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  pet brush
Reviewed by: Tina S. on Pet Brush Vacuum Attachment from Brookville, IN

After reading the reviews I was kinda worried about the fit, but when I got it, it fit just fine, didn't have a bit of trouble with it. It is a great product that actually does get the dog hair. The only thing is, I think it is a little too wide. I have a lab it fit her back great, but on the legs and neck it was too big, you need to take off about 1.5 inch to work. Other than that it is a great product.
  Good Idea, but...
Reviewed by: Catherine from Conway, SC

The idea of this product is very good. However, it did not fit any of our three vacuum cleaners: Filter Queen or 2 Bissell models. The fitting on the brush was too big and the adapters were too small.
  It's a great idea....
Reviewed by: a homemaker from Potomac, Md.

The pet brush does not fit my vacuum hose perfectly and none of the extra parts that it came with did either. The vacuum is a Riccar. The brush is a little cumbersome(akward), I think it is to square and to big. I have only used it a couple of times and love the idea of my vacuum cutting my clean up time from brushing the dog.
  Better design needed
Reviewed by: Still lots of loose hair from Loudon, NH

Good idea that would actually work, if it were a bit more angled. As is, my dog didn't like having the vacuum hose too close to his body and I found it cumbersome to try to brush him. Also, three quarters of the width would make this less clumsy.
  Good Product but Bristles need to be stronger
Reviewed by: Newf Owner from Utica, NY

Product works well at removing hair of my Newfoundland, but there are two main issues that I would fix. The bristles are week and tend to break off easily. Not sure if there are replacment bristles or not. Also there is a bar in center of the suction area that catches the long hairs. Constantly cleaning it so more hair can go down. I do have a extreme shedding dog with long hair so everyone may not have that issue.
  Didn't fit
Reviewed by: Pat from Kalamazoo, MI

It's a genius idea, but none of the adaptors fit my Kenmore Progressive vacuum cleaner, even though the package says that it fits Kenmores. I can kind of get it to work by putting rubber bands around the end of the hose to fill the gaps and then holding it together, but that really doesn't quite do the trick.
  a fun pet brush and vacuum attachmet
Reviewed by: Mom of allergy sufferers from Pennsylvania

I bought this pet brush when we learned my son has dog allergies in addition to other allergies. I like this brush and have fun using it. I vacuum the dog each time I do the house, much to the amusement of my family and our dog. Our dog had previously run to another room whenever I vacuumed, now that he gets a brush too, he loves it. I feel that I am able to get some of the dirt and hair before it goes through the house.
  Nothing Special
Reviewed by: so so from 

Gets some hair. Misses a lot. Doesn't fit well on the vacuum - need to seal with tape. Might work better on long hair dogs.
  pet brush vac attachment
Reviewed by: Mike G. from NJ

Bristles are not close or pliable enough does not create enough suction
Reviewed by: Overrun with dog hair from Colorado

The product works very well. It doesn't fit as tightly onto my vacuum hose as I would like, but I think it is a great help!
  Better fastening needed
Reviewed by: Val from Kansas

The brush teeth inserts don't seem to be well anchored to the brush body. they periodically seem to 'pop' loose from the brush. If this continues to be a problem, I may try just gluing them in place. Other than that, the product seems to work well.
  Not if you have a Bissell
Reviewed by: Christine King from San Diego, Ca

This brush did not fit my Bissell hose.
  great for undercoat
Reviewed by: Greg from Michigan

This product allows me to loosen the undercoat enough to reduce the shedding on the carpet a significant amount. I am happy I made this purchase.
  Needs Central Vacuum for Use with Cats
Reviewed by: Florida MD cat lover from Miami

Most vacuums are too noisy and scare cats -- especially if you're trying to restrain them and brush them. However, if you have a central vacuum system in your home the product works as advertised.
  Hair Today...
Reviewed by: Hairless from Boulder, Colorado

This product has just the right amount of bypass air (doesn't grab onto the dog's skin) to collect the dog hair as it separates the hair with the "rake". It's great to remove my dog's loose hair with the shop vac in the garage instead of hunting for it in every corner of the house.
  Works great on dogs
Reviewed by: Pet lover, allergy sufferer from Atlanta, Georgia

I tried this on all of my dogs and it did a great job of hair removal. I noticed a difference in the amount of shedding on the furniture and bedding right away. Best of all -- my dogs loved the one-on-one attention they received from me. Using a quiet vacuum will make this a nore pleasurable experience for your pet.
  Poor Performer
Reviewed by: Three dogs and still no relief from Wakefield, RI

Plastic bristles will get some fur off your dog, but it will not be automatically sucked into the vacuum. Not worth the time, effort, or money!
  A decrease in dust bunnies
Reviewed by: Melissa Wolf from DeLand, Florida

With 3 dogs and 4 cats I used to have a lot of hair floating around the house gathering into dust bunnies. My longest haired dog, an Australian Shepherd, loves this vacuum attachment, often shouldering her way in for more grooming while I'm trying to brush the other dogs. I even have one cat that will sit still for a vacuum grooming (although she prefers to play with the brush more than be brused by it).
  not a good design
Reviewed by: Mike Lupo from Lawrenceville Ga

first of all it would not fit even with the attaachments my vaccum cleaner hose (Regina)and after taping the brush to the hose the bristles were much to hard and would not vaccum the little hair that it did pick up. I have a large dog (Labrador Retriever)and the bristles were to wide and hard to be of much use and as I said th vaccum cleaner would not vaccum up the hair. The cost of the product was cheap and not worth the time to send the product back and try to get my money back, so I took it a part to investigate the problem and determined that a section needed to be cut away for the vaccum to be effective. It works better but not well enough, the bristles are to hard and the body of the brush is not flexible enough to be as effective as it should be. I give it a 10 for good idea and 1 for deign.
  Not good for cat
Reviewed by: cats owner and allergic to cat from Chicago, IL

My cats were so terrified of this. I believe it should be used for dogs. It should be called "Dog Brush Vacuum Attachment" instead.
Reviewed by:  from Ohio

The vacuum attachment easily removes most of the dog hair. Much better job than a straight vacuum attachment. Much less dog hair in the dog's room and much less sneezing.
  Not good for cats
Reviewed by: allergy to dust and cat dander from 

I tried on my cats but they are very terrifed of it. So I do not recommend this for any cat. Maybe it is good for a large dog. It would be nice to get a "no noise" vacuum for a cat. I am very pleased that AchooAllergy is accepting for me to return this product and plan to do it very soon.

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