PARI Proneb Ultra II Nebulizer Customer Reviews

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  Nebulizer Is Handy
Reviewed by: Mom of Allergic Asthma Child from Netherlands

When a toddler needs a breathing treatment due to URI, oftentimes he or she is tired and unwilling to use the MDI and spacer. This nebulizer is small and handy and we appreciate being able to use it while our toddler is sleeping with a mask. We have bought a spare because we live abroad and would be lost should our primary one stop working. However, it is still giving us great service.
Reviewed by: copd from copd

i have copd that just used the knew pariproneb ultra 2 nebulizer. i just used the fist time for my copd with helpes me breath better
  very good
Reviewed by: 10 year-old with asthma from Texas

This is perfect for me because lately i've had a lot of asthma flare-ups so i use it just one time and it works awesomly I've had this for 4 years
  Pari Proneb Ultra Nebulizer
Reviewed by: Shari from Louisville, KY

This is the first nebulizer I have had, and I haven't had it long, but it is easy to use, dispenses the medicine quickly, and easy to clean up. So far I like it very much.
  excellent product
Reviewed by: Asthmatic from Gardiner, Maine

I purchased a new nebulizer on the advise of my friend. He has been using the Pari Proneb Ultra for a while now and really saw an improvement over his old one. He talked me into trying one also. I'm glad I did!
  Small and Efficient
Reviewed by: asthmatic and CF advocate from Dallas, TX

Pari is the best! The Proneb Ultra delivers fast and very effective treatments. It's a small compact unit that is fairly lightweight. While I wish it could be quieter, it's not so loud that it turns me off the compressor. I'd recommend it to anyone with respiratory disease.

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