Quick Bath Cleansing Wipes for Dogs Customer Reviews

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  Great for between baths
Reviewed by: Allergic from Baltimore, MD

I love having these wipes! I'm able to quickly freshen up the dog between baths and they also help with my allergies. I wish there was a bigger pack!
Reviewed by: Allergic to Dogs from Chicago, IL

I really like the idea of these wipes but I didn't feel like they did much for my dogs. I have a Bloodhound and a Basset Hound. I think it may be because of their hair. These did work well on their ears however.
Reviewed by: Sharon J from Bakersfield, CA

I recently took these with me on a trip and they were great to use for keeping my puppy smelling good and controlling my allergies to the dander.
  Excellent Product
Reviewed by: Dog lover-allergy sufferer from Cleveland, Oh

These wipes are strong and stay intact when I'm cleaning my dog. Never tear! They were moist for the entire life of the product.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Louisiana

I love these wipes especially to clean up my dog after going outside.
  Cleansing Wipes for Dogs
Reviewed by: Chris from Cornelia, Georgia

I absolutely LOVE these wipes! I have an outside dog, a large black lab, who likes to lie in the dirt. On damp days it is a major problem, since we bring her inside at night. These wipes clean her off quickly and totally, and it leaves her skin soft so that she doesn't have any skin irritation problems - as labs often do. And we don't have any irritation problems either, because her fur is clean!
Reviewed by: NH mom with 2 allergic boys. from Seacoast, NH

In combination with the anti allergy shampoo this works great! Keeps my dog feeling & smelling nice in between baths.
  The dog smells much better
Reviewed by: Cal from Portland, OR

These are pretty cool. They are portable, which is nice for after the dog park outings. The dog smells a lot better these days.
  Wonderful !!
Reviewed by: Lyn and Summer the Airedale from Luna Pier, MI

Absolutely perfect for in between grooming appointments!
  Saving Grace!!!
Reviewed by: Scharlene from New York City

I ordered this product out of desparation. I have two large dogs and I am allergic to pet dander. Also, one of them is allergic to baths! Quick Bath saved the day and it not only cleans my dogs but deodorizes their coats as well. Thank you for this wonderful product!

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