Tempur-Pedic® Mattresses Customer Reviews

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  Excellent service and product
Reviewed by: B Anderson from Chicago

Great service and great product. Thanks.
  Sheet Problems Fixed
Reviewed by: Sheets That Fit Perfect 4.5 Stars from California

Hello, we would have rated this product a 4.5 if possible as it is incredibly comfortable and very high quality. (better foam than most)
  Tempur-Pedic sheets stay put , we hope so!!!
Reviewed by: Looking forward to trying Tempur-Pedics new sheets from Long Island, New York

We absolutely love this bed. Four years ago we purchased the celebrity bed. In a few months after delivery we did have some problems with the pillow top foam separating in half the entire length of the bed but tempur-pedic did replace it promptly. Hopefully this will help!!! Won't that be a relief. While it is frustrating to have the sheets coming off all the time, we are not willing to sleep on any other mattress. The comfort it provides is unbelievable and this is no exaggeration and we have tried many brands. Both my husband and I have back problems - and this mattress is amazing and keeps us pain free all night! We hate sleeping away from home and actually miss our mattress.
  my new tempur-pedic mattress
Reviewed by:  from independence, mo

i received my 9" tempur-pedic mattress and foundation 3 days ago. with the "white glove" delivery, it was set up conveniently and quickly. before this purchase from achoo allergy, i read every line i could find pertaining to this product. i've made purchases here in the past and been pleased with the quality and service i received. so after shopping around a bit i decided to buy my mattress and foundation here. the incentive package was the bonus that finalized my decision. i was a bit skeptical that this or any mattress could equal the rave reviews i'd read. well, i was wrong. i've slept more soundly and far more comfortably these past nights on my new mattress than i have for a very long time. a very very long time! i'll add just one caution........do not....attempt a belly flop...... thank you achoo, i'll order from you again. martha w.
  A Life Saver
Reviewed by: Jo Lawton from Sun Lakes, AZ

My husband and I both have had back fusions, rods and screws. Mine was succesful, but his was not. We bought the 9 inch Tempur-Pedic mattress 6 years ago and what a blessing it is for us. We love it and will never part with it! I have a lot of Arthritis also, and it allows me to sleep much better. Pressure points are minimal. We tried the new pillow top in the store and would never change to it. It is not body conforming like the regular one.
  ironing board tension straps
Reviewed by:  from Boise, ID

So where does one purchase ironing board tension straps? I too am in a sheet muddle with my fab mattress...
  Sheet Problems
Reviewed by: Sheet Happy from So. Ca.

On the Celebrity Mattress just buy the Deep Pocket Sheets that have the elastic all the way around the sheet. They stay on beautifully
  Sheets dont stay on!
Reviewed by: Tempur-Pedic Sheet Solution from 

I have found a solution to the sheet problem on my Tempur-Pedic mattress. I purchased ironing board tension straps for $3.00 and clip to the corners of my sheets, works great. Now I have the best mattress AND the sheets stay on.
  Worth every dime but we have sheet problems
Reviewed by: I love my Bed from Chicago, IL

I was skeptical when my husband wanted to replace our very nice bed with a Tempur Pedic, but I absolutely love it! We both get the best sleep we have ever had and never wake up stiff from sleeping in an awkward position. However, we have the problem with the sheets coming off the bed in the night, but just on my husband's side. We bought extra extra deep sheets made in Europe and are able to tuck the fitted sheet in under the mattress but it still comes out every night. We too have a pillow top mattress. Any solutions out there?
  any suggestions from other owners?
Reviewed by: pillow top problems from Crawford, Texas

Love our Tempur-pedic mattress! Wouldn't trade it! We have had our king size pillow top for about 5 months and I have a couple of problems and hope some of you have found answers. 1. How do we zip of the washable cover of the pillow top and wash it - the inner foam panels are glued to the casement? 2. We cannot find sheets that will stay on it. We have tried Cal.King..regular King...deep pockets, etc. to no avail. Every morning the sheets from my husbands side of the bed have gravitated to the middle of the mattress and I have a wad of sheets under me. Again, we would not trade our mattress, but I am tremendously tired of having to re-put sheets on every day....HELP??!! At this point I think maybe the pillow top was a mistake.
  saved my back
Reviewed by: Pam from Rhode Island

After spending months reading reviews, I finally bought the tempurpedic over other mattresses (I didnt believe the claims!). Well I will never go back. This mattress actually heals my back. I would get up in pain with a regular mattress-no more. Well worth the $$$. I wont be able to sleep anywhere else
  Great Investment
Reviewed by: Best Sleeping Ever!!! from Denver, Co.

I tossed and turned for years, till I was introduced to Tempurpedic. As much as I love vacation, I always look forward to returning home so I can crawl back into my Tempurpedic "Delux" bed. I never ache and wake up refreshed and ready to go.
Reviewed by: lover of the mattress, wouldn't trade it... from enfield,CT.

I've had the mattress for 6 months and i think its the best thing ever.....well worth the money. The only thing i wonder is if anyone else notices how it holds your body heat and makes you hot? I have to get up in the night sometimes to let my spot cool down. I wonder if silk or satin sheets would help?
  Doctor Recommended
Reviewed by: Jim R. from Oro Valley, AZ

After having lower back surgery,( L4-L5 and L5-S1), my Doctor recommended this mattress to me. It shortened my recovery time considerably and gave me pain-free nights. I even bought one for my girlfriend. When you break down the quality of sleep versus a cheaper bed or an "imitation" bed, there just is NO comparison.
  Back Surgery
Reviewed by: Chronic Failed Back Surgery  from Virginia

Never laid on a mattress like this before. With having 2 failed back surgeries. This mattress does more for me than all the mediciine I've tried for Chrionic low back pain. I wish I had know about this bed before I had surgeries. I am speachless! You need to try it for yourself. Its hard to put into words.
  Great Company
Reviewed by: TempurPedic from Virginia

This bed is AWESOME...Call 1-800-339-7123 to order one.
  Best Mattress Overall
Reviewed by: Barbara Anger from Greenfield, Wisconsin

This is the best mattress I've ever slept on. No more sleepless nights for both myself and my husband. We've had water bed mattresses and other major brands and the Tempur-Pedic beats them all.
Reviewed by: Purplegrndma from Atlanta

I have slept on one going on 3 years and dread it when I have to sleep on a convenional l mattress.
Reviewed by: snoozyn soozyn from Houston, Texas

I have always slept well. I sleep very hard, rarely waking up. However, my arms would often be asleep and my body achy after sleeping several hours(?) in the same position. Now, with my tempur-pedic bed (I've had it for 9 months now) I wake up refreshed with no aches or pains or stiffness. I feel great and am now shopping to buy one for my 3 children.
Reviewed by: Lori from Denver, CO

This is the most comfortable matress I have ever slept on. It has also helped with my allergies.
Reviewed by: Lori from Denver, CO

This is the most comfortable matress I have ever slept on. It has also helped with my allergies.
  Tempur-Pedic® Mattresses Fan
Reviewed by: bad back from Seattle, WA

This is the best investment we ever made. I love this mattress!
  Bed and Pillows Adjustable
Reviewed by: Sever back and neck pain from New York

I did a lot of shopping looking for a bed. I have hernated disk in my neck. I kept going back to try the tempurpedic. We got the twin xl adjustable 2 of them. This is the best investment of our lifes. With the adjustable feature pain goes out of my neck. I look forward to come home at nite and lay on my bed. The comfort pillows are the best too. We have had our bed now for a year and i will never go back to a standard bed
  Tempur-Pedic Mattresses
Reviewed by: Back sufferer from Oklahoma

The greatest invention since slice Bread. Stopped all of my back problems. Everyone in my family has purchased one and they all are very happy.
  Sleep magic
Reviewed by: sleep deprived from Massachusetts

Best mattress ever..Have recommended it to everyone. Wish I had this mattress many years ago. Finally a full night of sleep. Answer to my prayers.
  best I've slept on
Reviewed by: sleeping better from Denver, CO

This is the best matress I have ever slept on. It is great if you sleep close to your partner because you don't roll into their space, a problem I've had on any other matress.
  Simply the Best!!!!
Reviewed by: Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease Relief from Minneapolis

I now fall asleep quickly and wake up rested. The ONLY ONE of many brands that let me sleep and wake without pain.

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