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Reviewed by:  from Connecticut

The color was very disappointing .... More of a yellow tone
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Dearborn, Michigan

This blanket is the best! Before this amazing vellux blanket, i paid $300 for one on a different website. After one wash it was garbage. This Vellux blanket is lightweight, and keeps me warm at the same time. It has helped my dust mite allergies so much, and i recommend this blanket over any other high priced low quality one.
  vellux blankets
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Jenison, Michigan

I purchased a king vellux blanket for my queen bed because I like the sides of my blankets to almost reach the floor. I am an allergy sufferer, so that is what drew my attention towards your blankets. However, I also like the weight and the warmth that vellux blankets afford. I am so pleased, that I purchased a twin sized one for my spare bed for my grandkids when they visit. My orders came in a timely manner, and the price was reasonable. Thank you. From a satisfied customer.
  Favorite Blanket
Reviewed by: Peaceful Sleeper from Dallas, TX

Of course this is a good looking blanket... and it's perfect for allergy sufferers because you can launder it in hot water... but the best thing about this blanket for me is that it is so Lightweight! I can't feel it weighing me down... and it lets a little air through so I don't get too hot and stuffy. When I'm chilled I put a second one over my legs... and I still don't feel the weight on me.
  The Best Blanket I Ever Bought.
Reviewed by:  from Florida

I bought to my blanket about 10 yrs ago. Prior to that had only seen them in hotels. I absolutely love this blanket. It's very soft & cozy, lightweight, yet warm. It's very durable. I've been looking for another one & couldn't find one exactly like mine. While fixing my bed, I all of a sudden notice a tag on the blanket that says "VELLUX" ...I thought, "Let me Google this." HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY, You still exist GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! This is the best blanket I ever bought. Now I know where to find it.
  a great night's sleep
Reviewed by: a very pleased consumer from Alsip, Illinois

I love this blanket. Allergy-free, and a lovely shade of moss green. It's my favorite blanket I've ever owned. It's not heavy, yet it's nice & warm. It's perfect.
  Love Vellux!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from RI

I think it was around 12 years ago that I purchased my first blanket and It was true love. Since then I have purchased blankets for my children and even passed down some to others. They are great in the winter and in the summer. I have allergies and didn't even realize that I had a blanket for allergies. So it was a win win situation. I couldn't find them in the stores and I was thrilled to be able to get it on line. Thank You for a great product!!!!!!!!!
  Achoo Crazy
Reviewed by: Douglas Brown from Portland, Oregon

First, the Vellux Blanket I ordered was late arriving, but that has to be due to the snowstorm. Secondly, the color of the blanket they shipped me wasn't the exact color blanket I ordered. But beside that, I love my Vellux Blanket. I'm 62 and bought two Vellux Blankets when I graduated college many years ago. I only bought this new one because my first ones wore out. I use it my top sheet and blanket as well. Great product...wrong color excepting. Don't think I could sleep without it.
  Vellux Blanket
Reviewed by:  from Rockland county, New york

Received the blanket on time as promised.The quality is good as it was described.I was satisfied with the price also.
  My new wonderful Replacement!!
Reviewed by: Debi T. from Ontario, Canada

I was so happy to find a company that sold the Vellux blankets. I had to replace my 'well over" 20 year old Vellux blanket. The quality of these blankets are as durable 20 years later. My old blanket was starting to fray on the outer unsewn edge, after all these years...and I noticed on my new one that all the edges are hemmed. I know I will have my new one for at least another 20 years. Thanks so much for your speedy delivery, your great customer service and a product you can definitely stand by. I have and will be telling my friends about them. Thank You.
  Love it!!!
Reviewed by: Ibuhebat from San Ramon, California

My son, who has dust mite allergy, loves it so much. It's soft and warm. He's not coughing at night or early in the morning again. We always bring this blanket whenever we go out of town.
  Dream come true
Reviewed by: L. Lapierre from Montreal Canada

I ordered two blankets to replace old ones. This is probably the most comfortable blanket one could reach for at night. I have owned vellux blankets for 30 years at least. Unfortunately, i was unable to find in any of our locals retail stores Canada. Other sites i checked before ordering i just didnt trust, mostly fake Vellux, bad odors were reported. Atchoo offered the best prices, fastest delivery, and most of all, complete satisfaction guaranteed. I used them right from the package. Just as i expected. Thank you Achoo!
  Awesome Blankets
Reviewed by: A severe dust allery sufferer from Charlotte NC

These blankets are awesome, so soft, light weight yet heavy enough to keep me warm. They are easy to wash and hold up to frequent washes. I am in love :
  Good Value
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from TX

This blanket is a good value. It is a nice looking blanket. It does a good job of keeping me warm, but it isn't too heavy and doesn't make me hot. It doesn't shed as much as most blankets I've tried. I do have to use a damp cloth to clean up my washer when I wash it. I recommend this blanket. I would have given it 5 stars if it didn't shed at all. As for being non-allergenic, I can't tell it made any difference in my allergies one way or another.
  Vellux Blanket Washing Surprise
Reviewed by: Long time Vellux blanket customer from Georgetown, TX

The service from AchooAllergy is superb. The blanket arrived very quickly and was as seen online. I've used Vellux blankets for years, and they are good for allergy sufferers - also warm without weight. I always wash bedding before use, and when I washed the blanket, I was very surprised to see so much residue on the blanket and in the washer and dryer. It was very unusual as I had not seen this with my previous Vellux blankets. Only complaint is the blanket should be washed at the factory before packaging because I was surprised.
  I''m in love
Reviewed by: Children with asthma from Atlanta,Ga

We bought 3 of the blankets they are soft easy to wash , and so comfortable. I would recommend this product to anyone. Won't be disappointed
Reviewed by: Anne H. a MS/new allergy sufferer from Saint Paul Minnesota

Warm, comfortable, pretty... I cannot wait until I receive all of the colors. Needed to find new allergy blankets and they were these cozy beautiful comfortable blankets in my catalog the allergist gave me. I have Multiple Sclerosis along with severe allergies now and I cannot tolerate heat or being to warm. I live in Minnesota and keep my air conditioning on year round to keep cool at 61 degrees and up until I found these blankets I have been unable to find the right blanket that is soft comfy and not to warm for me. I love all the different colors!!!!! As of right now 3/01/13 I have just started allergy treatments but I am extremely pleased that these blankets will not only address my new found indoor/outdoor allergies but it is helping my MS also by not being to heavy or hot. I cannot sleep without a blanket on top of me that is fuzzy, and light weight and soft because maybe I am a tad crazy because I feel "cozy and safe" with a light weight blanket on rather than just a sheet. So my body LOVES the blankets as does my kitty, no allergies to her THANK God who refuses to sleep with me without a soft blanket. My life is good because of the achoo allergy products which take care of me, my kitty and ALL my medical and emotional needs. Very reasonable prices. I searched other allergy sites and found blankets that were very heavy down quilts or ugly light weight blankets at extraordinary prices that were over $350 for a simple twin size with only 2 colors. Love you achoo allergy for your products, help and advice. You have me for life as a satisfied happy customer. The only thing you could do to make me even happier is make these blankets and your sheets even in more colors!!!!
  Vellux Blanket Sheds
Reviewed by: J. Ahr from Tennessee

I am disappointed in the vellux blanket I bought because I have washed it twice and both times I had to clean out my washer and dryer from all the lint it leaves in them. I had a vellux blanket for several years and it never did that.I guess things just are not made with the quality they had before.
  Queen size blanket to short
Reviewed by:  from 

Purchased Vellux Blanket - Full/Queen Wedgewood Blue for queen size bed. Mattress is approximately 12 in. thick. Can not tuck blanket in at foot of mattress. Should be able to do this. Not satisfied with product. an allergy sufferer. Juries still out if blanket helps me. From California
  Vellux blanket
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Michigan

I really like these blankets. Previous ones lasted about 20 years. I''ll see how the newer ones hold up now. I wash them when I first receive them. It makes them softer and get the wrinkles out. So far I like this one. I like the sewing around all four sides. Previous one was just sewed at top and bottom. Great blanket!
  Vellux blanket fan
Reviewed by: Vellux blanket fan  from Indiana

I love Vellux blankets, bought them years ago and they have lasted so long that now it was time for new ones, but I had a hard time finding any, especially in stores and online most places were out of stock, so I am very glad I continued my hunt for my favorite blanket, warm , soft, cuddly I''ve never had a problem with them and just ordered from achoo allergy tonight, hope these turn out to wear just as well.
  Super Soft!
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from OK

We have had this blanket a few weeks now & I have washed it 2x so far & it holding up great,just a little fuzz in the lint filter. It is SUPER SOFT & a great weight for all year. I have bad allergies & we have 2 little dogs that sleep with us, so I am always washing bedding. I hope it holds up as well as it claims--so far my husband & I both LOVE it!
  Effective but Linty
Reviewed by:  from Fort Worth, TX

I purchased 3 of these vellux blankets since my son has allergies and I was told it was a good idea for all of the beds in the house to use these instead of traditional comforters. I bought these blankets since they are supposed to stand up well to washing in extra hot water and a hot dryer. When they arrived, I washed them prior to use and I'm glad I washed/dried them alone because the dryer was full of lint. Not just the lint trap but everywhere. I actually vacuumed out my dryer. During the second wash/dry, it was just as bad, as well as the lint and the color stained my white pillowcase covers. The staining doesn't matter since they are just the pillow covers that go under my pillowcases but they feel linty. However, it takes so long to do a laundry load on extra hot as you're supposed to for allergies that I need to combine the bedding in one or two loads in order not to be doing laundry all of the time to keep 3 beds allergy free. The lint issue seems to be getting better with each wash/dry and I think it will go away by the next few washes. The blankets themselves feel soft and warm and they are holding up well ie, no rips or tears or splotching in color. I've only had them about a month or two but they have stood up to weekly hot washings well and still feel soft. They also dry quickly. This material is recommended for allergy sufferers and I use these as our blankets and keep the comforters over them during the day just for looks. I researched prices for vellux blankets prior to buying and this price was in line with other stores and it seemed to be a better quality blanket than some other places.
  Best Blanket
Reviewed by: Mr. and Mrs. Insomnia  from Michigan

I had looked and looked for these blankets but couldn't find them anywhere in the stores or even on eBay. Finally, I found it and was happy. I ordered the ivory one and my husband and I sleep better each night because of the softness of it. It is so soft and warm and comfortable and helps you fall into a restful sleep. I have recommended this blanket to all my friends and would buy another one when this one wears out.
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from MIA, FL

I LOVE MY NEW VELLUX BLANKET! I am allergic to many things and I noticed a difference on my first night! No more morning allergies! Im so happy I bought it for myself.
  Terrific colors, great-looking product.
Reviewed by: A family of allergen sufferers from Indiana

These are bar none the best Vellux blankets we've found.
  Great bargain for the allergy sufferer.
Reviewed by: The Allergen Family from The Heartland

Our home is filled with allergy- & asthma-sufferers. If you're one too, you know that eliminating triggers in the bedroom is so important. If you don't do all you can, you'll be spending 1/3 of your life in an unhealthy spot. We've been using blankets like these Vellux ones for more than a decade. These are the best & cheapest we've found. In the past we'd bought: terribly thin, oddly colored, &/or skimpy ones, one that almost dissolved in the dryer, ones with a perpetual odd smell that our dogs were suspiciously drawn to. I don't even want to speculate on what caused that last problem! These have none of those problems at all. Colors are marvelous, generous sizes, & they wash & dry beautifully. Here they are, the Vellux blankets of your dreams.
  Great blanket
Reviewed by: Sarah from Felicity, Ohio

I bought this blanket for my husband for his camper. He already had an old one & he really liked it, so I got him a new one.
  raves for vellux
Reviewed by: Georgia from Portland from Portland, OR

I have used these blankets for years. They are the only blankets we use. They are absolutely wonderful
  Great Blanket- Velllux Blanket
Reviewed by: Jackie and Dick from Texas

This blanket is very soft and comfy. It is warm enough for cold nights and cool enough for using with the air conditioning. My husband is always cold and has not complained once since we started using this blanket. Great Blanket!
Reviewed by: Old & New from Lilburn, Ga

My old Vellux Blanket was given as a gift in 1996. And just now had to order new one, received it and it is as warm and soft as old one. Love it, I think it will last a long time. It is also cool on body in summer heat.
  Good blanket after a few washes
Reviewed by: pet owner with allergies from Prosper, Texas

Bought a full-sized Navy color blanket, when I took it out of the bag it did not have a strong chemical odor which I specifically checked for after reading other reviews. I washed it prior to first use, not too much lint in the washer. However the dryer was FULL of lint, so much I had to vacuum it to get it all out. Even after the second wash/dry there was a significant amount of lint. But it seems to be a good blanket, once it's been washed/dried a few times. My son loves it. I would like to note that I bought one of these blankets in the king-size Tan color at the same time and it had a very strong chemical odor when I took it out of the bag. However it hardly shed at all in the dryer. It seems the more chemical applied to the blanket, the less shedding. The odor is dissipating, and should be gone after another wash or two. This is my first experience with vellux blankets. Overall I would say they are good blankets after they are washed a few times, and I will probably buy them again after these have worn out.
  Love this blanket!
Reviewed by: Lori Carrig from Chicago, IL

Because I am allergic to dust mites and animal dander, I am always searching for quality, comfortable bedding that I can launder on a weekly basis. The quality of this Vellux Blanket far surpasses others that I have bought in the past. I purchased the king size and it easily fits in my washing machine. It is getting softer and softer with each wash and is the perfect weight for year round use here in Chicago!
  cozy for the winter
Reviewed by: no need for heavy blankets from virginia

love this blanket....light and comfortable, very warm
  Amazingly useful
Reviewed by: Dust-mite victim from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I've used my current blanket literally to death, so decided to get more of them. When it's warm outside, these blankets are light enough to be suitable. When it's freezing apartment with no central heating, this blanket alone kept me warm. The surface is wonderfully soft- well worth purchasing IMHO.
  great product
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Texas

We love these blankets. They wear well and wash and dry well. The longer you use the softer they get. We use them as a bottom sheet and then sleep with one on top. Great blankets.
  Best Blanket Ever!
Reviewed by: West Coast Allergy Sufferer from British Columbia

I think it's great that "Achoo" carries Vellux blankets. I am allergic to dust mites - among other things- so it's nice to have a blanket that can be washed in hot water and emerge from the dryer afterward looking like new! Please continue carrying this product!
  warm and no dusty-sneezy
Reviewed by: warm and happy from owensboro,ky

My husband and I discovered the Vellux brand blanket, while on a trip this summer. Immediately came home and searched and ordered. Absolutely what we have needed for our dust and mold alllergies. Just make sure to prewash a couple times before use.
  Nice blanket
Reviewed by: Wife of an allergy sufferer from Paoli, IN

I really like the Ivory blanket. It is a pretty color and very soft and warm.
  Beautiful, soft & sturdy
Reviewed by: Vicki from Middle Georgia

The chocolate brown blanket has a deep, rich color. The soft and light, yet sturdy, weight is just right all year. Our blanket doubles as a bedspread in the summer, so the uniform color lack of white line at the top makes it easier to reverse for even wear without it looking funny.
Reviewed by:  from Buffalo, New York

Was looking all over for a vellux blanket and finally found what I wanted @ AchooAllergy. Had a few questions and they answered them immediately,got my blanket right away and its beautiful. I love the color and the quality is excellent. Don't hesitate about buying anything from this website!! Rachelle P.
  Very Good
Reviewed by: Janet from Albany NY

Great blanket - love it!
  Never "achoo" again!
Reviewed by: Allergy extreme sufferer ! from San Diego, CA

I just purchased a wonderful blanket from you. I can't believe how wonderful it is !! No more fuzzies, no more sneezing, and it washes up really good too. It's nice and warm, I absolutely recommend this blanket, it's worth spending a little extra ....
  vellux blanket wins
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from NY, NY

As a faithful user of Vellux blankets for many years, I won't use any other blanket. I have many allergies and this blanket allows me to sleep without congestion or sneezing. I also like the smooth, soft feel. It is warm but light weight.
  Vellux blanket
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Brooklyn, NY

I already had two of these blankets and have just bought a third. They stand up to repeated frequent washings in hot water with no sign of wear and do not irritate my allergies. The Vellux blanket is soft and warm -- when my granddaughter visits, she wants me to make up her bed without a top sheet so she can cuddle up with it.
  Fabric layers are already separating!
Reviewed by:  from San Francisco

The blanket seems to be a good value, but I made the mistake of washing it in HOT water before using it for the first time I wash all bedding in hot water due to my dust mite allergies. The two layers of fabric at the edges are already separating and I haven't even used the blanket yet! This does not bode well for the longevity of the blanket.
Reviewed by: Mike from traverse city,mi.

This is a great blanket for anyone. It is warm yet very light weight.
Reviewed by: Lisa from Calagry, Canada

A nice soft and warm blanket for when it's -40 with the wind chill.
  Great blanket
Reviewed by:  from VA

Got this blanket for my 9 yr old son and he loves it! He says it's warm and cozy and soft. It washes up nice and it large enough to last him a lifetime and it's just the twin size. Would buy again and recommend to others.
  The Softest The Best
Reviewed by: A grateful wife from 

My circumstance is different than most of your customers. My husband and I do not sufer frim allergies, but ever since a life altering motorcycle accident 3 years ago, I have been searching for a replacement for our old velour blanket. My husband can not get comfortable and sleep well unless he can move easily on a velour blanket. I was thrilled to find the vellux blanket and even happier with the easy ordering and prompt delivery. Thanks for making our nights much more comfortable again.
  Toddler blanket
Reviewed by: very pleased mom from Alabama

Since my son suffers from dust mite allergies I wanted a blanket that would hold up to weekly, hot washings. Also, I had to consider that my son is extremely hot-natured and could not tolerate thick, unbreathable fabric. He is 2 years old and truly loves this blanket! Before he would kick off other blankets but now he grabs hold of this one and "snuggles" up with it.
  Totally Satisfied With The Product
Reviewed by: Allergies!!! from Ohio

My family has been using the vellux blankets for years now. We needed to replace our green blankets. Achoo! Allergy was the only place to carry the blanket in the dark green color. This was my first purchase from this company, and I was very happy with the product and the service (*5 star rating).
  Awesome product
Reviewed by: Jeff Brown from Appomattox , Virginia

My wife and I purchased our Vellux blanket probably 10 years ago and have had excellant service out it . After untold washings and dryings our Vellux is by far the most comfortable blanket made ever . It is by far the most amazing blanket made , as i noticed in so many of your previous reviews it is warm and snuggly in the winter , yet is cool and comfortable in the summer . we only have one regret , we only purchased one at the time and havent found them until now online . I am honestly going to place an order for at LEAST 2 more online tomorrow to have as spares for when our faithful cozy finally does give out . I have Never taken the time to write a review until now , I highly recommend to everyone to purchase at least two . Thank You Vellux from the bottom of our toasty , comfy hearts , and keep up the great work .
  beatiful vellux blankets
Reviewed by: Husband and father from West Palm Beach Florida

My wife and I agree! These blankets are warm enough for winter and light enough for all year use. They are pretty, wash and dry perfectly and last like iron. Many colors to choose from. Great service from this site.
  Great lite and soft
Reviewed by: Jerimiah from California Currently in Japan

i bought a Vellux blanket in 1999 after staying with a friend and using hers. It has been great, but it started falling apart this year, so I will need a new one. I keep it on the couch, and the sun may have contributed to it's demise, I don't know. I sure am looking foreward to my new one!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Saugus, Massachusetts

Before my Vellux blankets my asthma and my woolen blankets were at war. With my Vellux blankets sleep reigns.
  Great Value
Reviewed by: Cathy Roper from St. Louis, MO

This is a great lightweight (but warm) blanket that is well-made, super easy to launder and lasts forever. If my cats didn't knead on these blankets, they would last at least 5-6 years and still look great. Because of the cats, this blanket gets washed alot but still looks brand new [except for any cat-produced holes ;-)] Did I mention it's also great if you are going through menopause and don't want a heavy blanket?
  Lasts-forever blankets
Reviewed by: Debbie's numerious alergy sufferer from Baltimore, Maryland

I have been using vellux blankets since 1970 and all who have visited me for a night are sold on them. They wash and dry in the dryer perfectly and it is hard to tell an old one from a new one. I currently have both at home. I just replaced one that was 15 years old. It started crumbling in my was time to replace it, don't you think. I cannot recomend velux blankets enough. They have lightweight and warm performance. My eye and nose morning alergies lessened greatly after using the velux blankets.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Wheeling, Illinios

Love the blanket. It is very warm. It is the best blanket for my allergy's.
  my vellux blanket
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Winchester, Va.

I recently purchased a Vellux Blanket for the purpose of having a warmer blanket on these cold nights. I am amaazed of how much better I sleep at night without waking. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has restless nights due to allergies.
  Vellux Blanket
Reviewed by: Alisha Oltermann from Norman, Oklahoma

I love this product. my son has very bad allergies and has been sick most of his life. (hes two) I put this new bedding on his bed and with in a week he changed in so many ways......Thank You Achooallergy
  Almost as expected
Reviewed by: Phyllis Trachtenburg from New Jersey

I had one of these blankets for ten years. Then it was accidently damaged. I went online to find a replacement. The ten-year-old version was finished on all four sides. The new replacement was finished on only two sides. The photo shows the finished sides. The other two sides are simply cut with a scissors.
  warm, soft blanket
Reviewed by: a happy customer from New York

the Vellux Blanket is a warm, thin, lightweight, velvety soft blanket that is very comfortable. it feels like velvet. it is very soft and feels very good while sleeping. I suffer from allergies and sinus problems, and tend to have difficulty sleeping. i bought this so that i can sleep better with a hypoallergenic, comfortable blanket that washes well and lasts long. Enjoy!
  Awesome blanket!!!
Reviewed by: J. Perritt from Houston, TX

My family loves these blankets. We have one in every room in our home. We recently had to purchase replacements as ours are older and starting to wear out. These blankets are extremely durable and seem to get softer every time you wash them. The only reason ours started to wear out is because the cats and the kids are always fighting over them.
  super soft, warm and durable
Reviewed by: J.Perritt from Houston, TX

I purchased this blanket to replace one that was worn out from many years of use. After using a Vellux blanket I would never dream of using another type of blanket. We have one for every room in the house.
  Vellux blanket
Reviewed by: Margaret Sanders from Kemah, TX

The blanket was exactly what I wanted.
  Vellux Blanket
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Westchester, New York

I am very pleased with the vellux blanket that I ordered from achoo allergy products. I have dust mite allergies which cause me to wake up congested when I sleep with conventional bedding. I ordered the cranberry color - it is beautiful. The blanket is lightweight, yet very warm and comfy. And in the morning- no congestion! So it performs as expected. The only negative, which does not affect me personnally, but which may affect some users is that the washing instructions on the blanket specify "warm" water, not the "hot" indicated in the online catalog.I did not attempt a hot wash, as my allergies are not that severe. But this may affect some users of the blanket. A very good purchase overall. I plan to purchase another.
  Wonderful Blanket!
Reviewed by: Mom from Greeley, CO

This is a wonderful very sturdy product that truly stands up to multiple hot water washings. It does not peel. It is very soft and cozy. It is wonderful!
  Have had this blanket 12 years!!
Reviewed by: Mom from San Francisco

I never have had a blanket which withstood the test of time and the washing machine!! I use this blanket as my sheet in the winter, and cannot be without it! Bravo for a great product!
  Vellux Blanket
Reviewed by: Jerry Bethge Canser SERVIVER from Memphis,TN.

I First Tried This Product The First of The Year And Ordered Two Then Now I'm Ordering One So I'll Have One OUTSTANDING PRODUCT THANK YOU JERRY BETHGE USN RETIRED
  Nice but not durable
Reviewed by: Robyn Mendelsohn from Palatine, IL

Very soft but not as durable I would have liked. Too easy to tear as material is very thin. Not practical for my needs because of durability issue.
Reviewed by: Ellie from San Antonio Tx

Great product - warm soft - love it
Reviewed by: Ellie from San Antonio Tx

The color is beautiful. B.anket i warm,and soft. Love it.
  not as soft as I hoped
Reviewed by: not too happy from California

I bought these based on the review. I am not too happy about it. It's soft but does not hug your body. I bought the burgandy color. When drying at tumble dry setting by itself, I see a lot of red material collected in the dryer.
  luxurious blanket!
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Florida

My son was recently diagnosed with severe allergies. We were told to change his environment, and one of the products we ordered was the Vellux blanket. My son loves the blanket. It is soft, and it keeps him warm. I am pleased with the purchase.
  Warm and soft
Reviewed by: Maggie from Lexington, KY

This blanket is extremely warm and soft while still being lightweight. You will not feel like you are smothering under this blanket like many others I have tried. My allergies have improved quite a bit since I began using this blanket and allergy covers for my bed. Wash before using to remove excess fibers and you will have no problems with this blanket. Highly recommend!
  Donald Trump couldn't have it better!
Reviewed by: Lou from Jersey from East Orange, NJ

Vellux is so lavish looking, my apartment looks like a room at the Taj Mahal. So comfortable, I've been oversleeping lately. That, and so easy to maintain as well as having all the attributes of being recommended for allergy sufferers. It dosen't get any better than this at any price. I will definitely be ordering more of this outstanding bedding product.
  asthma sufferer
Reviewed by: Ubides Albino from Bronx, NY

The Vellux blanket meets all my expectations. It's dust free, light weight and WARM! It comes second to NONE . I'm extremely pleased with my purchase
  Warmth without the weight!
Reviewed by: a satisfied customer from Yonkers, NY

I am allergic to dust mites and have even moved from my last residence to avoid them! I can't use blankets that are cumbersome. The VELLUX blanket is miraculous! It weighs close to NOTHING and yet it's thermal content is TOASTY WARM!! I recomended it to my friends who are equally satisfied. It washes so beautifully (like new) and doesn't pill. It's double stitch border keeps it from fraying (not like other so-called Vellux blankets by other manufacturers. I researched Vellux Blannkets thoroughly before buying with achoo!!allergy. Thank you for your fabulous product!
Reviewed by: JP from Jupiter, Florida

Awesome blanket. Super soft and very lightweight but keeps you warm. For the money you cannot get a better balnket period.
Reviewed by: Joeann J Thomas from Houston, Texas

While vacationing in Las Vagas our room had the Vellux blanket on our bed and I fell in love with the feel of it. So when I return home I when to this web sigh. I was please to see that I could order one. So for Christmas I will be giving them out as presents.
  Wonderfully soft
Reviewed by: Finicky about cloth from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I was worried that the blanket would start out stiff until it was washed a few times. When I received it and slept with it, I was greatly pleased. It's quite soft and snuggly warm despite being lightweight and thin. After being washed, it was still soft, and dried nicely. I look forward to seeing how well it works out during the winter. Highly recommended!
  Great blanket
Reviewed by: L.G. from Chandler, AZ

I ordered this blanket for my three-year-old daughter and it is super soft and she loves it. May be too warm for the summer, but I have pulled back her comforter and let her use the blanket because it is so soft and she loves the feel of it. I will be ordering one for my older daughter too. I love the fact that it is good for allergy sufferers and can be washed easily.
  Soft & cozy
Reviewed by: comfort seeker from Brooklyn NY

As a child, my Grandmother always had these velux blankets on her bed. I have such great memories of how soft & cozy they were & how they were so comforting. Now I have my own & they still give me that same feeling. It's like going back & being that same little girl snuggled up in Grandma's bed.
Reviewed by: dust might allergy sufferer from Michigan

These blankets are comfortable. I have two on my bed and they keep me warm all night. I would recommend them
  Fast Shipping
Reviewed by: MM Stewart from DE

I wish to state that my order for 2 Martex Vellux blankets was shipped promptly by you and I am enjoying them. I am very happy with your service and want you to have this feedback.
  vellux review
Reviewed by: mom of an allergy sufferer from Texas

very soft, warm and pretty
  Vellux Blanket - pleased
Reviewed by: Allergies sufferer from Detroit, Michigan

The blanket has no noxious fumes, does not shed and does not irritate the skin.
  Hugging a cloud
Reviewed by: Happy Moon from West Memphis, Arkansas

Sleeping with a Vellux blanket is like hugging a cloud...soft, cuddly, and just warm enough, yet light and fluffy like whipped cream. I loved my first one so much, I ordered two more. This is an amazing product and the fact that it is non allergenic is icing on the cake. I am so glad I found your site!
  love them
Reviewed by: Deborah Colon from Bridgeport, Connecticut

i love these i have two of them and they are very old and its time to get new ones. i have been looking for them, thought i give it a try in the internet and here they are. i love these. they are warm and they last for years sin
  Like being wrapped in a cloud~
Reviewed by: Happy Shopper from West Memphis, Arkansas

I love mine so much I am ordering 2 more! I already had a Vellux blanket, but this one is so much softer and nicer. I am very impressed. I am ordering more today, one for every bed in my house. I wish it came in black.
  We Love It!!
Reviewed by: vellux blanket from Texas

The Blanket is wonderful it is lite in weight but keeps you nice a warm.Great color selection. Would recommend highly...
  Love it!!
Reviewed by:  from Winston-Salem, NC

My son has this on his bed and he loves it!!! Very warm!!
Reviewed by: Robin Marie from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I love this blanket. It feels great against your skin and perfect to cuddle up with.
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  Love it!
Reviewed by: Donna - a very satisfied customer from Cincinnati, OH

We've had a Vellux blanket on our bed for years, and we finally need to replace it. It looks so good, we use it as a bedspread, and that way we don't have to find a place for a heavy comforter at night. The Vellux blanket is perfect for all temperatures. We both love it!
  Not warm enough
Reviewed by: Mari from Florida

This is a good blanket if you don't need to have your air conditioner too high. It is not that warm at all. It does endure the heavy washing of allergy sufferers, but I really would have liked to have a warmer blanket.
  Soft and Lovely, but...
Reviewed by: Blessed Be from South Florida

This blanket is is very soft and the color is rich and beautiful, however, it is not nearly as warm I'd hoped and you will find some shedding. I'd wanted something that was light and breathable but kept you warm and snugly. This blanket is not it. It is too light and does not warm you at all. Bottom line, I think next time I will go with natural bedding instead.
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Reviewed by: EB from Dallas, Texas

this is the best as well as the simplest nasal irrigator ever -- dating back thousands of years to the yogi practitioners who believed in internal cleansing as well as physical and spiritual. It works and is much cleaner than any other system imaginable.
  The 365day Blanket
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from New York

Love the quality of your Vellux blanket. Everyone in my home has one. Both my husband and my son have allergies, this is the only blanket they can use. For me it looks great and washes easily. we had a very expensive down comforter we gave it up easily for the vellux blanket. We all sleep better.
  I love my blankee!
Reviewed by: Debra Price, allergy sufferer from McKenzie, Tennessee

My mother-in-law gave me a Vellux blanket as a gift years ago. Since then I buy nothing else but Vellux Blankets. As an allergy suffer this blanket has proven to be a great asset to me.
Reviewed by: ALLERGY SUFFERER from san bernardino, california

When I bought this blanket I fell in love with it. It's incrediabley soft and the best part is it's not too thick or too thin it's just perfect.
  The Vellux Blanket is Wonderful
Reviewed by: Vellux lover from Macon, Georgia

I just recently purchased the Vellux blanket and I could not be sleeping better. This blanket is so soft and comfortable, but not too hot. It is the perfect accessory to my bed. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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