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  Helpful and Not being discontinued
Reviewed by: Clear-ease fan from Richmond, California

The previous reviewer is incorrect. The product is not being discontinued. I just spoke to the company this week. They are in the process of changing the packaging. I have used Clear-ease for about 2 years. I find it very helpful. One of my ears gets stuffed easily, and clear-ease helps get things moving.
  no longer made
Reviewed by: psychstudent from salem, ma

Unfortunately, this product is no longer made by the manufacturer and I never got o try it.
Reviewed by: a severe allergy sufferer from Kalispell, Montana

clear-ease works just as well in clearing my sinuses as sudafed, without the side effects.
  Goodbye in-flight sinus problems
Reviewed by: RN Doug from Kingston, NY

I have purchased this items multiple times for my aunt. She often has sinus congestion and discomfort that is e.xacerbated during trans-Atlantic flights from Europe. She swears that Clear ease enzyme lozenges are what enables her to have problem free flights.
  Great taste
Reviewed by: Sinus Trouble from Atlanta, GA

These lozenges have a very pleasant fruit flavor, not like medicine at all!
Reviewed by: Stuffy Sinuses from Colorado

I think these are helping, but there are so many variables to sinus trouble, it's hard to tell. Certainly they are pleasant tasting and don't take long to dissolve. Haven't tried them before a plane trip. Maybe I'll save the rest for that specific purpose.
  Breathe easier
Reviewed by: Help keep sinuses clear from Princeton, NJ

Clear-ease Fruit enzyme Lozenges have helped us immensely.WEhen I feel I am getting a little "stuffy" I pop one in my mouth and let it disolve slowly. I have had sinus infections and migraines that seem to begin in sinus congestion (didnt understand that for about 15 yrs); now I do everything I can inthe way of natural anti histamines to avoid getting congested. These lozenges help me keep the airways clear. ALso my 7 year old will happily suck on one because he knows it makes his "face feel better" They are very worth it.
  Why isn't this more popular?
Reviewed by: alpinestrawberry from MI

I have a history of chronic sinus problems, and my most recent cold left me with a blocked ear for nearly two weeks. Nothing would open it up and it was driving me nuts. I finally got my bottle of Clear Ease, and my ear is open and the pain is gone, quite literally overnight. This is now a must-have staple for me, especially since my Grossan irrigator went kaput after a year and a half of daily use!
  I'm sold!
Reviewed by: Jennifer Quick from Stonewall, LA

I am very pleased. Using the Clearease and the Grossan irrigator I'm off nosespray/BKC and able to breathe better than I have in years. For people like me who prefer the natural, non-steroid route, this is a Godsend. I was ready to go the traditional route because things had gotten so bad, but this has really worked very well. I recommend it highly. And it's tasty, too.
  Clear-ease lozenges helped with nasal inflamation
Reviewed by: Darlene Gerardo from Texas

Clear-ease lozenges helped with my nasal inflamation, not having to swollow the pill is great, you just suck on it lick a cough drop. Other products at Achooallergy have helped me including the nasal irrigation system, which has helped me tremendesly,helped unclogg my sinuses, and keep them clean! Thank You for such great products!!!
  Short of a miracle so far!
Reviewed by: At the end of my rope with sinus troubles from Orange County, CA

My sinuses and nasal passages and the tubes in my ears were so swollen, so stuffed up, so irritated, I cough and choke and feel nasal drip 24 hours a day. I'm on day 4 of taking these lozenges and I can only say that so far this is short of a miracle. The pressure in my face and nose is almost gone. I can bend forward and not feel pain. The tubes in my ears feel more open than in the past year. I have significantly less post nasal drippage. I can visually see the bridge of my nose has gone back to being not bloated/puffy looking. I am truly amazed. I think for my body, this was an enzyme I was perhaps missing. I can only hope that this amazing result continues. I take 3-4 tablets a day and haven't felt anything resembling a sore throat whatsoever. Maybe my tongue feels a little rough from the tablet but it would feel that way if I sucked on a piece of pinapple for 5 minutes, too. If the results keep on after I'm done with the 2 bottles I ordered, I will keep on ordering them forever if it keeps on working this well. I am truly amazed. Maybe now I can get off the Allegra and Sudafed and all the other RX's I hate taking (or at least take less of them). I can only hope!
  Great Supplement!
Reviewed by: A Grossan fan from New York, NY

I tried a bottle of Clear ease after using the Grossan Hydro Pulse for the first time. The Hydro Pulse sometimes leaves me with a clogged feeling in my ears. I take this right after irrigation and it helps. It's also supposed to help with post-nasal drip, which I think has improved with the use of both products. The only downside is the sore throat side effect. The recommended dose is three tablets a day but that might be too much. Maybe twice a day (morning and night) would be better.
  Longer Lasting Please
Reviewed by: 9/11 allergy sufferer from  Downtown New York City

Great temporary symptomatic relief. Since 9/11 I and alot of people in our offices have suffered from sinus and ear problems. The drops are great for temp relief. Can't we figure out a way to get longer lasting relief.
  A Wonderful Product
Reviewed by: Frog-voice and OSA sufferer from Brookline, MA

This is my fourth order for 10 bottles (which I would never buy if they hadn't proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to work and do what they say they do -- relieve congestion). I have found these tablets to help me in two totally different ways: (1) The reason I bought these -- to relieve nasal, sinus, throat and breathing airways AT NIGHT for my sleep apnea (for which I also use an oral device as well as cortisone nasal spray). You cannot take more than 2 tablets in 12 hours or your throat actually becomes a little sore (very temporarily!). (2) My other use is for the morning when my throat needs clearing. I work in a job I just can't be doing that. These have SAVED me from that hideous and annoying problem.

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