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  Excellent Product
Reviewed by: Long time Allergy Patient with Asthma! from Orlando, FLorida

This is a quality, well-made mask. Construction is better than I had expected. The mask shapes easily to your face, it lightweight and comfortable. Since it is natural fabric it is far more comfortable than many of the synthetic masks. Will definitely be purchasing another one.
  Lightweight protection
Reviewed by: lindawill3 from Oklahoma

This is my favorite allergy mask. I walk six miles daily and also enjoy gardening. The pollen in our part of the country is extremely high during the long growing season. Our summers are also the hottest in the US. This mask is the coolest, most comfortable one I have found. If you must wear a mask in order to enjoy the outdoors, this mask is ideal. Washable and quick-drying also.
Reviewed by: severe dust allergies from Chicago

product is comfortable and easy to use.
  Perfect for yard work!
Reviewed by: Vee in the garden from Sanford, Mi

Well made. Light weight. Bendable brace at nose allows for custom fit. The design keeps it away from your mouth and allows for steam free breathing. No foggy glasses
  Silk Dust Masks Are the Best
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Minnesota

I have tried several types of face masks which I wear during pollen season and when doing chores which stir up dust. I hesitated to buy one of the silk ones because of the expense, but once I bought one there was no looking back. They are so light weight and comfortable, and you can breathe easily and there is very little condensation to deal with. They can be easily washed in a little soapy water and dry in a few minutes. They last for a long time. That first mask is now about eight years old and I am still very happy with it, but bought two more recently so i can keep one in my purse and one in the basement.
  I Can Breathe, Indeed!!! :
Reviewed by: PCF - Allergy sufferer & highly sensitive to mold from Alexandria, VA now FL

This mask IS amazing. It has helped me through so much, including having to deal with loads of dusty paperwork and clothing before my move, dealing with extra low humidity in the old home in VA, although it's not supposed to, it even helps with mold which attacks my lungs and leaves me sick for weeks if allowed. I have been able to now visit the homes of some of my friends who have a mold issues in their home they're not affected by it, thanks to this mask. I wish I had more than one, but so far since I can wash as needed and it's holding up very well since Feb/Mar timeframe when I bought it I'll keep this one in use as I do now, always in a pocket or my purse, and will definitely reorder when it gets raggedy. Thanks to Adrien Bledstein for creating this wonderful and highly effective mask.
  Comfortable allergy mask
Reviewed by: Vickey B. from Mt. Pleasant, SC

I had tried the cheap allergy masks and found them uncomfortable and hot. I didn't want to wear them even though my allergist said I had to wear a mask for house work and yard work. Then I found the Silk Comfort Mask online. It is lightweight and comfortable. I found myself forgetting that I was even wearing it which is true testament to how comfortable this mask is. I can wash it and reuse it over and over. For the first time ever I did yard work and I did not have an allergic episode.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: cedar sufferer from Austin, TX

This product really helped me avoid my terrible cedar reaction when trying to exercise outdoors, which I love. It is so lightweight and pretty comfortable - I'm not used to using masks, but this one worked well. Only thing is if you're breathing hard and the air is humid, the mask sticks to your face some.
  small wonder
Reviewed by: G. Norris  from Marietta, Ga.

I love this light weight mask for almost everything...filters out the bad stuff but lets you breathe! Thumbs up!
  Light weight, comfortable
Reviewed by: Allergic to mold & mildew from Huntsville, Alabama

After my fifth sinus surgery, I find it necessary to wear a mask for dusty house work and yard work. This mask is light weight and easy to adjust. I do not find it hot. It cuts out enough of the airborne particles mold spores are what I am highly allergic so I don't worry about what I might be breathing in to cause an infection. It is easy to clean and drys fast. Even though it says not for smoke, it does help when using a gas grill to cook. I will probably order more to keep one in my purse. You never know when you might want visit to an antique store, museum or historic building.
Reviewed by: Elaine from Michigan

I have had a similar mask before from Allergy catalog and it wore out. Am very glad to have it again as it saved me a lot of asthma attacks due to indoor and outdoor molds. Very good luck with reg washing in the past.
  silk mask
Reviewed by: Credence Tilden from Clarkston, Washington

This mask works great for working in the yard to reduce pollen issues as long as its not too hot. However, while its more breathable than masks you buy at the store and throw away, if its hot your face still gets extremely hot and you end up dripping sweat. I love that its washable and works so great for pollen, but I wish it helped with smoke too. I live in a very dry hot climate so I need something more breathable that also helps with smoke as we have alot of fires too. Really like this for early spring, but need something for those hot summer monthes as it gets over 100 degrees here and something for smoke too as I have severe allergies to both.
  Easy to wear, does the job
Reviewed by: Very sensitive to pollen from Nahunta, GA

First-this mask does indeed filter out the allergens. I need to walk my dog for 1-2 hours and finally, this mask has got me and my dog back up and running in the woods. And, the mask is lightweight, easy to wear, extremely comfortable to the point where I forget I have it on, is totally odor-free. To wash, I just use a little soap under the faucet and hang up to dry. The elastic straps are easily adjustable and fit behind the ears. Highly recommend this mask.
  Great value!
Reviewed by: Erin from Texas

I have terrible dust mite allergies and was waking up with sinus headaches despite having bought special bedding, etc. I use this mask to sleep in and love it! It's very soft and comfortable and does not bother me at all while I sleep. The adjustable straps ensure that I get a good fit around my nose and mouth. I love that it can be washed and re-used. Great value!
  Good basic mask, but plastic hinges?
Reviewed by:  from Gainesville FL

I tried to adjust the elastic and the little adjuster, made of very flimsy plastic, snapped in half the first day. The mask itself is fairly comfortable, once I get used to breathing in it, I don't notice it much- it's not like not having anything on, but it's not anywhere as hot as those commercial dust filters from Home Depot. You can definitely breathe, but I'm not sure why they used plastic where there would be stress- Not as soft as I expected, but that means it keeps its shape while worn so it doesn't go in and out when you breathe. The nose shape holds it out from the nose, kinda Michael Jackson -ish. The metal tab can be form fitted but of course doesn't "hold on" to your nose so you have to play with it to make it as snug as you can. All in all, I like the mask and material, unhappy with the flimsy adjustment thingy. It does the job for pollen and molds and lawnwork.
  A Simple Solution
Reviewed by: Allergy is my middle name from Fayetteville, Arkansas

With lifetime allergies, I've tried masks in the past, especially when working in the yard--but they were cumbersome and breathing was hard work. This mask is truly comfortable. I swish it in cold water and mild soap to clean, air dry, put it in a baggie, and carry along everywhere.
  Very Comfortable, thank you!
Reviewed by: Saved by silk from Austin, TX

I had finally had enough of the Texas mold controlling my mornings! I didn't think I would become a mask wearer, but reading other reviews, it seemed like it would be worth it. I was not disappointed at all with my mask purchase. It is light and doesn't make me feel like I am suffocating, as other masks do. It also works well to filter out dust and chemical fumes when I am at work. The only thing that would improve it would be if it looked like a cartoon animal's snout.
  Know your silks
Reviewed by:  from Southeastern US

This mask works. Just know what you are getting. This is not silky smooth fabric on your face. It is more like a stiff parachute silk. I have their honeycomb mask and it is indeed, very soft. I guess I expected this to be even more so.
  Great Mask!
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer Big Time from Spokane, Washington

I can be having symptoms that are enough to drive a sane person ranting and raving out of the house and down the street! I put this mask on and my symptoms clear up within 30 minutes. It is comfortable and it doesn't fog up my glasses. Well worth the money.
  Makes a huge difference!
Reviewed by: Allergic to everything from North Carolina

This mask is comfortable and easy to adjust. I wear it when petting or grooming my cats, vacuuming, dusting, working in the garden...basically anything that might trigger an allergy attack. I bought one for my mom, who also likes it.
  silk mask works!
Reviewed by: Foggy Glasses from Virginia

I struggled with fogged glasses when mowing with a standard mask. This silk mask solved that problem and is easy to clean for use again and again. A+
  Comfortable, good value
Reviewed by: never used allergy products before from Southeastern PA

I purchased this mask to wear while riding in a dusty indoor arena. It is very comfortable, lightweight and fits well. It seems to be pretty effective though probably nothing will keep out ALL the dust. My only complaint would be that my face sweats under it, so maybe not the best choice for athletic activities, but a very good product just the same.
  Gotta have it!

I bought two last time.... One disappeared to a friend and the other accidentally got washed in my blue jean pocket in the washer!!! *Tip - DO NOT WASH IN THE WASHER!!! Love my mask! Buying two more!
  Silk Comfort Mask
Reviewed by: CW3 Darrell Wingert from Austin, TX

After living in the Austin, TX area for over two years and trying everything for my allegries I bought the silk comfort mask. It helps but some of the cedar pollen still gets thru. I ordered the Respro mask I hope it does a better job. If it doesn't work, I'm moving!
  Great Mask, Nice Company
Reviewed by: Fellow Allergy Sufferer from Helena, MT

I ordered this mask, to help me cope better with seasonal pine pollen allergies. It worked well for this purpose, and I also discovered it works nicely for smoke as well. We have a neighbor that loves to smoke meat - unfortunately it blows into our master bedroom window. The mask was comfortable to wear to bed.
  Living Free
Reviewed by: Need to be free from allergies from Oregon

Without the mask it would be difficult for me to go to work. I have to wear my mask every minute at work. My allergies are getting worse...I have to wear it in public when I shop, ride in vehicles and work outside. This mask gives me more freedom!
  So Comfortable
Reviewed by: COPD patient from Illinois

I'm able to dust again and deal with my basement when laundry day comes hubby thanks you too as now he's not stuck doing it all! It's comfortable and I don't feel hot and stuffy when I wear it, Thanks!!!!
Reviewed by: Cathy in Paradise from Sanibel, FL

This is so perfect for our hot, humid Florida weather. You can even wear it wet to keep your face cool. Perfect for the seasonal allergy sufferer. I only wish I had gotten it sooner.
Reviewed by: a new DUSTER from Salem, VA

My husband has had to dust the house for years. I have tried to use disposable mask but I wear glasses and they would fog up. I finally tried the Silk Comfort Mask. I actually enjoyed being able to dust. Thanks for a fantastic product.
Reviewed by: Ann from Denmark, Maine

Finally, a comfortable mask that works without feeling like I'm going to suffocate! No sweat, either. And washable, reusable...can't get any better.
  Love this mask!
Reviewed by: the woodworking cat lady from Greensburg, Pennsylvania

This mask is just what I was looking for. It's the only mask I've found that fits. And it is washable. I have a lot of cats and I wanted to filter the dust when scooping litter boxes. I also plan to get more to use in my wood shop for sawdust.
  A wonderful solution to a difficult problem!
Reviewed by: Lynn Q. - Allergy/Asthma sufferer from Hollis, NH

Although they're pricey, Silk Comfort Masks can be rinsed out, dried and used again and again. If you think on a per use basis - well, they're not so pricey after all! The silk is light, cool and comfortable. Adjustable over the nose to keep dust etc from entering around the edges, the silk mask doesn't cause your glasses to fog up or your face to sweat beneath it. It does a wonderful job of filtering out dust and pollen. Silk Comfort Masks are so unobtrusive I sometimes forget that I have one on. I give them as Christmas and birthday presents and every recipient becomes a devoted user. If you have a problem breathing when exposed to sawdust, pet fur, dust, pollen etc. you should give one of these masks a try!
  Love It!
Reviewed by: Dogperson from Elizabethton, TN

I wanted a reusable mask that fit well. I was looking for one that could filter out the tiny particles of mold, dust, and pet dander. I wear it while cleaning the house and bathing my dogs, also sometimes outdoors. This mask is adjustable and fits my face almost like it was made for it. It is lightweight and breathable and doesn't make my face sweaty or my breathing difficult like some of the disposable types. Great value for the price. I would purchase this again.
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from 

This is a comfotable mask. I like that it is small in size - usually masks are too large for my face.
  Silk Comfort Mask
Reviewed by: Allergic To Dust Club Member from Midwest

I've tried lots of other masks but this one is the lightest and most comfortable one of all. It's easy to wash and dries really fast. I'd highly recommend it.
  Great Mask
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Illinois

This is a very comfortable mask, needed the mask for everyday house cleaning. Mask does an outstanding job of blocking the dust
  cycling mask
Reviewed by: Major Taylor cyclist from DC

I used this product when cycling during allergy season. worked well when doing casual/moderate pace riding.As I increase tensity, breathing through maske a little difficult. But I am ordering a couple more for the commute on local metro with all the germs.
  Great mask
Reviewed by: Mom of an allergy sufferer from Texas

My daughter first tried another mask, but she found it hard to breathe through it. This one is comfortable, and she can breathe easily. She can now dust her own room, and not end up sick as a result!
  Pretty good
Reviewed by: a nasal polyp sufferer from Florida

Fairly comfortable. I find that it still fogs up my glasses like any other mask I've worn, but I deal. The plastic clasp for lack of a better word for adjusting the elastic is rather cheap, and I had one break on me within a few days of use. Otherwise, a fairly good mask that is comfortable and reusable but a little pricy.
  Classy Mask
Reviewed by: Allergic to Smoke from Ohio

I really like this mask. I wore the charcoal filers and put the mask on, too, when I went to the casino in Wheeling, West Virginia. It's very smokey there and I've been sick for two weeks when I went without a mask. It's very nice looking and I felt like I was still approachable with it on. People did not hesitate to talk to me when I had it on.
  Silk Comfort Mask
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Cleveland, Va.

This mask is very comfortable,light-weight, doesn't make you sweat like other masks do. I recommend it to others.
  Better than store bought masks...
Reviewed by: Lisa from North Carolina

I have been wearing the blue paper masks from Home Depot that smell like chemicals and decided to buy the silk comfort mask. It is great compared to the others. It stays in place the I do not have to keep my mouth open to keep the mask from riding up towards my eyes like the paper masks. The elastic ear pieces are adjustable and stay where you put them so you don't have to readjust them everytime you wear the mask. I am satisfied even if it is a bit pricey which is why I didn't buy it before now.
  Don''t look like an alien!
Reviewed by: a sneezer from Idaho

pricey but worth it. Portable, takes up little space in purse. Fit is comfortable and secure. I don't look like an alien which was what my previous mask resembled. I am happy.
  Breathing through Silk
Reviewed by: Allergic to dust and dander from New Hampshire

The masks I've always purchased at the pharmacy are quick but they're not comfortable and I find myself having to stop work to wipe my face and my glasses constantly. With the silk mask it's almost like wearing nothing. It's light, it's comfortable and my glasses don't fog up. I feel like I can breathe. It's rinses out and dries quickly. I'm very pleased with this mask. It has paid for itself in the first few uses.
  At Last!
Reviewed by: June from Jacksonville,FL

After years of trying virtually every type of breathing mask, I saw the one advertised in your catalog. I didn't order one with my first Achoo order (new customer)because I thought it was too expensive.Then,with my second order a couple of months later, I bit the bullet and ordered. Wow! Am I glad I took the chance. At last, I can dust, sweep the back patio, and breathe rather easily in a comfortable mask. The price is a little steep, but when I consider all the "cheap failures" I've tried and discarded, it's worth it. Love my allergy mask!
  Didn't work for me...
Reviewed by: Trying Q-Mask from Columbus, OH

I purchased this mask because I've been experiencing an allergic reaction to tomato pollen in our garden. I wore the mask for about four hours when I tilled and removed the tomato plants in preparation for winter. The very next day, I could barely breathe again. With that in mind, it’s pretty clear that this mask didn’t work for my purposes. I can't say that I'd recommend it to anyone doing garden work, even though the manufacturer says it works for garden pollen. Also, it steamed up my glasses, which it’s not supposed to do. The elastic ear cords pinched my ears, so it wasn’t as comfortable as I would have expected a Silk “Comfort” Mask to be.
  Most comfortable mask I have found
Reviewed by: Jim Serenson from Thomaston Connecticut

I have used a few allergy masks for using outside riding the tractor mowing the lawn, and most are bulky and uncomfortable and steam up your glasses. This mask is great, comfortable and gets the job done.
  Silk comfort mask really works
Reviewed by: Allergies in Maine from Gorham, Maine

This mask works quite well.It is very easy to breathe with it on. Fits well and is comfortable to wear. Only complaint is that it is white so it shows dirt easily. It needs to be washed daily. Also I wish it was a little less expensive.
  A great mask
Reviewed by: an asthma and allergy sufferer from Plymouth,NC

I tried it when I walked outside and it was comfortable. The best thing is it wasn't hot wearing it and the mask dosen't fog my glasses up. I plan on wearing it outside during the pollen season to keep from getting flare ups from asthma.
  What a great product!
Reviewed by: Janelle Courtney from Florence, MS

The silk comfort mask is the only mask that actually blocks allergens and lets me breathe. I restore antique furniture as a hobby; other masks always let the dust bother me so much that I would cough constantly and have to use my rescue inhaler to continue with the restoration. Not so with the silk comfort mask. Thank you for such a great product that can be so easily cleaned.
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Michigan

The Silk Comfort Mask is nice to wear while I'm cleaning. I use it when I vacuum, dust, do laundry and clean the cat boxes. It does help prevent sinus headaches.
  Allergy mask
Reviewed by: starmoth from Upstate SC--pollen center of the US

As a nurse for 32 years, I didn't expect much from this product, but it seems to work well. Hopefully the price will come down, so more people are able to buy it.
  lightweight and easy to put on
Reviewed by: Keith Grady from Moore Oklahoma

The Silk comfort Mask is wonderful! As a mailman, the comfort and ease of putting on are great. Also, the product is great in filtering out pollens.
  Silk Comfort Mask
Reviewed by: an overtaxed immune system from Texas

I've been using paper masks of various sorts for protection mainly against dust. They all contain toxic odor, and the medical masks that fit comfortably behind the ears have a tendency to close off my nostrils when I inhale. I often use the masks longer than I should, because I hate the expense of going through them quickly. The silk mask is a one-time expense, launders easily, fits comfortably behind the ears, and holds its shape away from my nostrils. It's all I hoped for.
Reviewed by: i got major hayfever! from Minneapolis, Minnesota

it is silky, light, and very conveninet because it folds up so small and can go anywhere. However, I remember before I bought it the other reviews said it doesn't get hot under there- but I sure thought it did- just thought you should know. I think this would happen with any mask that doesn't have a vent. I really like it and have been using a lot when I go outside during this horrible ragweed season. (I have severe hayfever and moderate asthma). It is much easier to take on and off than other masks too- like when I want to quick remove it when I go inside and feel funny in a mask- plus much less "mask-marks" on my face post use. Great!
  crying eyes
Reviewed by: Janelle Courtney from Jackson, MS

completely appreciate the softness and easy ties; being able to wash it after each usage is really a plus
  Very Comfortable!
Reviewed by: Military Asthma Sufferer from Florida

The soft mask works great! It is easy to put on around the ears and I can breath just fine through it; it won't make you feel like you are suffocating. It also doesn't have a bad odor-as some materials have.

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