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  Clog Buster
Reviewed by: Alan Wagshul, M.D. from Miami, Florida

My ENT M.D. recommended NeilMed several years ago and now my whole family uses this product. It has reduced the number of sinus infections dramatically. I would recommend it for allergy sufferers and those with blocked sinuses.
  Excellent Allergy Remedy
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Miami, Florida

I would recommend that anyone with allergies or sinus problems use this product. It has help to cut down on sinus infections dramatically.
  Chronic Sinus & Allergy Sufferer
Reviewed by: Stuff Sinus Sufferer from California where it never rains

This inexpensive kit works great -- so much better than a neti pot or cup. No messy spillage or water leaking into your neck and clothing. The included packets made a gentle saline solution that I preferred over my home made salt water rinse. I recommend this for anyone plagued by continuous stuffiness and sinus congestion.
  such a relief
Reviewed by: cynsabeans from San Francisco, CA

I get sinusitis with every cold, and I'm allergic to antibiotics, so I had to try this as a solution. It *beyond* worked. I felt instant relief from solid sinus blockage, and got rid of my sinus headache to boot. I can't recommend it enough.
  A flush a day keeps the doc away!
Reviewed by: Infection Free finally from Seattle Washington

Due to an old facial injury I was always getting sinus infections. After using this product on a regular basis, I have not been to the doctor or had meds for 3 years! No doctor ever told me about this. but now I tell everyone I know.
Reviewed by:  from Quakertown, PA

I've been using this daily. It works great! I was afraid at first since I'd never used anything like it before. Actually, I'd never even heard of anything like it before. But my nose was so stuffed up, I couldn't breathe, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so relieved I did!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Donna from South Padre Island, TX

Using this product for months and have found it to be GREAT... What a relief from my allergies. Used it twice a day for a while, but now find that I can rinse only once on most days, depending on the air quality. I'll never be without it - even take on trips both here and abroad.
  Easy & Effective
Reviewed by: Allergic Rhinitis/Multiple allergies from Seattle, WA.

I've used a nasal irrigation system for about 10 years, and gradually my sinuses have improved. I no longer have to do this daily! The other system was a neti pot; I prefer this Neilmed Bottle Kit. It is quick and easy; the instructions are very clear. It is easy to keep clean. I felt 100% better the first time I used it!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: a satisfied customer from Arizona

I started using this kit when I had sinus surgery. Recently tried using another brand that looked like the kind of lamp you rub & a Genie comes out but was not happy with it. I am working a on ship now & couldn't find the Neilmed Bottle anywhere, so went on-line. Just, I neglected to pack the one from home when I was shipbound! NEVER AGAIN!
  neilmed review
Reviewed by:  from CA

cheap, easy and useful

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