Breathe-ease XL Nasal Wash System Customer Reviews

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  A Gentle and Effective Nasal Wash
Reviewed by: Jayna from Northeast

I've been using this nasal wash solution for a few years. The salt solution is very gentle and does not burn. After cleansing, I also apply a touch of coconut oil inside my nasal passages. I use the Breath-ease solution throughout the year, not just for certain seasons. Cleansing the nasal passages is very helpful during allergy and flu seasons. I've been very satisfied.
  It''s a miracle
Reviewed by: Breath-ease super fan from Santa Cruz, California

I have had sinus problems and allergies for the last two years. I bought this product and within two weeks my nasal irritation was greatly reduced and my dry cough was almost eliminated. I liked it so much that I recommended it to my 84 year old mother,who has told me that she loves the product and that it has helped her clear her eustachian tube in her right ear. It has helped her hear better. I am simply amazed that something so simple and so inexpensive can do so much.
  If You Want Relief?
Reviewed by: a cold sufferer from Council Grove, Kansas

I appreciate this product as it gives relief when you have a cold and washes germs out your nose. It is so easy to use and I depend on it. Your delivery of Breathe-ease XL was fast.
  Simple but so effective
Reviewed by: Very Pleased User from Woodland, CA

I have had chronic nasal congestion for years and tried various products for relief, from decongestant pills to perscription nasal sprays. This product has given me, by far, the best results with no side effects. Such a simple concept...remove the particles that cause allergic reaction BEFORE the reaction begins rather than trying to treat it after it starts! I now use faithfully twice a day.
  breath ease xl
Reviewed by: rick simon, allergy sufferer from navarre, ohio

your product is amazing, and it works wonders. I tried other products , but come back to your product every time.Thanks for the great product. Rick Simon
  Mom of teen-ager
Reviewed by: Nasal Wash User from 

This product seems to do the job better than any other we have found. Of course it only works if you use it!!
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Cape Cod

Works well in cleaning out the nasal passages and providing moisture when humidity is low.
  The Best!!
Reviewed by: June Umphenour from Greenwood, Arkansas

I tried a single bottle of Breathe-ease and was relieved from my sinus infections. When I ran out of this product I tried to make my own with sea salt and baking powder. After a couple of weeks, my problems started again. I immediately ordered 3 more bottles and I'm doing just fine.
  Great wash!
Reviewed by: Dianne from California

This wash is great and has been helpful both to my daughter and myself. I wouldn't use any other, including homemade.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Mary Wells from Norfolk

Great saline product! Makes a big difference when using it for irrigation. No burning or stringing - well tolerated by my yong children.

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