M-1 Sure Cote Mold and Mildew Sealants Customer Reviews

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  Believe it!
Reviewed by: Allergic to mold from Southeastern US

Used on trunk carpet of a car that had leaked and sat parked for 5 months. Cleaning alone would not stop smell. M-1 worked!
  Great Product!!
Reviewed by: Midlew Asthma Trigger from Lindley, New York

Mildew sends me into an asthma attack. This product seals the concrete where the drain backs up into the basement causing the mildew. I think the last time I used it was a couple years ago. It lasts a long time thru repeated occurances.
Reviewed by: Vinny from NJ

I used this on my Christmas tree. Every year my daughters allergies kick in when I set up the tree. I read somewhere to spray the tree with water and then with M-1 Sure Cote, so I tried it. It worked great. No sneezing or runny nose.
  easy to apply
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Jackson , MS

I had so much mildew on the ceiling of my screened porch, I chose to power washed it off although you dont have to and sprayed M1 Cote on and it has not come back. This is the best product, forget clorox and all the others. This works and I will always have it on hand and spend the rest of my life telling people to buy this product. Finally a product that you can trust and that your hard earned money was well spent. Its worth it!!!
  M-1 Works Great!!
Reviewed by: Charles Poling from Greensboro,NC

I had some mildew growing out on our porch and I scrubbed it up and let it dry and then sprayed it with M-1 that''s been over a month ago and so far no mildew has come back..I also sprayed it in around my bathtub where some mildew grows around the top of the bathtub and so far no mildew has come back there either. I would definately recommend this stuff to get rid of mildew or mold!!
Reviewed by: moldy basement from CT

Have used this stuff in the past and it always works great!! keeps mold from growing for years. i even buy this stuff that gets added to paint for when you paint bathrooms or damp locations.
  The stuff really works
Reviewed by: B. Robbins from Scituate, MA

Sure Cote is very easy to use and very effective. I cleaned out my air conditioner before it was in use and liberaly sprayed Sure Cote inside on the fan blades. I have not had the usual "Cold or Sinus infection" that I get with the turning on of the air conditioners! This stuff really works
  Mildew resistant coating
Reviewed by: Melissa Donaldson from Ellijay, Georgia

Sprayed it on a porch ceiling - been watching for recurrent mildew but so far, it hasn't returned.
  satisfied customer
Reviewed by: Ennis Bisbano from Cranston, RI

The M-1 Sure Coat Coating removed the mold and mildew thatI had in my basement. So far, it has not returned.
  Perfec Coating
Reviewed by: Condo Moldo from Myrtle Beach, SC

We have a beach condo that, due to the excessively humid weather this year, started developing molds in several areas around the kitchen sink, some very hard to see and clean. Sure Cote penetrated easily in all nooks and crannies, stopped the process, while eliminating the nauseating smell.
  Life Saver
Reviewed by: Dave Hadden from NC

This product cured my "sick house" which was infected with mold and mildew spores. I stopped the water and humidity and added lights in the dark spaces of the ground floor but the mold colonies persisted until I treated everything with M-1.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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