to search the internet and this was the first sight I found and it really was great and saved me money. I am so excited about this website I am telling friends of mine who have Asthma and use the same chamber. I am even posting a link on my website to this site because I feel it will help someone out there who don't know about this website!
  Excellent Service
Reviewed by: A Greatful Mom from Saint Charles, Illinois

I had never ordered from Achoo Allergy before, but when our local pharmacy told me that my insurance didn't cover the cost of the AeroChamber Plus, I decided to try online. Not only was the price $30 less than what my local pharmacy would have charged, I received the item in perfect condition in just a couple of days. It works perfectly and helps my daughter receive the medicine that she needs.
  no more guesswork
Reviewed by: Claire Nichols from Ringwood, New Jersey

With the inhaler prescribed as a four times a day use I was very concerned that i wasn't getting any of the medication into my felt as though i was spraying the back of my throat and that my "timing" was off between inhaling and pushing on the mdi. Now that worry is gone.. This spacer is more guessing !! Thankyou
  What a relief
Reviewed by: Cheryle Switzer a C.O.P.D. Sufferer from The Colony TX

I was so happy with my new AeroChamber Plus I had been using somehting that was given to me as sample. I suffer from COPD and I was not getting teh full amounts of my inhaler medication. I am now and I really feel the difference. It was easy to order and much less then I would have had to pay in the drugstore. Thank you so much
  AeroChamber Plus
Reviewed by: A concerned Mom from Scotch Plains, New Jersey

This product is a true blessing. My son is now getting the full benefit of his medication and it is extremely easy to use. I would highly recommend this product, especially for children administering their own medication.
  Best All Around!
Reviewed by:  from South Florida

My Dr. told me about this site, and I have to say, you have the best price and shipping around. You were by far the least expensive, and the item was here really fast! Very easy site to navigate also.
  Exactly what I needed
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Los Angeles

My local drugstore requires a prescription for this device but I'm currently between medical plans and have leftover albuterol but no doctor for the new prescription. I'm so thankful for Achoo Allergy!
  Aerochamber Plus
Reviewed by: AE-C from Manchester, NH

Great product...easy to teach, easy to use
  much better than the older design
Reviewed by: judy from brooklyn, new york

stays very clean, and the newer design allows for easier inhaled doses. i highly recommend it.
  AeroChamber Plus
Reviewed by: Asthmatic from San Diego, CA

Easy to use, works well, like the attached cap over the mouthpiece.
  Ideal Size for Children
Reviewed by: Father of allergy sufferer! from Memphis, TN

When we received this chamber, my 9 year old was very excited due to the size and ease in handling this product. It's a perfect size for his school back pack. We will always keep a spare at this price!
  Aero Chamber
Reviewed by: V.Cartwright, astma and allergy sufferer from Florida

It is an excellent product. Thats why I ordered them. I cannot take an inhaler without them. I have another type of spacer, an optichamer. I hate it. Its like having a log in your mouth. My first aero chamber lasted over 5 years before wearing out.
Reviewed by: my son from New Jersey

My son had no difficulty with using this aerochamber. It's easy to use and easy to clean.
  awesome product
Reviewed by: alexis, asthma sufferer from Fort.Worth,Texas

i am a 10 year old girl who suffers or has asthma and if i could i would buy this product because when i get my inhaler i would like to use this product
  RN, AE-C, Consultant
Reviewed by:  from Manchester, NH

Wonderful product, easy to teach and easy to use and take care of.
  Spacer Delivers Even Doses
Reviewed by: Asthmatic/Allergy sufferer from Torrance, California

As an asthmatic & allery sufferer, the proper dosing of inhaled medication is critical for the management of symptoms. The Aerochamber makes it possible to get the best distribution from both my daily & rescue inhalers.
  Fantastic item for the cost
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from ohio

This is a very nice unit. The one I had before was an Easi-vent. Large and bulky. But I have to order another one . My new Lab pup got hold of it. He heard the whistle noise, decided it was a toy. Thanks, you`ll be hearing from me here real soon. Craig Slavik.
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Westminster, California

I loved the set up on the internet. It was easy to find and it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
  Aerochamber Plus
Reviewed by: Mary E. Bouthiette RN, AE-C from Manchester, NH

I have been taught that spacers are very important in administering inhaled medication. I have educated patients/families how to use aerocahmbers and have had great success. Aerochamber Plus is easy to clean with a reasonable price.
  Life Saver
Reviewed by: Joe Q from Reston, Virginia

You know you are getting the proper dosage with the whistle mechanism.
  AeroChamber Plus
Reviewed by: Mother of asthmatic from Texas

This is a great, and necessary, product for anyone using an inhaler. It greatly increases the amount of medicine inhaled. It is especially helpful for children, because it "whistles" when they are inhaling too fast. I would not ever usa an inhaler without is.
  Great product
Reviewed by: MA asthmatic from Boston, MA

As an asthmatic that is only affected during cold and allergy season, this tool helps deliver the appropriate amount of medicine from my metered inhailers. It's a great little tool. I don't think any asthma sufferer should be without one.
Reviewed by: Mike an asthma victim from saline, Mi

Better than expected!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Alexandria, VA

I like this product very much.
  new & improved
Reviewed by: A COPD sufferer from Valparaiso, Indiana

This a really Good device. The improvements make it much better than the previous model. You get a more uniform delivery or your medication. & much easier to clean.
Reviewed by: Donna Stokes from Brockton, Ma

This product was very beneficial to me in that it helps me to get more of my medications from the inhalers--before my would not be as closed around the puffer and med would escape, Also becasue of my arthritis in the hands this product is comfortable and light to hold
Reviewed by:  from phila, pa

My son is four and truly having a hard time with the product. I am disappointed.
  Aero Chamber
Reviewed by: Barb Fidlow from Colorado Springs,Colorado

I have used this product for 5 yrs and it is the best, Have tried other chambers none work as good as this one. I virtually cannot take my atrovent without it.
  Great price!
Reviewed by: Laura from Houston, TX

Excellent value for AeroChamber Plus! I have been using it for many years, and it works wonderfully. I will continue to be a good customer!
  Aero Chamber at a great savings!
Reviewed by: Laura from Houston, TX

Thank you for making available the AeroChamber Plus! I have spend hundreds of dollars buying these and your price is outstanding! I will continue to be a customer!
  Allersoft Encasings
Reviewed by: Silvia from California

I am a very restless sleeper that bunches up my pillows all night. The zippers on the encasings are a bit annoying when bunching up the pillow. I also just bought these new pillows and don't have new pillow cases to go over the encasing yet. Once I do the problem may be solved.
  Allersoft Membrane Free Mattress Encasings
Reviewed by: Silvia from California

Very easy to put on!
Reviewed by: Silvia from California

On the plus side, the duvet is made well. The down side is that it is WAY to big for my full sized comforter, which swims in the encasing and therefore bunches up in one corner. Product description read that it is for full/queen size....which doesn't seem to be the case. I would recommend buying it only for a queen size. Otherwise, great product.
  Dust Mite Bedding Packages
Reviewed by: dust mite allergy sufferer from California

the pillows and matress cover are great. the plastic cover for the box springs smells strongly of plastic. i've read that you may not have to cover the box spring, so i didn't.
  Works Great
Reviewed by: Jon K. An asthma sufferer from Texas

I researched all available holding devices. I used peer reviewed medical research papers accessed through pubmed. The aerochamber is the best device. It really prevents the albuterol from just sticking to your throat, and helps get the medication where it needs to go: into your small bronicals.
  Aero chamber
Reviewed by: Severe Asthmatic from Honolulu,HI

This is absolutely the best spacer I have ever used.It's compact and sturdy. I've had Asthma my whole life and I hate huge/clumsy spacers. This is also the first spacer I've used where I've noticed an increase in the effectiveness of my albuterol.I definitely recommend it (specially to those who hate using attachments with their inhalers [I used to- until I tried this one]! It makes a huge difference)
  aerochamber is great
Reviewed by: new asthma patient from Pittsburgh PA

I was recently diagnosed with asthma. This chamber has made my life much easier. Before this I was just spraying the medication on my tongue. UGH! Highly recommended.
  aeroChamber Plus
Reviewed by: JoAnn Dunn from Denver, Co.

My horsey voice is ceasing and the only thing I am doing different is using this new chamber. I love it.
  Seasonal Asthma
Reviewed by: Seasonal Asthma from Burlington Ont, Canada

I have found this excellent for me, as I have a problem using my puffers without it. I cannot inhale and puff at the same time. So the AeroChamber is excellent.

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