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  great product
Reviewed by: Allergic to Bee Stings from Windber Pa.

I purchased the red one its fits the new size epi-pen which is what i needed. Its compact great color and fits easily in a pants pocket. It works out great for us.
  My son loves it!
Reviewed by: Susan from Metairie, Louisiana

The ana-tote is one of the best epi-pen carriers we've found. It's discreet yet, alerts someone as to what it is with its label. The only drawback is its durability. With an 11 year old boy carrying it every day, it lasts about a year. Buy more than one.
  Great for winter sports
Reviewed by: a food allergy mom from Ellicott City, MD

I bought this for my son to use for his Epi-pen while skiing. It is waterproof, provides insulation, and provides cushion without being bulky. It fits nicely in an inside coat pocket. Perfect for winter sports.
  Anatote review
Reviewed by: Heather Campbell from Sacramento, CA

I have been most pleased with this item. It works well and the clip is the perfect addition to it for carrying this tote somewhere besides your purse or backpack.
  Just what I needed
Reviewed by: psychstudent from salem, ma

A little bulky, but just what I needed to carry my epipen around discreetly. Keeps it safe instead of rattling around in my bag, and clips onto my belt when I just have my wallet. I want another one for my other pen.
  Ana-Tote worked for us!
Reviewed by: Peanut allergy in SC from Greenville, SC

We bought the Ana-Tote prior to our trip to Disney. The Ana-tote was convenient and easily accommodated one Epi-Pen and a couple of antihistamine fastmelts. The carabineer made it easy to clip to my son's belt loop.
  Very helpful employee
Reviewed by: Kathy Williams from Michigan

I would like to write a review, not only about the product, but about the outstanding customer service I received. The tote is great, and it does not quite fit the newly designed Epi-Pen injectors. But, more importantly I received outstanding customer service from employee Amber Myrick. I was not completely satisfied with how my first order went, but Amber who was not involved in the first error went above and beyond to provide amazing customer service. Because of Amber I would use your company for orders in the future. Thank you, K. Williams
  Better N a Baggie!
Reviewed by: Happy Parent from Orlando, Florida

Although not striclty waterproof, the Ana-Tote is perfect for carrying an Epipen conveniently. My son was using a clip-on pencil case for his Epipen, and would conveniently forget it at school or band practice because it was big, bulky, and an ugly orange color. The Ana-Tote blends in with his clothing and is compact enough that he does not have to take it off when sitting at desk. Plus he can either clip it to his belt or run his belt through built-in loops.
  Convenient and versitile
Reviewed by: Nicole W from Ringgold, GA

I really like the convenience of this product. It's slim and can be tucked in a purse or can be clipped on a belt loop. It's very versatile, well made and stays clean.
  Ana-Tote Single
Reviewed by: J. Collins from Springfield, VA

Product as advertised. Ordered on Tuesday before 12:00, delivered on Thursday. Great service!
Reviewed by: Allergic reaction sufferer from Virginia

This tote is being used on the belt for a senior adult. It probably could be improved so that it is not a soft case.
  Awesome epipen carrier
Reviewed by: Peanut allerfy from Winnipeg

My daughter has had hers for years and that's the one she loves most. It is small and she can carry it during all of her activities. Thanks a lot!!
  best tote around
Reviewed by: Becky Bouchard  from  Back woods, Massachusetts

I have looked around for an epi pen carrier for my 14 yr. old daughter. There are many "cutsey", "Expensive" holders out there. She wanted one that looked like what it is, "a life saver" For her, your product is exactly what she wanted. She is a horse back rider and wanted one that she could wear while riding. Your epi pen holder is top quality, an unbeatable price, and was delivered right away! She was thrilled, with the speedy delivery she was able to continue riding with confidence! Not only is it extremely versitile for her to wear, you cared enough to get it to her right away. Thanks so much.
  Extremely pleased
Reviewed by: Unhappy teenager from Ohio

We have been looking for a nice slim pouch for my son to carry his epi pen and we finally found it! He just didn't think his fanny pack that he had was very cool. As a teenager, he just didn't want anyone to know what he was carrying. With the Ana-tote, he can easily carry the epi pen in his pocket along with a few vials of benadryl. Our problem is solved!!! Thank you!!!
  My Ana Tote Experience
Reviewed by: Joe Levett from North Syracuse, New York

I like the product very much, it is very well made and very reasonably priced. The order arrived quite quickly which I was very thankful for being that both my wife and myself are allergic to bees. The only thing that I didn't like about the product is that the clip to clip it on the top of your pants keeps on falling off. It needs to be secured better somehow to prevent that from happening, because unfortunately, not all people wear belts and it really needs to be secured to your waistband of your pants if you are wearing shorts or something of that nature. Great product otherwise.
Reviewed by: Alisha Oltermann from Norman, Oklahoma

My son has to carry an Eppi Pin he loves this becouse he can put it right on his has been a great item to buy...........thank you
Reviewed by: Staci's Mom from Central Ohio

We are now past the diaper bag stage and this Ana-Tote has helped us to keep our daughters Epi-Pen Jr at our side more efficiently than we have since we stopped carrying the daiper bag. I like the UV protection and water resistance.
Reviewed by: Sabrina from Vicksburg, MS

I'm on the go a lot. The Ana-Tote lets me carry my Epi-Pen even when I don't have pockets. Convenient and I'm not forced to bring a bulky purse with me while I'm hiking, camping or going to swim meets.
  Keeps It Close
Reviewed by: A concerned mom from Lakeland, TN

I recently discovered that my son is able to carry his epipen on him at school. I needed a way for him to carry it since boys don't carry purses. This product is great. We just got back from Disney World and he carried it himself the entire time, even on rides.
  Well made but lacks versatility
Reviewed by: Marksan from Chicago

The case fits an Epipen in its platic tube very well. The velcro closure makes access easy. However, a heavier duty, spring-type belt clip would be much better than the small plastic clip supplied. A belt will go through the elastic bands on the back, but that is very inconvenient to put on and take off.
  Ana-Tote Review
Reviewed by: Parent of 5-year-old peanut-allergic child from Mt. Prospect, IL

This product works really well if you're able to wind it on to a belt loop. However,if you have no belt loop and need to use the hook, it is horrible! The hook slipped right off the case! It is not fastened 100% to the case, allowing it to come loose. This is LIFE-SAVING medication my son is carrying, and the case SLIPPED OFF!!!! So now I must find an alternative way for him to carry his Epi Pen when he isn't wearing pants with belt loops.
  Great epipen tote!
Reviewed by: Rhonda from Little Rock Arkansas

It is very good. You have different options on how to carry it.
  clasp problems
Reviewed by: nut allergies from Connecticut

The size and style of this carrying case is great,but the clasp/clip that is suppose to be able to hold onto the top of your pants or shirt does not work. My son 12 needs to carry an epi-pen at all times and being a boy needs something that will grab hold of pants that don't have pockets or belt hoops. The very first day he wore the case it slipped off and he had no idea until later that day. Luckily it was found by someone who knew enough to hold onto it, but it could have been found by a curious child who make have been stabbed by it. Now we have to pin the case to his pants which is a real pain. The clasp should be made of metal so it will clamp down on material and hold.
  Very handy
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Bonifay, Florida

Takes wear very well. Protects and keeps shot handy.
  Ana Tote
Reviewed by:  from Laguna Beach, California

Great epipen container - my daughter uses it with the strap for cross-country running. It is light and compact.
  5 star product
Reviewed by: Ana-Tote from MO

Liked this product.
  Ana-Tote is Wonderful
Reviewed by: Meg from Pittsburgh, PA

Discreet enough to have with you at all times. Easy to find quickly. Convenient for the beach because of the key ring.

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