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  Smooth Skin
Reviewed by: A Little Girl's Daddy from Santa Rosa Beach FL.

This is exactly what my little girl's Dr. ordered. My little girl likes it because it is absorbed quickly and is not greasy. It has already improved her dry skin.
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer for years from Phoenix, Arizona

My dermatologist recommended this product because I have so many allergies to so many cosmetic products. I have been using it for two weeks and it is wonderful and has softened my skin without the worry of breaking into a rash or uncontrollable itching. I also purchased some for my 3 year old grandson who has super sensitive skin also. I recommend this to everyone, even those without allergies.
  vanicream skin cream
Reviewed by: allergy/eczema sufferer from Chicago, Il

I use this cream for my atopic dermatitis. I need to apply this at least 10 times daily. It helps to moisturize my skin. I buy this size for home use.
Reviewed by: Lee Lyon from Covington, Georgia

After years, and years of severe allergies to so many products, I finally found a light lotion for my face and a heavier one for my hands. It has been a life saver.
  Awesome for eczema
Reviewed by: Itchy from Dallas, Texas

Perfect daily lotion for those with skin itches. Cream soaks in and "seals" off. Really helpful.
Reviewed by: psychstudent from salem, ma

I love this stuff. Unscented, does not clog my pores, keeps me moisturized in a non-oily residue free way. I got the tube, and it's lasting forever. Need to get more in the future.
Reviewed by: sensitive skin from Alabama

My skin feels extremely better using this lotion. It's probably better for those who have EXTREMELY dry and flaky skin. It's very thick so I dilute it a little with water. But it's great. It doesn't burn and it doesn't cause my skin to flare in red bumps or anything. I use it on my face too. Other lotions would even cause my face to swell. I haven't been swollen at all since I have been using this one.
  great item
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Oak Forest, Ill

I found out I am allergic to sulfa medication. My face and body broke out in hives. I needed something to put on my face that didn't burn. I could not wait until this arrived in the mail. I put it immediately on my face and it was terrific, no burning and it has moisture. My face was so dry, like a bad sunburn. It was the best thing I ever purchased. I use it everyday now. Thank you so very very much.
  Best Skin Cream
Reviewed by: dry, sensitive skin sufferer from Colorado

Vanicream is the only lotion I use. I have normal to dry skin that is very sensitive, I use Vanicream everyday. It is best to apply this lotion while your skin is damp from your shower or bath, otherwise it is too thick. I use it on my elbows, knees, and feet anytime they are extra dry without being damp, just takes a little longer to rub in. My daughter uses Vanicream on her two year old little boy who has very sensitive skin, and Eczema. In over a year there has not been a single issue.
  Great cream for sensitive dry skin!
Reviewed by: Chemical Sensitivities and Eczema sufferers from Northern Minnesota

I love the Vanicream Skin Cream. All 4 of my children have suffered from eczema and dry skin, and while using this cream their symptoms are greatly reduced or eliminated. My daughter has chemical sensitivities and this is the only cream I have found that I can use with her that will not add to her problems. Yay for Vanicream!
  helpful for cracked skin
Reviewed by:  from 

This is very thick and gooey, however it does help severly dry skin.

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