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Reviewed by: t.m sinus pressure sufferer from WI

I recommend this product to anyone who has been suffering from sinus problems. I have had sinus issues all of my life, but since I have been doing the sinus flush, I no longer get the sinus pressure as often, and I don''t get sick in the winter.
  Money Saver
Reviewed by: Happy Sam from Washington State

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with asthma. I finally went to an MD that was super. I had been on Advair, Ventelan, and steroids. The MD recommended that I use some NeilMed sinus rinse. I did, and must tell you that after a week or two, I no longer needed any meds for Asthma. I have been med free for two months. Yesterday, the MD dismissed me and said, only come to see me if you get into trouble. Can you image the Bucks I am saving monthly now? My copay for Meds were $90.00 a month. See why I am so happy?
  sick nurse
Reviewed by: sick nurse from Ashland,KY

I started on cpap and immediately got nasal congestion/dripping. Fearing a sinus infection, I started using my Sinus Rinse that I purchased a year ago sorry I ignored it for so long!. I have used it 3 times and already feel better...I even started my new cpap machine back up last night without incident! Thanks for your product. I'm going to suggest it to everyone I meet.
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Charleston, South Carolina

I have had allergy and sinus problems for all of my life, and have never been able to keep my passages clear without a strong medication. Since I have been using this product I have had clearer passages, and can breathe so much easier. It is truly wonderful!
Reviewed by: sinus and allergy sufferer from Florida

I've had nasal allergies with sinus problems for over 10 years. I've been on nasal steroids, along with Claritan D and those did that trick for years. However, the last year, even these meds began to stop working and I 'felt' sick every 6 I had a bad cold. But I knew it was my sinuses. My doctor recommended Sinus Rinse and I felt relief in 2 days! I now use it almost daily to prevent problems and I feel great!! I no longer need a nasal steroid and only use this and Claritan D once a day...I hope to give Claritan up, too one day, and just use the Sinus Rinse. GREAT STUFF and it's cheap!
  Relief At Last
Reviewed by: J A Morgan from Manhattan, Kansas

NeilMed Sinus Rinse used for only two days has relieved me beyond all possible expectations For over 70 years, many doctors have tried everything they knew to relieve allergies, with antihistimines, nasal sprays of every sort steroids, immunotherapy all without lasting results. Sinus surgery took place 18 months ago, because of two extra sinus cavities. I've been able breathe much better since but after healing took place, I was back at square one: runny nose, excessive mucus, post-nasal drip, choking cough, tearing red puffy eyes, repeated ear infections, and, of course, sleep deprivation! Such misery! But after only two days, relief at last!
  It works!
Reviewed by: Amy from Seattle, WA

I have been using sinus rinse since I received it and it is helping my allergy for sure.
  A God send
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from SF Bay Area

I am 47 years old and have suffered allergies with nasal congestion for as long as I can remember. With age this contributed to heavy snoring and eventually sleep apnea, a serious medical condition. I began using this product after being referred by a medical doctor as treatment for a sinus infection. I've endured this annually for most of my adult life. I've been using this product for four days now and the relief is amazing. The hydration alone is worth it. I am definitely breathing easier and notice I have a more acute sense of smell and taste. I am also sleeping better. I can only imagine what benefits await with contnued use. The only negative is that it is a little uncomfortable at first, but I am adjusting. The distilled water thing is not an issue for me as I boil water and use as it reaches a comfortable body temperature. It doesn't take long to cool and is far better than using ambient emperature water.
  This works great
Reviewed by: Arthur from Upstate NY

I work in a machine shop so the air is not real good there. This rinse kit flushes any particles and dust right out and I can breath better and my nose is clear.
  Sweet relief!
Reviewed by: sinus/allergy sufferer from Atlanta, Ga.

After suffering with sinus pressure and thick post nasal drip, I decided to try this product. I can't describe how I felt afterward, like my nose had been through the car wash! I will be using this everyday as a preventative measure. Easy to use with little mess!
  Best Solution!
Reviewed by: Julie from New Hampshire

This is by far the best solution that I have found for relief of allergy and cold symptoms. Since I have started using it, I find that I don't get colds in the winter like in past years!
  clean out head
Reviewed by: sinus sufferer gary from mi

just use the sinus rinse the day after my sinus surgere and it cleaned me out good ..can,t wate to see how i feel useing it every day....gary
  simply amazing
Reviewed by: Greg ,allergic to just about everything from Long Island ,NY

I too was a little taken back by the idea of shooting water up my nostrils, but to my suprise there was no pain, and moments afterwards, there was a clearing feeling, I suffer from bad rhinitis, and at times before wished I could rip my nose off my face and rub my sinus cavity, well this doesn't quite do that but comes darn close to it. I use it now also when I have a head cold and find it decreases the severity of the cold, and the time it takes to heal.This product is a definite for anyone out there who suffered before like me.
  Sleeping Better
Reviewed by: a stuffy rhino from Darien, New York

Due to chronic sinusitis I could not sleep at night because of blocked nasal passage of thick mucus. My doctor recommended NeilMed which works great in removing the stuff and now I won't live without it.
  FESS surgery
Reviewed by: vickio from herts,uk

started using it,really good,prior to the operation,the polyps did not allow proper drainage and ended up with earache ,now flows freely
  No more sinus infections
Reviewed by: Sinus Infection Sufferer from Saint Peters, Missouri

I have had chronic sinus infections for the last 10 years. My allergist recommended NeilMed Sinus Rinse. I have been using it both AM & PM for the last several months and no more sinus pressure and infections. This product really works. I highly recommend it.
  Very Pleased
Reviewed by: David from Houston

This morning I woke up with that "Oh, no, I feel a sinus cold coming" you know that feeling where little stuffy, little scratchy throat then spacey feeling? I started this morning with warm salt water in a cup niffing from my hand and then a small syringe. Worked pretty well. My wife bought this device at lunch and brought it home. is fast effective and makes me feel MUCH better. I recommend it.
Reviewed by: Sneezer from Wisconsin

I've known about neti pots for years and saw it demonstrated by my yoga teacher, but never had the nerve to try it. This squeeze bottle system takes a lot of the yuk factor out of it (you don't have to contort yourself over the sink as much). And wow! does it work. Instant relief and it's very soothing. I recently read an article that said regular users in a controlled study caught fewer colds than non-users - an added bonus. One tip - get yourself way down into the sink so that when you want to expell the solution after you've rinsed, you don't spray it all over the bathroom. Salt water leaves a residue.
Reviewed by: breathing better from va

This is great. First time you use it, do it in private, because it can be nasty. But it makes you feel like your head is ten pounds lighter.
  NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit
Reviewed by: cat owner, sinus sufferer from Missouri

This really works. It is messy, but not painful.
  helps me the best
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from bronx, n.y.

i started using neil med sinus rinse.. when i had a really bad sinus infection.. i used neil med sinus rinse after i had sinus surgery. i had sinua surgery three times and used the rinse after each one.. it is simple and helps me now using it once a day in the morning as soon as i get up. it cleans my nose and i feel good all day..glad i was told to use this..
  great for sinusitis
Reviewed by: severe allergies since childhood from Arlington,TX

I have sinus infections at least four times a year. My mother told me about the NeilMed system and told me that her doctor had recommended it to her. She had a polyp removed from her sinus. I finally listened to my mom and she was right. I used this system when I had a sinus infection. It is messy! When you squirt the water-saline mix in one nostril, the mix comes out of your other nostril and sometimes comes out of your mouth. It does not hurt at all. You will breathe much more easily after using this at least once a day. You always feel better right after using this system; unlike medications that often have side effects. I wish that I had used this a long time ago.
  Be Careful!
Reviewed by: Severe sinusitus from Long Island, New York

Used this product on the the advice of my otolaryngologist. I have chronic sinusitus and nasal polyps which are to be surgicaly removed, within the next 30 days. I have had severe sinus problems for more years than I can remember, but with all the problems I have had (sneezing, coughing, severe congestion, runny nose, sleep apena, etc.)I can honestly say haven't had an earache in 40 years. Purchased the Kit, followed all the instructions, and it seemed to be helping a bit, but after the 3rd or 4th use I wound up with an extremely painful earache in each ear, which have persisted for more than 24 hours now. So, my advice, be careful. I've discontinued using the kit.
Reviewed by: Stef from Hanover Virginia

Cured 16 years of what I thought were infections in my sinus.
Reviewed by: a chronic sinusitis suffereer from Minneapolis, MN

This is product is a miracle. I have chronic sinusitis. I tried this product for the first time last night. Yesterday, I had a sore throat. Today I have no sore throat. It sure put a big smile on my face.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Stacie Brown from Dickinson Center, New York

My Youngest son and I have suffered with nasal stuffiness year round. Although spring time is usually the worst. We just tried this product for the first time last night. My eleven year old said he slept much better and he could actually breathe better this morning. I also felt better after the first use. This product is amazing. I would much rather use this product than fill my son with allergy meds. Thanks for a great product.
Reviewed by:  Sinus head from Cincinnati, Ohio

This is undoubtedly the greatest sinus kit around. I've used it before, during, and after my sinus surgery. I don't know what I would have done without it !!
Reviewed by: Alyssa A from MA

I was sick for over a month, ears blocked, stuffy nose and awful cough. I went to the doctors numerous times, and the doctor gave me a perscription that did nothing. Then I moved onto an over-the-counter pill. Nothing was working. I started using Neilmed and within one week my nose unblocked and my ears are almost completely unblocked. I highly recommended this!!
  Sinus Rinse
Reviewed by:  allergy ridden from northeast

I've been using the kit for about a month and i don't see much change in my breathing. it does wash out your nostrils, but nothing more than a tissue would do.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Richmond, VA

I have previously used a similar product that required the use of a water pic. This is much easier to use and the premeasured packets are terrific.
  nose nose anything goes
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Virginia

hated this idea at first. works though. seems to clean and clear out the sinus passages. can tell the difference when I am not as diligent about using the rinse as I should be.
  Almost a cure!
Reviewed by: Marie from Maryland

I have suffered for years with sinusitis, even after my nose operation to reduce the turbanites and straighten the crooked septum. This sinus rinse is the best thing that ever happened to my nose! If I even think a sore throat or earache is going to happen, I just do this for a couple of days and it's gone. I love it and have given it as gifts to my friends and they're having the same results - thanks for the convenience and effectiveness of your product, NeilMed.
  A MUST have for allergy sufferers!
Reviewed by: Asthma/Allergy sufferer from Forest Hills NY

I had previously purchased this from my ENT back in Scottsdale AZ. I was thrilled to find it again--and it has helped with my post sinus surgery recovery. I can't rave enough about this product--I even got one for a co-worker because they also suffer from chonic sinus problems.
  Skeptical at First
Reviewed by: Greg C. from Califorina

I was very skeptical when it came to rinsing my sinuses for the first time. All I could think of is how it feels when I go swimming and water goes up my nose and stings. I give this product two thumbs up! I could do this every day.
  The Cure
Reviewed by: Thankful for relief! from Pennsylvania - home of sinus trouble

I had a bad sinus infection and my doctor wanted to operate. I ask him if there was anything else I could do beside an operation and he suggested using this product. I did and it worked. I did not have to get an operation and since I've been using this system, I have very little sinus problems at all. I'm now buying one for my wife, mother-in-law, and one of my friends.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Dave Peterson from Sunland CA.

It works very well. I started useing the sinus rinse upon my Doctors recomendation for help healing the inside of my nose after being operated on. It worked great.
  Cofortable and Penetrating
Reviewed by: Chronic Sinus Headache Sufferer from Seattle

Comfortable and easy to use. Low tech, but very penetrating and efficient. Works great.
  This is a great product
Reviewed by: Erin from Dallas

I have tried many similar products and I like the way this bottle works!

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