Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter Customer Reviews

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  Very Helpful
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Virginia

I am very satisfied with this product. I suffer with multiple chemical sensitivity and found this mask to be very helpful to me. I can't believe the smells don't come through. I would suggest this to anyone.
  Fume inhibitor
Reviewed by: ebehan from Aguas Buenas, PR

Great product for protection against light fumes and dusty environments.
  Fume inhibitor
Reviewed by: ebehan from Aguas b

Great product for protection against light fumes and dusty environment. A must for allergy sufferers.
  Much better
Reviewed by: Chronic Asthmatic  from Northwest USA

I bought a white one of these years ago when I was living in a heavy smog location with severely limiting asthma. These things work like a dream for those of us who can't go outside during air quality alerts. The old style was a little more like stiff cotton, but these new ones are nice and silky and soft. I like the exterior much more than before. The white one was a little like a sore thumb in public places, since it goes out at a funny angle, and it's so... well... white. The beige blends much better and doesn't stick out quite as much. The blue one is less blue and more navy, but looks good with certain clothing. It looks more blue in the picture than it is in real life. I love these things. I own three and lots of filter refills because they are life savers.
  What a Lifesaver!
Reviewed by: Chiquita L. from Atlanta, GA

I really like my honeycomb mask. I have multiple allergies and pollen hates me the most. I can't go outside at all in Georgia without getting sick sinus infections, headaches, shortness of breathe.... So, I use my mask when I do have to be outdoors temporarily. The mask isn't a miracle or cure, but I've found it to work better than any allergy medication I've tried in the last 15 years. I gave the mask 4 stars versus 5 because I've had to buy 3 in the last year. I bought the 2nd one because I lost the first one I truly love how light weight it is. But, I had to buy the third one because the 2nd one broke within a week of having it. The wire at the top of the nose snapped into from me adjusting it to fit my face. I should've informed Achoo Allergies but I just bought another one. Another problem is that I have MCS and the mask doesn't block out all perfumes or smoke. If it did conceal chemicals or fumes, it would be amazing! Finally people tend to stare less when I'm wearing this mask versus the general store bought kind. However, some people are still mean and have said I look like dark vador, a rhino, or planet of the apes when wearing my tan mask. More importantly though, using the mask has significantly reduced my sinus infections and I really enjoy it. It is now a necessity for me.
  Love the product!!!
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer plus from Vancouver, BC

This mask is easy to wear and does not have the closed in feeling that most masks give you. Much cooler then most. I want to wear this mask on flights with my oxygen to help eliminate the gems on the flights. I would purchased it again. Also love the catalogue provided with all the other products!!!
  great to filter fumes
Reviewed by: asthma suffer from Pensylvannia

I am pleased with this mask, I have been in contact with cyanoacrylate fumes, which cause me terrible asthma after I smell it. I used the mask while around the fumes, and had no reaction from the fumes, plus it is comfortable and not hot.
  Long time allergy sufferer
Reviewed by: aunt allergy sufferer  from Florida

My aunt suffers from bad allergies and has replaced a mask she has worn for 20 years with the Honeycomb Mask she says it is very comfortable and works very well, she wears the mask at least 20 hrs a day.
  Relief from odors
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from San Antonio

I have MCS to chemicals found in cologne and have had to back out of all sorts of clubs and church. This mask enables me to participate in these gatherings.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Sarah from Bakersfield, California

After using this in the same room with a chain smoker I can say I'd recommend this to anyone. You can smell the smoke but it doesn't have the smoke itself pass through. My nose was completely raw to the point of nosebleeds because of helping my family member at home and I needed a mask. This is a life saver. I am so thankful that I found this mask. Pros: Comfortable to wear and adjust even WITH glasses. They don't fog up and trust me I've had medical masks fog up just make sure you where it properly. Cons: It gets your face a little warm after wearing it for a long period of time. *Let's be honest it's a Carbon mask. You'll have that anyway but I felt like I needed to have a con. I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone that needed one!
  Thank God for Achoo
Reviewed by: Audrey Wilson from Greenville, SC

If it wasn't for achoo I would spend most of my days at home, And would not be able to work. I'm a hairstylist and I have a severe allergy to synthetic fragrances: perfume, fabric softener anything with synthetic fragrance, I take my mask with me every where I go.
  a real solution
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from West Palm , Florida

I have been suffering with MCS severe allergies to odors for the past 9 mos. Since finding this mask I have finally been able to enjoy some of the many things i had to give up. It has worked at the hair salon, the movies and stores. These are all places I could not go without a severe reaction. The only drawback is that you cant breath very well while wearing the mask, but that is how it keeps the odors out. I really recommend this product.
  I am FREE
Reviewed by: Allergy Warrior from Flagstaff, AZ

I am an outside adventurer. My husband and I ride motorcycles, hike, bike, and explore Arizona every chance we get. Unfortunately, I am allergic to most everything! The wind in Flagstaff can be so brutal that I can't go out. But not any more! I just put on the mask and off we go! It doesn't restrict air flow and it filters out everything! This is a great mask for a good price! Be SURE to reorder the filters so that it remains effective!!
  allergy mask
Reviewed by:  from West

Works, charcoal filter helps block smoke
  I can go on with my life
Reviewed by:  from 

My name is Lynne, A new and sudden severe allergy sufferer . I thought I would never be able to enjoy the things I used to. Some as simple as shopping in the cities with my daughter . I bought the honey comb mask just hoping it might work. It does. It is wonderful. It keeps the smells out my nose and lungs. If they are really bad I just double up the carbon filter and I can go just about anywhere. I can go to my favorite park again that is near the free way. I can go in the laundry soap isle at the grocery store. Thank you Achooallergy, for the simple things I can do again. Not to mention the big ones. From my town in Minnesota to vacation via airplane in Florida
  Enjoying Chicken Chores & Walks Once Again
Reviewed by: Jill / Asthma Sufferer from Utah

I live in Utah and the inversion this past year trapped pollution due to cold temperatures really had me locked inside and not able to do the things I enjoy. This mask is comfortable, light weight, I don't look like an alien anymore and it completely blocks odors and dust when you use the charcoal filter. Now I can still get time with my pasture pets and get out for walks with my dog even if the air quality is poor. Thank you Achoo Alergy!
  Hoped for More
Reviewed by: MCS sufferer from OKC, OK

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I bought this mask after reading that it would filter out odors. It worked only slightly better than wearing two of the over-the-counter paper masks, and breathing is more difficult with the filtered mask. I tried using two filters, but breathing was very difficult.
  Multiple Chemical Sensitivities & Mold Allergy
Reviewed by: I Love to Breathe from Jacksonville, FL

I have a chronic lung disease and developed multiple chemical sensitivities. The honeycomb mask w/carbon filter has enabled me to be in public and in crowds, otherwise I'd be confined. Fragrances & chemicals are irritants which cause my airway to swell. This mask helps tremendously but does not completely block out all irritants. I am also allergic to mold and the mask is great on high humid and rainy or damp days. Additionally, it is helpful in cold weather. I keep one with me at all times. This mask has been the most comfortable and worked best of any I have found thus far. I was stunned that the price almost doubled in six months, that hurt.
  It works!
Reviewed by: Bob from New York City

In fact, it works quite well. And it's comfortable. I'll be buying a second one for a friend.
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Washington, D.C.

I work in a poor work environment diesel tugs coming thru all day . Our company wouldn't get exhaust fans , so me and another employee took things into our own hands and ordered the honeycomb mask . They are wonderful we can't smell the exhaust and both feel 100% better at the end of the day . I'm so happy I found this mask it has made a huge difference I have asthma so at the end of a work day I was so tired but now everything is good . Thank you so much !
  Excellent mask for perfume allergies
Reviewed by: An asthma sufferer from Pittsburgh, PA

This mask blocks perfume effectively. I can walk into department stores or stay out in my yard when the neighbor is doing laundry with dryer sheets. I helps with traveling as well as other crowd situations. It even worked in the cat room at the Humane Society! It gets stuffy after a while, however, so it works best to extend your ability to tolerate disagreeable scents until you can get away from the source.
  Fabulous air filtration mask
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Massachusetts

I have many allergies indoor and out. Recently my ENT doctor recommended I use the Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filter when I do yard work and gave me the Achoo Allergy online address. I have used this mask for work outdoors and recently while taking down walls in my house, enclosed in a room with sheet rock dust and saw dust flying every where. It was really put to the test and did a great job. I'm allergic to dust and this mask is fabulous! I highly recommend it.
  Great with one little flaw
Reviewed by: allergic girl from Washington State

This mask allows me to breathe and feel good after cleaning. It is comfortable and doesn't move around up into the eye area like other masks. The only flaw is that the mask itself has stitching down the center which caused irritation on my chin. This may be simply from friction the stitching goes right down the middle of the mask all the way from the nose to the chin, creating the fold in the mask, or it may be the stitching material. Either way, I am more hesitant to wear it now, so that means the $20 mask does not get used like it would if this problem did not exist.
  honeycomb is best mask for chemical sensitivity
Reviewed by: chemically sensitive canary from Olympia, Washington

I like this mask the best for the fit, design, and most of all the carbon filter insert. I have tried many kinds of masks and feel this does the best at screen out unwanted airborne pollution, dust, dander, and mold.
  Leaks carbon particles
Reviewed by: Customer from New York

I needed a mask for Beijing for Nov. 2013, so I bought this and 2 other filters. There were traces of black carbon particles on the white side of the filter that contacts your face. I found this to be the case for all 3 of the filters I bought. I can't imagine inhaling this carbon could be good for you. It also feels a bit too expensive for what you get--this is just my opinion. I would get something that is certified NIOSH-approved N95.
  It REALLY Works
Reviewed by: Fragrances should be outlawed from North Dakota

If you suffer from chemical sensitivity this mask is a MUST have. I've suffered from chemical sensitivity for 15 years and frequently have to change seats or leave an area because something is bothering me. Well not anymore. This mask has literally changed my life.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: L. from Chicago

Got this mask to wear at work because of a sensitivity to coworkers' fragrances. It's not air tight and difficult to breathe through so I wouldn't recommend it for long periods of time, but it's useful for filtering out most smells in case of emergency.
  Honeycomb Mask w/Carbon Filter
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Waco, Texas

I do not work in my yard without it! It is lightweight and I can breathe normally, but without all the pollens and molds that are in the air. It is the best mask I have ever worn.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: AB from SD

I have a smaller face and this mask is fairly small in size, not too big for me like most masks are. It packs flat in my bag or purse to have along for shopping or classes so it is very convenient. So glad to finally have a good looking mask that fits much better than the 3M charcoal filtering masks and I don't have to worry about it getting squished when I'm not wearing it!
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Kat from Arcadia, FL

I am allergic to a particular tree and it makes it difficult to even breathe near it. Using this mask, I was able to cut my medications in half when around this tree. The mask is comfortable when you figure out how to wear it. As an eyeglass wearer at first I found it fogging up my glasses. But if you adjust the mask a bit lower on the bridge of your nose and squish the mask nose-bridge tight, glasses rarely fog. However, it is not a fashion statement. I don't know why the manufacturers squared off the tip of this mask at the nose, it would be better rounded. That's probably one of my only complaints.
  works great
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Ann Arbor Michigan

I wear this mask at work and find it to be very comfortable. It fits well and even though I have it on for about eight hours it is still comfortable at the end of the day. The filter fits close to my face and seems to filter out the tiny particles that have been bothering me so much. My allergy symptoms have already improved after just a few days.
Reviewed by: Multiple CHemical Sensitivites from Seattle

The mask functions as advertised. It has given me enormous freedom shopping and driving. However it is way too costly for what it is, the filters never last me more than two or three days and the mask itself seems to have shrunk a bit after two washings per instructions. It doesn't really cover the the filter well any more. When the relative humidity is very high it fogs my glasses no matter how I fit it. But most of the time I can wear my glasses with it.
  best mask ever
Reviewed by: chemically sensitive  from Western NC

I've tried a number of different masks in the 16 years I've been challenged with MCS. This one is the best - light, easy to breathe thru, no taint of coconut charcoal, and the around-the ears elastic is quicker to put on and doesn't interfere with my hair - yes, incredibly, even with MCS I still have some vanity left, LOL. I used it on a trip to visit my daughters last month - the filter still seems good after sunning, despite a major air-freshener exposure in a public bathroom I couldn't just walk out, as I was helping my 4-year old grandchild go potty, so I was in there for some time.
  I love this mask
Reviewed by: Mask Toting Grandma from Springville, Utah

I own several mask from Achoo! I recently purchased the Honeycomb Mask with Carbon Filters and have been very happy with it. It is comfortable, easy to take traveling, and does a great job of protecting my nose from all those allergens out there. It is easier to take with me and doesn't scare my grandchildren as much as some of my other masks do.
  A little hot, but it works
Reviewed by: Mold is bad from Rochester, NY

I use this mask while cleaning, especially vacuuming since I don't have a "good" vacuum. It's pretty lightweight, but as you can imagine, it gets hot. I think any mask would. It's comfortable otherwise easy to adjust.
  More Freedom!
Reviewed by: Happy Customer from Ravenswood WV

My daughter has many allergies food, pollen and chemicals. She was pretty much housebound until I ordered these. She can go to the store, the dentist, the doctor and other places even a movie now. Now she does not have to spend 2-3 days recovering from just leaving her home. Perfume and fabric softeners made her confused and faint. Other things made her ill - and this mask has been such a big help. Please make it in a smaller size. She is petite and a regular mask is really too big. I highly recommend this mask!!!!
  Good one
Reviewed by: SDW from Atlanta, GA

Pollen counts are over 9,000 this week in Atlanta and my asthma is in full bloom! I wore this mask to get from our house to the ER, and the ER Dr. complimented me on wearing it. It is very comfortable, light, and doesn't make me look like some exotic insect! I plan to wear this when cleaning and gardening when the worst is over. For now, I'm wearing it when I leave my bedroom, even to walk to the kitchen. Not my FIRST line of defense, but a very good addition to my asthma toolbox!
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from Boston, MA

I recently purchased your honeycomb mask and replacement filters and am now on the road to recovery. For months, I've been suffering with severe allergy symptoms. Chronic sinus blockage, thick post nasal drip, constant throat clearing and difficulty getting a deep breath. Fortunately, I saw a video clip about your Honeycomb mask and thought it couldn't hurt to try. I couldn't be happier with the results. The carbon filter inside the mask, which can be replaced as needed, filters a great deal of mold spores, dust, pollens, smoke, fragrances, fumes and other allergens that I am allergic to. Starting with ragweed season last fall and a leaking bathtub which caused a mold issue, I became sensitive to all fragrances making it difficult to go out in public. I wore the mask 24 hours a day, even sleeping in it, for the first several weeks. My allergy symptoms are 80% better and I'm able to tolerate lighter fragrances again. I've been able to reduce the amount of time I wear the mask, but if I'm in a situation that brings on an attack such as being in a restaurant seated under the heat ducts and the heat goes on forcing dust and other allergens my way, or seated at a sporting event with a heavily perfumed fan next to me, I just put on my mask and can feel the symptoms subside. This mask is better than I could have ever imagined. For me, I feel like I'm in control again and not afraid to go out. This mask gave my immune system and body the rest it needed from the allergens to help me get back on track. Knowing what I'm allergic to and having the mask to wear when I can't avoid my allergens has given me back a normal life. Thank you for putting out a greeat product and I hope other allergy sufferers find it helpful too.
  Helps control smells
Reviewed by: Scent Sufferer from California

I needed something that I could wear in public and not be affected by perfume, soap, and chemical smells. It does a very good job. It has given me the freedom to go shopping and attend my children's events without having an attack. I gave it four stars because if there was a really overwhelming smell, it still got through. But I am now free to leave my house safely! Thanks for a great product!
  Allergy prone relief
Reviewed by: allergy relief from Arizona

I am a major allergy sufferer. In fact, I am allergic to everything that I was tested for in Arizona. I need to move, but I ride a motorcycle and love to hike and explore! Recently I looked for face masks and found this. It doesn't make me look like I am preparing for a war. It works great and allows me to continue my activities with little to no allergy symptoms!!!! I love my bike and will not stop living as long as I am still in AZ! Thank you!
  Super lightweight, breathable and it works!
Reviewed by: From Karen, an asthma sufferer from York, Nebraska

I needed a mask because of neighboring smoke pits and wood stoves in our neighborhood which made sleeping with my asthma difficult. This mask is perfect even for sleeping because it filters out small smoke microbes as well as pollen, dust, etc. But you can breathe through it easily and it's even washable. It has carbon for extra filtration but you can't taste or smell it. I spent money on high tech masks at Home Depot but couldn't breathe well in them and I looked like an alien. This is shaped well to the face, is very comfortable and is my go-to mask for everything now.
Reviewed by: Martha R from Waco TX

This mask did not fit my face. The honeycomb material seemed stiff and uncomfortable. The pictures gave me the impression it was a very soft material so I was disappointed when I received it. The filter works fine. I think the filter could be used with a simple cloth mask that is much more comfortable to wear.
  Good product
Reviewed by: Breathing fine from Iowa

I wanted something to use while riding my bike to work. If the wind is blowing, I end up with a lot of sinus drainage. This helped a lot!!
  Highly Recommend
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Waco, TX

I like the comfort of this mask, it is light and can easily be folded and carried in pocket or purse. I had been using a hard hospital mask whose strings smashed my hair this mask loops around your ears and is very comfortable.
  Love this mask!
Reviewed by: Sensitive from Virginia

Very helpful for my seasonal allergies and fragrance sensitivity. When the two of these occur at the same time I can experience sever breathing problems. Some smells get through at work if the perfumes are exceptionally strong but my breathing is much improved since I have been wearing this mask. I haven't had to use my rescue inhaler in months. I keep it with me everywhere I go. I have even been able to venture down the detergent isle at the grocery store without holding my breath.
  no more asthma cough
Reviewed by: a mom's observation from DC area

I recently purchased a honeycomb mask with carbon filter for my 11 year daughter. Surprisingly the "one size" turned out to fit her fairly well. She now can enjoy the outdoors without coughing and as long as she is using it consistently outside or in the car does not need any medicine for asthma at all. I highly recommend the product.
  a tool for MCS
Reviewed by: MCS sufferer from Wisconsin

Faced with 2 airplane flights, a stay in an unfamiliar hotel, travel on public transportation in a major city and a large seminar I needed to feel safe about the trip. The mask screened out all but the most extreme perfume exposure. It is challenging to wear when the environment is very warm or stuffy and I am slightly claustrophobic with a mask over my nose and mouth but I am getting accustomed to it and was able to make the trip only, I believe, because I had the protection of the mask. It was not 100% effective where people were extreme in their use of fragrance and chemicals but I was able to function in most situations where normally I would have to leave or not even attempt to participate such as an airplane flight. I now carry the mask in my purse at all times and it gives me a feeling of safety and I don't feel as trapped in my life.
  I Can Breathe for real
Reviewed by: Fragrance sensitive migraineur from San Francisco, California

Finally, a mask that protects me from fragrances. I've been able to use this mask to ride public transit, and to buy myself time when I'm confronted with sudden exposure to a toxic perfume or cleaning product while in public or at work, without getting ill. It's comfortable to wear for up to 20 minutes or so and it's highly affordable. Drawback- not fashion conscious at all- looks rather odd, and I can't wear with makeup because it rubs off.
  Excellent mask for chemical sensitivity
Reviewed by: Chemically allergic from Los Angeles

I am allergic to the exhaust from small planes. I'd get sinus infection and dizziness everytime I flew. An N95 mask, while helpful, did not prevent me from getting sick. I tried this carbon mask and it worked beautifully! No sinus infection, no nausea. Made a world of difference.
  A very good buy
Reviewed by: Airline pilot allergy sufferer from New York City

As an airline pilot, I travel a lot, and also suffer from non-allergic rhinitis. Having a face mask is imperative for my hotel stays. I find the honeycomb mask easy to pack, has a low tendency to fog up eyeglasses and comfortable to wear while sleeping. This mask has improved my health by being able to wake up without a bad sinus congestion, but with only a small runny nose.
  Easily Portable and Comfortable
Reviewed by: Looking for solutions from Irvine, CA

This mask is easily portable and very comfortable unlike the hard-shell, rubber-band-around-the-back-of-your-head kind. Sometimes the "seal" isn't perfect. I like to keep one in my car, one in my purse, and one at work. Great for travel!
  Free At Last
Reviewed by:  from Michigan

Over the past several years I have become increasingly sensitive to odors given off by perfumes, flowers, fuel, paint, adhesives, vinyl, ink, etc. Most people love the smell of a new car. I on the other hand would do what I could to dissipate the odor as quickly as possible. It gave me headaches, nausea, a feeling of being listless. Recently our church built a new sanctuary and I was quite concerned about the offgasses that would be evident in the new structure. Sure enough, when we had a walkthru of the new sanctuary a few weeks before having our first services there, I immediately started having trouble with my breathing. I was at a loss. No way did I want to start attending another church. I love the people there and the pastors that we have are truly a "Gift from God". I WAS NOT READY TO GIVE THAT UP! That's when I got on the internet and did some research. It wasn't long before I was ordering a mask to wear to our first service on Easter Sunday. It ended up being a joyous occassion in more than the biblical sense. I knew the minute that I walked in that we would be able to stay and enjoy the entire service. I could not detect even the slightest odor. It took a minute to get the nose area closed off so that I did not steam up my glasses, but other than that, I was home free. I will be ordering more masks to keep in different places, such as one for work outside, one in our motor home, one at my place of employment. I can't begin to tell you how much this mask has and will continue to change my life. At last I am free to do so many things that I have not been able to do for years. Thank you again.
  Breathing in China!
Reviewed by: World traveler with allergy-induced asthma from Lexington, Kentucky

I was really worried about traveling to China recently considering the pollution, cigarette smoke, mold and other chemical exposures. I have asthma that is triggered by any one of those exposures. I was in China for 2.5 weeks and wore the mask often. I changed out the filter every couple of days and did not have to take my rescue inhaler one time! Also, one night I stayed in a place that had lots of mold. I slept in my mask and woke up breathing....which would not have happened previously Amazing!! I will say that the reason I didn't give it 5 stars is b/c it doesn't do very well at filtering out perfumes/colognes and it only worked moderately well for cigarette smoke. It did extremely well for pollution, mold and well enough on the others to keep me breathing! I am extremely thankful for my mask and even though it isn't the most attractive device, it was worth it to be able to breath!!
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from Savannah, GA

Some smells are blocked out but it doesn't fit perfectly. I can't get it tight enough to block out smells without hurting my ears.
Reviewed by: Ms. Can't Breathe from Illinois

I am so glad that I purchased the Honeycomb Mask w/ carbon filter. I was so congested from delivery truck drivers bringing products in at work. When I saw this mask I thought "why not?". It's the best thing ever! Wish I would have known about it sooner.
  Great for travel
Reviewed by: Person with chemical sensitivities from Columbus, Ohio

I have mild chemical sensitivities and this mask worked very well for me while traveling and having to deal with public restroom deodorizers. It also helped when driving through very polluted cities. Usually I get a sore throat, congestion and have difficulty breathing, but this did not happen when wearing this mask. It is still possible to smell perfumes and deodorizers a little when wearing this mask so I would only recommend it for this with mild-moderate chemical sensitivities.
  Less-scary mask
Reviewed by: Chris G. from Santa Fe, NM

The mask is lightweight and easily slips over the ears. It cannot, however, be hung around the neck unless one attaches a "leash", so it is not easy to take on and off without misplacing it. Since people in public places respond negatively to the mask, often with fear, I decorated mine. My local fabric store has open-stock of trimmings, making them already out-gassed. I selected a pretty pink trim with shiny beads and sewed it along the top edge. People, especially children, respond to it much better.
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Illinois

Order these with the mask as a replacement to the one I had. Love the mask!
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Illinois

Every Spring & Fall my asthma is at it's worst several people in our town burn leaves. This mask has helped with blocking the pollution the is in the air.
  Works good
Reviewed by: Pregnant and blocking chemicals from NY

Its works well to block chemicals. However is uncomfortable when wearing over 15 minutes. Sometimes around strong chemicals I have to hold it there.
  Just the thing!
Reviewed by: Acute Asthma Suffer from Sacramento, California

I have tried to wear charcoal masks for years - my doc's orders. I felt like a bandit and uncomfortable. This mask is easy to wear, very comfortable, doesn't fog up my glasses and people accept it without comment. I love the way it adjusts to my face. Thank you.
  Mask is helpful
Reviewed by: Chemical sensitivity sufferer from St. Louis, MO

I am sensitive to printing inks and had to do a job that required me to spend hours on end with my nose in a notebook full of xeroxes. This mask is reasonably effective at filtering out the chemical fumes and made it possible for me to do this job.
  Love, love, love!
Reviewed by: Miserable in Missouri from 

After years of wearing different Respro masks, I have found something better! I was skeptical that these small light weight masks could do as good a job as the Respro Techno mask, but these masks are even better in my opinion. They seem to block out all the smells, dust and mold spores that were making my life miserable. They are extremely comfortable and don't make me look like Darth Vader. Thank you so much for carrying this wonderful product.
  mask and filter
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Michigan

I suffer with pretty bad MCS and this mask had truly been very helpful. I'm also an artist and around chemicals a lot in my work. I'm trying to make it a habit to wear it often. I can tell just after several uses how much it cuts down the fumes etc!
  great mask
Reviewed by: extremely chemically sensitive from Central Florida

I have terrible terrible chemical sensitivity. This mask keeps all perfumes, and basically any chemical I''ve come in contact with since getting this mask, from affecting me. Wonderful mask.
  Great product
Reviewed by: VERY chemically sensitive from central florida

I became EXTREMELY chemically sensitive about 8 months ago where I can't be around anything that has a smell to it and this mask works very very well to keep the smells out. I've had the mask for about 2 and a half months, though and am thinking about rebuying this same mask because the metal part that goes around the nose is losing the ability to conform and some smells have been coming through.
Reviewed by: A Cleaning Lady from Denver, Colorado

I clean a huge, beautiful house two times per week. The owner is wonderful and allows me and my co-worker to use "green" chemicals, but wouldn't you know it, some of those chemicals are still pretty harsh! In addition, we use some chemicals that are regular strength as we haven't been able to find "green" ones that work as well. I had been using a dust mask that my husband bought me, but the strap around the whole head would slip down and it didn't really eliminate all the odors. Needless to say I stopped wearing the uncomfortable dust mask. After about 3 weeks I noticed that as I worked around all the sprays and fumes my allergic response would kick in big time! It was overwhelming. I was constantly sneezing, blowing my nose and even coughing. I would go home sick and hope that I could sleep it off before the next cleaning day. I decided it was time for a new mask - one that would be comfortable and hopefully do the job! That was when I found the Honeycomb Mask online. Since then it has been amazing!!! No more sneezing, coughing and runny nose when I'm around those chemicals! It has been an absolutely "God-send" and I am NOT kidding! My only complaint has nothing to do with the mask and everything to do with my two kittens/cats. They love it too!!! They love it so much that they went to the trouble of pulling it out of my purse and chewing both the ear straps in half! They just love chewing on elastic and boy did they chew, chew, chew! Agh!!! They don't know what they're doing to me! Sheesh! So either I will be fixing it with a needle and thread or I will be buying a new one. Either way the charcoal filter works wonders. I can barely smell any of those chemicals and I am finally and completely out of that awful cycling pattern of 'get sick,''sleep it off' and 'get sick again.' Thank you so much for helping my body to get stronger while allowing me to maintain my income!
  great mask
Reviewed by: An MCS Sufferer from Naples, FL

I am a nurse with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I am exposed to many different toxins and chemicals each day at work, so a good filtration mask is essential. The Honeycomb mask really does help. When I feel sick from the smells I just put it on and I immediately smell less of the fumes. It is a lightweight and comfortable mask. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it doesn't completely keep smells out, but it is a great help.
  Mask help
Reviewed by: Mrs. Greenwood from Virginia

This product worked somewhat but not quite what I had expected.
  What a difference!
Reviewed by: An asthma sufferer from Auburn, Washington

In the middle of having my reasonable accommodations request by my condominium complex rejected, the cigarette smoke that is pouring in my unit from the neighbors has been unbearable to me as an Asthmatic and made me very, very sick, as I am allergic to the smoke. Prior to this, my Asthma was non-existent the past 4 years. Now, areas of my home are uninhabitable, but THIS MASK HAS MADE IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE INSIDE SOME AREAS OF MY HOME, for now, at least until a more reasonable solution can be found that respects my civil rights. Before my doctor recommended the mask, I was in severe respiratory distress with both Asthma and Chostochondritis very painful inflammation of all chest joints, and I was spending lots of time in front of my home sitting in my car and reading, often until 3 am, just to be able to breathe and avoid the air in my home, filled with the noxious cigarette smoke of my neighbors. Thanks to the mask, I'm back inside, and the Asthma attacks have gone down. Getting some degree of relief from and protection from the noxious cigarette fumes has been indispensable to me. Thank you Achoo Allergy - I'm re-ordering the filters today! Thank you for filling a desperate need to be able to breathe the now very polluted air in my own home.
  part of life again
Reviewed by: environmentally sensitive from San Luis Obispo, CA

Once I started wearing this mask I felt as if I could freely move around my world again. There is a significant design flaw and that is the adjustable elastic attachment is very flimsy and needs to be handled too gently in my opinion.
  I'm thrilled!
Reviewed by: Tracey T. from Carlsbad, California

Thank goodness for your product. I have suffered allergies for decades yet this year they seemed to increase ten fold! If it hadn't been for your product, I would still be housebound, and suffering terrible allergy attacks in the night time. I now wear the mask when outside, while working, and in order to sleep undisturbed. It has given me a new lease on life, and the ability to carry on with my love of gardening! Thank you.
  Works great at first
Reviewed by: Jim from Oregon

When I first bought this mask it worked great. My constant allergy attacks stopped immediately. The problem is the mask is always slipping down on my nose from talking, etc. I'm always pushing it back up to get it to seal correctly. The area that seals around the nose is just a plastic embeded wire that starts to get week after about 2 weeks of pushing the mask back up and readjusting it around the bridge of the nose. I have seen better built allergy mask that I would consider buying but, they don't offer the carbon filter. I've tried other masks that are for pollen but they didn't help. What ever I'm allergic too is only removed with a carbon filter. So my buying advice is if you've got the same allergy problem I've got, this seams to be the only choice for now.
  Help for sensitive lungs
Reviewed by: Norm Doucette-asbestosis sufferer from Florida

I am unable to go into many shops with my wife due to the huge amount of perfumed candles etc on display-I tried wearing this mask and it cut out 90% of the smells that usually bother me. I bought this mask to wear while traveling when often I am unable to change my location in an airplane,crowded public area etc.
  Honeycomb Mask
Reviewed by:  from Des Moines, Iowa

The comfort of the mask was great - I purchased the mask thinking that since it was washable I would not have an allergic reaction to it - however I could not tolerate the carbon filters.
  Honeycomb mask
Reviewed by: Astmatic from Minneapolis, MN

I've been using this product for over a week and notice a signicant improvement in my breathing. I am grateful for this product.
  Honeycomb mask
Reviewed by: Shannon Baze from Denison, Texas

for second hand smoke,i had to double the filter to get the filtering affect i need.

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