Quick Bath Cleansing Wipes for Cats Customer Reviews

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  Pleasant surprise
Reviewed by: Pleasant surprise from Shelby, NC

I bought these after my grandson was diagnosed with cat allergies. I bathed my cat the first time with this and my perpetually tearing eyes cleared up for the first time in years! I had no idea I was allergic to the cat! And, to make it better, the cat seems to enjoy his rub downs immensely.
  Wonderful Wipes!
Reviewed by: Felicia Haak from Davenport, Iowa

My husband suffers from allergies to which we believe is from the cats. He has taken a steroid shot for allergies and it helped for a little while but then would get bad again. These wipes help so much to take the dander off the cats. Plus it helps get all their loose hair off. At first they were a little bit scared of the wipes but now will lay there calmly on the floor while they get their "Kitty Massage" :D
  Quick and easy
Reviewed by: Ranger and Rascal from Seattle, WA

My cats have never been bathed, but they tolerate this type of washing very well. The cloths really hold a lot of liquid, and I can rub down their coats throughly. The fragrance is mild, and the cats coats feel moisturized after using. Great product!
  Quick & Easy!
Reviewed by: Amy from Eugene, OR

Although the cat did not appreciate it, the bath wipes are really moist, and thoroughly dampened the cat''s fur. The wipes have a nice fragrance, not too strong. If you have allergies and must keep your cat, I recommend these wipes. They are much easier than giving your cat a real bath.
  Very Handy
Reviewed by: Paige from Dotha, Alabama

These wipes are great! My cat HATES water and doesn't like getting a bath, but like everything else, she needs to be bathed at times. These wipes have saved me from many scratches and keeps her smelling fresh.
  Keeps us both healthy, happy!
Reviewed by: TomG, odor & allergy sufferer from Arizona

My cat is black, white trim--dander is pretty obvious, though not particularly severe. We live/travel in a nice motor coach--small space. Resealable pack Quick Bath Wipes (every week or so) keep Mickeycat dander/odor free--coat is markedly improved, shiny. Cat is clean; catbox too, equals healthier, happier cat! Helps keep my allergy and odor sensitivity silent. Great product.
  Great Idea
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer's spouse from Tucson, AZ

Clean your cat without getting it wet! Super!
  They have an odor
Reviewed by: Home with 3 cats from Atlanta GA

I wish this product had worked for us. The wipes have an odor and my three cats immediately smelled them and went running. I'll try again but it doesn't look promising. Could the manufacturer make them unscented?
  Cat Cleaner
Reviewed by: Susan from St. Louis MO

Easy way to clean the cats. They also don't seem to mind. We do have to dry them off afterwards.
  Seems to work pretty well
Reviewed by: J Frank from Denver, Colorado

These wipes work pretty well. One issue is the package isn't resealable, but otherwise the wipes have limited my girlfriends reaction to the cat. Makes the cat smell good afterwards as well.
  I like it; they don't...
Reviewed by: Itchy from Macon, GA

I think the wipes are helping my cat allergies a little, although the cats think the wipes are unnecessary and bothersome. They are getting used to them, though, and I intend to keep purchasing them in the future. However, they aren't resealable (you have to put them in a Ziploc bag), and if I find the same product with a resealable case I will change brands.
  cleansing wipes for cats
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Ellijay, Georgia

It does collect hair but you have to keep using it. Cats didn't mind me using this on them.
  Easy to use
Reviewed by: Chris H. Allergy sufferer from Harrisburg, PA

These wipes are real good for keeping down pet dander. It takes a while to get the cat used to them, but it's worth the effort. It would be nice if the package was resealable.
  Good Stuff
Reviewed by: husband allergy sufferer from MA

I've used it twice since I've had it. My cats have long hair and are full. The wipe could actually be a bit bigger. Seems to work well. I put my wipes in a zip lock bag. Didn't like the package it came in.
  Cat Bath
Reviewed by: K Walker from Wendell, NC

This product is wonderful! It works really well for my cat and me. I am highly allergic to cats but have one anyway. I don't sneeze as much since we started using the wipes. It also greatly reduces shedding and is an excellent conditioner for your cat's coat.
  Excellent product!
Reviewed by: Military Allergy Sufferer from Florida

The cat wipes are great. My cat loves the rub-downs, there is no odor or greasy feeling, and he is so soft afterward! The only bad part is the resealable flap doesn't work well. Suggest putting in a zip lock bag after opening.

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