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  Off to Great Start
Reviewed by: Mother of Child with Cystic Fibrosis from 

My three and a half year old daughter was really excited to get her new Pari Trek nebulizer in the mail. She loves that she has special equipment for our upcoming summer trip and I think that it'll make it easier to give her breathing treatments during the vacation. Personally I'm looking forward to having more space in our suitcase for all the fun things we're going to find along the way!
Reviewed by: Child with CF from Philly

Good nebulizer for TRAVEL only. The treatment time is significantly longer. Don't expect this to compare to a nebulizer compressor and depending on your weight limits for travel, you may be better off taking a smaller neb compressor
  Small, fast and fairly quiet
Reviewed by: Asthma mom from New York

This is a great nebulizer for dealing with a child with asthma, especially if you plan to travel overseas. First I had a Deveblisse rental from the pharmacy that was huge and sounded like a jackhammer. I bought an expensive small 'portable' Mabis Mist nebulizer that was almost silent, but extremely slow, hard to hold for my five year old and started leaking within two months of use. This one is great. Small and does the job quickly. She's usually done within 10 minutes. Not too loud to use while reading a bedtime story to a young child. The feature where you can stand the mouthpiece up on the base is great for when you need to set up but your child is not quite ready for use. I plan to take this nebulizer when I our family travels overseas since it works on other voltages or on a battery. The travel case is great to take along for emergencies.
  absolutely great
Reviewed by: COPD from Ste Genevieve Missouri

I went to Europe for 3 months and from the very start I had trouble with my old nebulizer. No electricity on plane, once there had to use a transformer which just added weight to when I went out. etc My old neb and car transformer in the bad was 25 lbs. So this one has everything I wanted or needed and was very inexpensive.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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