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  Pefect Design
Reviewed by: Happy from Southern Calfornia

I have owned this neti since 2007 and wanted to have a back up for traveling. I have tried other styles that need a little lid and it's just annoying. This is the best design.
  Gave it a try
Reviewed by: Breathing Better Minus Meds from Kennesaw, GA

I was a bit skeptical about using the Narial at first. In fact, I was horrified at the thought of pouring water into my nose! But I have to tell you that after getting used to this simple system, I am so glad that I took this leap of faith and tried it. I use it at night as needed, and during the day when I'm very congested. If you are unsure of this product, I say - give it a try - I've spent much more on allergy medications that cause drowsiness or sometimes don't work at all. The Narial is simple and only requires table salt. It's definitely worth a try!
Reviewed by: Fly Boy from NY

The best product available to provide relief from sinus congestion.
  Allergy Relief
Reviewed by: Paul Brandt from Cassville Missouri

It soothed my nasal passages right away. There was extra nasal drainage after using it but it wasn't unmanagable. It definately eased my allergy symptoms.
  terrific product
Reviewed by: joe from california

when i received the narial nasal cup, i read the instruction and used the cup right away. i used it initially four times daily for a week, until it relieved my allergies. after two weeks i used the product just once a day. it was really a big relief for me because i have been suffering allergies for more than a decade. thank you very much for the narial nasal cup and i would highly recommend this product to anybody suffering allergies.
  This products REALLY works!
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Lancaster, NY

Ever since using my neti pot, I haven't had a sinus infection and when I do get a cold... life of cold is much shorter not to mention tolerable. In the past, I ALWAYS ended up with a sinus infection. Not any more! Debbie
Reviewed by: Jeanine N. from Michigan

My daughter and husband have had a history of sineus headache. They both swear by this product.
  I've never taken the time to write a review..EVER
Reviewed by: Rick Gonzalez  from Linden,New Jersey

I am the BIGGEST skeptic , but I seen this product on the Oprah Winfrey show with Dr Oz and I fell over laughing when I seen the water going in one nostril and out the other and I thought to myself, yeah right ! But I decided to give it a shot since I have yet to find a product or medication take away my constant sinus pressure and headaches that I have been suffering my whole life. Well,let me tell you, I am now pain free and feeling great. I use this 2 times a day, morning and night and I have never felt better, not to mention that I havent had one cold and I have used it all winter long.If you are the person that never believes in hyped up products, well this WILL change your thinking. It is the best purchase I have EVER made. I even bought a few for my family members who have the same problems and they ALL have had great results. JUST BELIEVE !!!
Reviewed by: no more medicine head from Northern Michigan

I can breathe again! I took a chance on this product after seeing it on Oprah. I have sinus problems year round. I have had this products 3 weeks and have taken allergy/sinus medication once. I can cantor at church again without fear of the "frog"!I recommend this product to anyone who wants to breathe freely again.
  Sinus Irrigation works wonders!
Reviewed by: Maureen Bixler from Pennsylvania

This product, used with the premeasured packets of saline solution, have made a big change in my health. I have numerous respiratory allergies and freguently get sinus infections, due to the sinus cavity swelling and subsequent sinus congestion. I originally ordered this product to see if it would help clear up an ongoing sinus infection - thinking it might shorten the duration of the infection. I was very reluctant to use this irrigation system, thinking it would be very uncomfortable - and to be honest, a little gross - but was pleasantly suprised to find it soothing to my sinus cavities. Within 3 days of starting to use the irrigation my sinuses were no longer swollen, so nasal breathing was much easier. I have not needed to use my allergy med, unless I'm around dogs for a prolonged period of time, and I no longer have constant sinus pressure. For anyone hesitant to use this product, DON'T BE!! It's an awesome system, and the premeasured packets that you use for each irrigation make travel usage a breeze.
  Narial Nasal Cup
Reviewed by: A Sinus Sufferer from Los Angeles, California

I've been dealing with severe sinusitis for years now. After seeing the Neti Pot (Narial Nasal Cup) on Ophra I decided to give it a try. I really think this product will eliminate severe attacks for me. I also use to wake up in the morning with clear sack like pouches in my eyes causing blurred vision. The Nasal Cup totally eliminates my puffy eye problem and clear vision is restored. I know it is working on my sinuses and I'm looking forward to relief from my sinus issues and eliminating the need to take antibiotics. Well worth the investment!
  Nasal Drip Review
Reviewed by: Nasal Drip Sufferer from New Jersey

The review that I am writing is based on my Mothers feedback because the product is really for her use. She is already using it and had seen some improvement with her nasal drip problem. I believed that the real benefit would come in a long term use of your product.
  great product!
Reviewed by: Edith Hedrick from Texas

I bought three of these nasal cups for me and my two daughters, the youngest of which has suffered for years with chronic sinusitis. She says that using it the very first time gave her relief, and used with the Meilmed Mixture packets, it doesn't sting or burn like salt and is easy to use. Thanks guys for a great product.
  Life changing experience
Reviewed by: Bob from northern Michigan

I suffer from extreme allergies year round. I learned about neti pots from Dr. OZ on Oprah. I have been using this one for several weeks and what a difference it has made. I have already saved the cost of the nasal cup in the reduced medication cost. It is truley a life changing product!!
  Narial Nasal Cup
Reviewed by: An Allergy Sufferer from Long Beach, California

This is an excellent product. Wish I would have known about it years ago. Since I started using the nasal cup I no longer need my allergy medicine. I breath better and sleep better at night. My nasal passages no longer hurt like they use to. This is a must for allergy sufferer's.
  sinus infections GONE!!
Reviewed by: a sinius infection sufferer from exeter Pa

This has been a miracle in my life. Use it daily with non-iodized salt A TRUE MIRACLE sleep better and feel much better. I use Net Pot almost the same thing. I also add a dropper of Zinc oil when I am in a flare=up or feel a cold coming on THANK YOU GOD Sarah K
  Narial Nasal Cup
Reviewed by: City Sinus Sufferer from New York, NY

I live in NYC and have continuous sinus problems. I am using this daily and it's helping a lot. I am breathing much more freely now. Thanks Narial Nasal Cup!
  Relief at last!
Reviewed by: (Wicked) Warren Wilson from Kirkland, WA, USA

After giving up on ENTs who wanted to perform surgery and/or prescribe Rx toxins, I discovered Narial. Wow! No more boogers; no more blood. Upon awaking in the morning, my sinuses are clear, and I can breathe through my schnoz--even when exerting myself. This little "Aladdin's Lamp without a handle" is worth its weight in gold. It will be my lifelong companion.
  Sinus Symptoms Subside
Reviewed by: WWII veteran from Kirkland, WA, USA

In my opinion, all Rx drugs are toxic and should be avoided whenever possible. The Narial Nasal Cup, used once daily, has brought me blessed relief from constant nasal stuffiness and forced mouth breathing. It seems to have cleared up a long-standing infection, but I can't be certain of that. In any event, I consider it to be a worthwhile investment at minimal cost. Highly recommended!
  Narial Nasal Cup
Reviewed by: an overtaxed immune system from Texas

Are you kidding me? For $19.95, I bought a plastic cup that's no better than a child's watering can for a dollar or so from Walmart? I thought it'd at least be ceramic, which is far more trustworthy regarding chemicals that could be absorbed by the container and chemicals that can break down from the container into the irrigation solution. I feel robbed!
  Nasal Irrigation
Reviewed by: Bill Owens from Ohio valley

A simple devise, easy to use. And probably just as effective as the more complicated devises.
Reviewed by: Texas Allergy Sufferer from Houston, Texas

I have been using the Narial Nasal Cup for about six months now. My allergies have gotten so much better. It has been like night and day.
  Nasal Cup
Reviewed by: I hate dust mites from Boston MA

My allergies improved dramatically, and I was able to breath free for some time after use. It takes just a few times to get used to (the first time it feels like you are drowning and is a little scary) but after a time, its actually comfortable. The only thing I don't like is preparation of the salt/water solution. Waiting for the salt to dissolve, getting the water to the correct temperature, and not overfilling the cup takes a bit of care, and sometimes when I am tired, is too much for me to do.
  Remarkable product
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Indiana

After 25 years of daily headaches this system has given me relief. I use it three times a day. My husband is using it now. I bought it for my sister who also suffers from chronic problems. She loves it too. I highly recommend it. It is so easy and takes only a few seconds to use. Who would have thought that salt water would flush out ones nose and be so effective. This cup makes it a breeze.
  Narial Nasal Cup
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Houston, Texas

I use the cup once, sometimes twice a day, it has cut down on my allergies and sinus headaches. I use the Neti pot with Sea Salt, which I find much gentler on the nasal passages than iodized salt.
  Saved my sinuses!
Reviewed by: A longtime sinus sufferer. from Alpharetta GA

I started irrigating daily after sinus surgery and I've felt a huge relief. I use 2 quarts of water mixed with 3 teaspoons sea salt and 1 teaspoon baking soda. I rinse twice daily and it's been a life-saver to me!
Reviewed by: Terrible sinus sufferer from Illinois

Received it late yesterday. I already feel like a new person. It is truly amazing once you get the hang of using it. Would highly recommend.
  Superb natural decongestant
Reviewed by: Gina Battaglia from Boston, MA

I was a bit wary about getting this product after hearing my husband talk about it, but once I tried it, I was hooked! This is definitely the way to go if you want pretty fast nasal relief without anything unnatural. Thank you!!
  Miracle worker
Reviewed by: Sinus allergy sufferer from Destin, Florida

Who would have known one little cup would provide such relief. My friend had one and I tried it and it was amazing. I didn't want to give it back, but he insisted as it's a miracle for him too. Had to get my own. Didn't know why I never heard about this years ago? Everyone with sinus issues should try it and breathe again!
  Narial Nasal Cup Review
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Houston, Texas

Excellent device. Easy to use. Very effective.
  Awsome and cheap too!!
Reviewed by: Sinus suffer-no more from NYC

I have used this style for years. It has really cut down on colds and congestion. I don't snore as much, which is a plus. It can be easily cleaned and doesn't need to be replaced. Use with sea salt for an added advantage. I can't imagine using the other so called devices that cost more, often bigger and not nearly as convenient. This little cup is the best of the choices out there. This is one time keeping it simple is the way to go. Those other devices are for those who feel they have to spend money to feel right about their choices. Try it----you'll love the way you can breathe again!!!

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