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Reviewed by: kevin  from stl,mo

Since getting a sinus infection and the constant reoccurence of them had to do something. i got the hyulse - this thing is great and it works. Not only did customer service adjust the prices to meet the manu retail price it shipped the same day. Highly recommend the grossan and using achoo!! need to order more breathe ease as you only get 5 packets.
  WOW WOW WOW...finally!
Reviewed by: Suzy S from Van Nuys, CA

I've tried probably everything on the market to clean my annoying nose! From Neti Pot to NeilMed Sinus Rinse, but the Grossan is AMAZING. I admit, its pricier than the others but well worth it because it does the job for you. You don't have to stand and squeeze the bottle. Also, since there is a constant flow, it forces the yucky stuff to come out. Unfortunately, my parents are smokers and I experience second-hand smoke all the time. When I use the Grossan, it releases black gunk from my nose sorry if its disgusting but my sinuses feel so relieved after using this product. One suggestion is to use it in the morning because water drains from your sinuses for the next 10 minutes or so. So you need to keep a tissue handy, and you don't want to do it before sleeping because it will cause post-nasal drainage. Thank you achoo! allergy for introducing me to this product!!
  Allergy relief
Reviewed by: Janet Schiefferly from Napa, CA

I have suffered for 10 years with sinusitis/allergies and sinus infections. This produce is great for all three. I wish I had known about it 10 years ago.
  Reflux Reliever
Reviewed by: LPR sufferer from Brooklyn, New York

I have LPR which stands for laryngo-pharyngeal reflux disease. It is different from the usual reflux disease that most people know, called GERD in which stomach acid affects the esophagus. In LPR the stomach acid travels past the esophagus and affects the throat and the sinuses. To protect the delicate tissues in these areas, the body makes mucus--tons of it, all day, every day. It is a very difficult thing to manage. The Grossan Hydro pulse Nasal/Sinus Irrigation System is a godsend. It clears out much of the excess mucus so I can breathe and swallow and eat. Without it I am absolutely miserable. While there are medications to help LPR, they fall short of eliminating it completely, so there is always a need to clear mucus from the throat and sinuses. The Grossan system includes irrigation tips for both places so I can clear my throat as well as my sinuses. The machine is strong enough to take being used twice, and sometimes three times a day. It leaves me feeling so much better, especially in the morning after so much mucus has collected while I sleep. I'd hate to have to live without it. For all those people with LPR, you should get the Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal/Sinus Irrigation System. You'll feel so much better. Edith Springer
  Nasal Irrigator
Reviewed by: Harry from Illinois

This little machine works wonders on the sinus. This is the second one I have purchased and have recommended it to others who are also pleased with the results.
  Best Possible Solution
Reviewed by: Overdue Allergy Sufferer from Granada Hills, California

I tried this product after reading a blog site at 4:30am in the morning. It was a typical sneezy, coughing morning for me after having allergies that progressed to three colds within a one month period. I can not say enough about this product. After using it for the first time I had the best night of sleep I have had in years. At first I thought it was my imagination but upon repeated use I sleep much better at night. My nasal passages haven't felt this good in 10 years. I tried to use the simple bottle inhale method two separate times and ended up with a cold or severe flu. This method is easy and the directions are simple. I have recommended this product to everyone I know with allergy issues.
  Live in the desert and THIS WORKS
Reviewed by: R Clark from San Diego, CA

Thank goodness I found this! I live in a really arid climate, and this is the only thing used with the powder that gives me some relief! If you are debating it, just ask your doctor. All of mine had recommended it, and I wish I would have gotten one sooner. It does take a little bit to get used to, and not the most pleasant process, but not bad at all, and well worth the results. I did not think I could do it, water going up your nose??? But just relax during the irrigation and you will be fine.
  Power Neti
Reviewed by: Stephen I Koenig from Silver Spring, Maryland

I have been performing Neti for 38 years but this device has changed my life for the better in no time flat! Now I can sleep again
Reviewed by: Desparate Sinus from San Francisco,Ca.

After a miserable summer, I was desparate. My head was full,unable to smell for months. Had been using the manual methods for irrigation to no avail. This is wonderful machine. No more antibiotics, antihistamines, steroid sprays for me. I can smell again!!!
  How Hydro Pulse Saved My Life
Reviewed by:  from 

My name is Darlene Gerardo and i was Exposed to Toxic Mold that almost ruined my sinus passages until i started using the Hydro Pulse machine that saved my life! I had lost about 80 percent of my sence of smell which finally returned after using this machine. Thank You for your machine, it has saved my life, now i can sleep at night,which before i couldn't lay down due to excessive post nasal drip,and no more sinus infections! Thank You again!!!!! which before i couldn't!
Reviewed by: Recent sinus surgery from Austin, Texas

The Irrigation system is great! I've recently had sinus surgery and I'm still using it morning and night! It's quick and effective!
  A Wonderful Invention
Reviewed by:  from Byhalia, MAS

My wife and I had horrific sinus problems for years. Sniffing, aching, earaches and decongestants. The Grossan Irrigation system literally cured us. Everyone used to talk about my sniffing and now I am breathing completely clear even while I sleep! My wife's sinus problems were so bad I thought she would eventually need surgery. The Grossan has given her a full recovery! I now believe the latest reports that most sinus problems are fungus and I am convinced the Grossan Irrigator washes the fungs away. A wonderful product! Mark P.
  Didn't like it
Reviewed by: Greggor from State College, PA

This didn't work for me. I seemed to have a lot of sinus pressure AFTER using it. I bought it based on all the good reviews but for me it didn't work so well. I gagged every time I used it and it was somewhat disgusting to use. I will seek an alternate means to alleviating my sinus pressure.
Reviewed by: Desperate for relief from St. Louis, Missouri

Thank you for creating this product! I've only had it for four days and I can feel a difference already. After two sinus surgeries, bi-monthly infectioins and trying every medication out there, this might be the answer. I will strongly recommend the Hydro Pulse to all of my friends and family. Also, thank you Bobbie for recommending it to me!
  Soothing Relief
Reviewed by: Constant Allergies from Kansas

I suffer from allergies almost year round so my nose takes a beating. In the short time I have used the Hydro Pulse Nasal/sinus irrigating system I have noticed that I don't feel so dry and stuffed up. Its much better than a garden hose!
Reviewed by:  from Evanston IL

This is a fantastic product.
  New Life
Reviewed by: Dust sufferer from Miami, Florida

This is not a money makeing scam , i purchased the irrigation system and i am telling all my friends about it, very easy to use and extremely effective. This is a product that u have to have. My colds, have been exterminaated by The Grossan pulse, my everyday life has moved up from 1-10 i was at 1- now im at 8 the other 2 points are self adjusted and this equals a 10 and 5 stars for Dr, Grossan , thank you for your inventive and researchive talents into nasal help your dear customer ,
  Great Hydropulse
Reviewed by: Do not display. FYI only. from Marin County, CA

excellent product
  works for me
Reviewed by: paul parker from atlanta, georgia

no sinus infections in 6 months or since i purchased. i hope my luck lasts. i usually get a sinus every few weeks. i made it past fall allergy season which is my #1 challenge.
  nasal irrigation
Reviewed by: Spring sufferer from Acworth

This is perfect for cleaning out the nose during allergy season. I am glad I found this product.
  I can breathe out both nostrils!!!
Reviewed by: Wes Brown from Wichita, Kansas

This thing is wonderful. I was spending all kinds of money on the little bottles of saline nasal spray when I did some research online and found this. I can't begin to describe how much better this product works, and I've only been experiencing the benefits of irrigation. I haven't used it long enough to stimulate the cilia in my sinuses, so I look forward to the benefits of healthier sinuses down the road. I can tell you that the immediate benefit was definitely worth the money, even if it doesn't do anything else (I'm still hoping it will, though.) I have battled with chronic sinusitis for a long time and have had sinus infections one after another for the last year and a half. I had sinus surgery and that helped for a month or two, but then I went right back into my infections. This has helped me be infection free thus far. I don't expect it to cure me completely, but it is nice to spend a few weeks without feeling like my head was going to explode and it also feels good to be off of the antibiotics.
Reviewed by: David McCarter from San Diego, Ca

I have been using the Hydro Pulse for about two years now and I can't live without it! At the end of each day it clears my sinuses and makes me feel much better. I even take it with me on trips. It's worth every penny!
Reviewed by: Alotta from Miami

Everyone should own one of these machines. This thing is AMAZING! I can finally breathe normal!!
  Proud to be Infection Free
Reviewed by: BD from California

Finally... Control over my constant Sinus Infections.
  grossan hydro pulse
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from West Virginia

This product has improved my stuffy nose a lot.
  Fantastic !!!
Reviewed by: I suffer from chemical allergies from New Jersey

After suffering from chemical allergies this product helps to clear my sinuses and relieve my coughing from ingesting enviromental odors and contaminants.
  Helps with sinuses
Reviewed by: Jon K. Allergy and asthma sufferer from Texas

This product really helped to loosen up all the mucus that was clogging my nose. I used to suffer from daily "sinus" headaches, but now I am pain free. I definately reccomend this product.
Reviewed by: John Wallace from Smithtown, NY

  hands down the best irrigator
Reviewed by:  from Savannah, GA

Short and sweet - this is the best sinus system on the market kudos to Health Solutions and the good Doctor.
Reviewed by: Sinus and allergy sufferer from Santa Ana, California

I have had reoccurring sinus infections and I just bought the Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal/Sinus Irrigation System. Since I have used it, about a week now, my sinuses feel so much better. I don't feel so congested and I'm able to breath and smell much better. I'm hoping that after long term use of this product, I will no longer suffer sinus infections. Also, when you use this, it really feels great. You feel so refreshed afterwards. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from sinus or allergies.
  Throw out the Neti pot! This is so much better.
Reviewed by: Janine from Atlanta, Georgia

FYI - I have no vested interest, financial or otherwise, in this product. I'm just a consumer who loves the Hydro-Pulse. I've had cronic sinusitis and allergies all my life. I've tried other sinus irrigation with a Neti pot, which helped somewhat but I found myself dreading the process because it was an uncomfortable position for my head, and the solutions burned. I love the fact that the Hydro Pulse wand is easily switched off/on to change nostrils; I don't have to make a fresh batch of solution. Another plus is that I can keep my head straight during the irrigation, not turned uncomfortably to the side like the irrigation pots require. The Breathe Ease solution never burns my nostrils, and seems to help keep them moisturized during the day. The only thing I found unsettling at first is that the machine is not quiet...it's rather loud. I can live with that.! Overall the process if so pleasant that I don't hesitate to irrigate my sinuses at the slightest hint of inflammation or congestion. My cilia movement must be improving too, because I haven't had as many sinusitis attacks since I've been using the machine. It's a nicely engineered, well made product that does what it's supposed to do, better that anything else I've ever used.
  Changed my life
Reviewed by: Mary from Charleston, SC

Why is this thing not in every drug store in the US - I no longer need decongestants, antihistamines, corte-steroids or antibiotics. I thought washing my nose out was a bit nutty and I have used the teapots and other cheaper things with not much success - but the Hydro Pulse has truly improved my quality of life 100%
  Good product
Reviewed by: Ann from duluth

For once a product that does what it advertises to do. I have tried all the less expensive irrigation products only to throw them in a closet. The Hydro Pulse is by far the best and my insurance company reimbursed for the purchase which must say somethng for the product. One note you have to keep it clean. Breathe-ease that comes with it is great too.
Reviewed by: sinus problem from Charleston

great product
Reviewed by: Mildred Wilder from Atlanta

Great product works as advertised!
  Huge Difference
Reviewed by: Billie from KC, Mo

Great Product, Thanks!
  Best hands down!
Reviewed by: Shelly C. from Atlanta,GA

I ordered one a while back and recommended one for my mother from your website, achooallergy.com - this is the best nasal irrigation system - hands down!

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