Miele S163 Stick Vacuum Customer Reviews

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  Worth the money for Travertine
Reviewed by: Marboo from Scottsdale, AZ

I use this for 1800 square feet of Travertine. I was concerned that it would catch at the grout lines, but it works perfectly. It glides over the tile better than my canister vacuum and is so quick and easy to use that I tend to use it much more often. Of course, that was the purpose in buying it. My husband had a severe stroke a couple of years ago and cleaning up after meals is a major deal. This, along with a Haan steam mop, has made it quick and easy. Additionally, living in the desert, we have tons of fine dust that filters into the house daily and this does a great job of pulling it up. Yes, it's quiet and has plenty of suction, but the huge bonus for me was the way it glides over the Travertine. I also considered purchasing a couple of battery powered vacuums to keep at each end of the house, but the cord is not an issue for me and storing two vacuums is. I think I like this solution better because of the increased suction anyway. I wish I had purchased this much sooner!
  Miele S163 Stick Vacuum
Reviewed by: Big Miele Fan from Jersey City, NJ

Our home is approx. 3,000 sq. ft., and we own the Miele Aquarius vacuum and this Miele S163 Stick. We use the Stick for localized vacuuming, but honestly it could serve as our primary vacuum. Great great suction, versatile, accepts interchangeable heads, perfect for wood floors and low-pile carpet. And like our other Miele, it is a solid, incredibly well designed vacuum.
  Great Vac
Reviewed by: clean freak from reno, nv

I recently had laminate flooring put in and this vacuum is great to use instead of sweeping, so quick and quiet it is so much easier to vacuum than sweep. Love it!
  Miele S163 Stick Vacuum
Reviewed by: Loud Vacuum Hater from Sunny California

Yay! This vacuum is wonderful for hardwood and solid floors I don''t have carpet. It doesn''t blow the cat hair around like other vacuums and picks up everything. Drawbacks: It seems a little heavier than the 7 lbs listed in the Miele notes and if you are 5''4" and under the handle is too long to use comfortably. It would be better if it had an adjustable handle. Best thing is that it''s so quiet! Hopefully it stays that way as the motor ages. Last, if you are ordering from Allergy Achoo it seems that packages go out UPS adult signature required... this caused me all kinds of problems and 3 delivery attempts! I advise that you enter "no signature required" in shipping notes if it''s safe for UPS to leave at your house w/out signature. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase and allergy achoo.
  Impressed in Peoria...
Reviewed by:  from Illinois

This vacuum does so many things that I think I could change the attachments and use it to blend me a milkshake. I agree with the reviewer that its perfect for a small apartment.
  Miele S163 Stick Vacuum
Reviewed by: Robert P.  from Grosse Point, MI

I got this vacuum last Christmas. My mom hates my dirty apartment, but I have actually used this quite a bit. She has had the last laugh.
  Great Stick Vacuum
Reviewed by: Beth Parrott from Lexington, NC

I have looked for a stick vacuum for a long time, wanting something that really picked up the dust and dirt in between major vacuum times. This cleaner really works. We have a dog that runs in and out of the house, along with myself being a ametuer gardner. This Miele picks up everything.
  The best stick broom ever!
Reviewed by:  from Oak Park, IL

I wish had purchesed a Miele years ago - they are truly the best! They may cost a little more, but re well worth the price. I will never buy a different brand again- and they are so sturdy I probably won't have to.
  Miele s 143
Reviewed by:  from Massachusetts

Powerful - Handy - Not too heavy. Just wish for attachments. Otherwise I love it
  a great alternative
Reviewed by: Puppy owner from IL

I own a canister vacuum, but have found it more cumbersome to pull out for the daily vacuuming due to our new puppy. This Miele stick vacuum is as effective as my cannister, with much less noise. I find this vacuum to be easier to manuever around and unger the furniture, which is a great time saver. I definetely pleased with my purchase.
  Highly recommended!
Reviewed by: NYC Apartment-Dweller from New York, NY

I got this vacuum as a gift from my brother this Christmas. I live in a small NYC apartment with lots of dust, and this vacuum surprised me with its POWER and utility. I can get ANYTHING up with this thing. I've used it on upholstery with great results. It's also very easy to maneuver and it's very chic-looking if you happen to have no storage space!

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