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  Great for Congestion/Allergies
Reviewed by: Congestion Sufferer from Virginia

My allergist recommended this as a means to flush out inhaled allergens to reduce my symptoms. It is also one of the only things that works to give me relief from congestion, especially during sinus infections. It seriously works miracles for my stuffed up face! Some tips... Take a hot shower to loosen up your sinuses and blow your nose first to get as much out as you can, then use the sinus rinse. Stay in the shower a bit after you use it so you can continue to let your sinuses empty out. Be careful not to blow your nose too hard afterwards, you can force any extra bacteria/congestion into your ears instead. Also, my allergist recommended turning to the side opposite of the nasal passage you just used to make sure all of the water drains back out of your sinuses. He also cautioned to only use it for 5 days at a time, then take a break for 2 so you don't destroy the lining of your sinuses.
  Low cost, no saline
Reviewed by: A user of grossan breatheXL from Redwood City, CA

The packets I received contained almost no saline. If I use one, the burn is intense. If I use 2 or 3 so much for pre-measuredit works ok. I would return it but the cost of shipping, plus slow credit 4-6 weeks, make it cheaper to use it up. Would never buy again.
  great flushing product
Reviewed by: Mom of 3 Allergy-Prone Kidz from Boomer, North Carolina

I have used Neil Med Sinus Rinses for almost a year now and have found it to be the most comfortable sinus rinse mixture on the market. I can even flush my 9, 7 and 3 year old children's noses daily. It flushes away pollen, dust and other nasal born germs and leaves our nose feeling clean and fresh. If mixed, as directed, there is no burning sensations. We mix until all crystals are dissolved and warm in microwave to a comfortable temperature.
  Persistant Sinus Congestion
Reviewed by: Dave D from British Columbia, Canada

Over the past month, the congestion had become progressively worse. Different otc meds helped during the day, but not at night. I was very tired. My Doctor provided me with the Neti Pot Sample and I felt better after one treatment. I am now using it twice per day, sleeping better, feeling rested and waking up with sinuses clear. I should add that along with the Neti Pot/Sinus Rinse I am also using the popular "nasal strips" available everywhere. I can't say enough about the Neti Pot Sinus Rinse.
  Great Invention!
Reviewed by: Soothed in Cincinnati from Cincinnati, Ohio

I had a pituitary tumor removed in December of 2007 and my ENT who assisted the Neurosurgeon prescribed the NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit. He told me that after using it, I may choose to remain on it, because of the benefits. He knows firsthand because he has sinusitis and uses NeilMed daily. IT IS WONDERFUL! I no longer have to use nose sprays! I am telling my family members and friends about this product and how great it is! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.
  Wonderful Product
Reviewed by: M. McKinney from Maryland

Some time back, I decided to try using a Neti Pot. Unfortunately, either the temperature of the water or the mixture with sea salt did not work out and I experienced nasal burning. I haven't tried it since. I recently became aware, through a friend, of this process with the specially designed bottle and the pre-measured sinus rinse. When I finally found the product by Neilmed, I purchased it. Because of my expience with the Neti Pot, I was somewhat reluctant to use it. I followed the directions and found it easy to use. My anxiety went away and my expeience was very positive. Because it was easy to use, I purchased another kit for my eleven year old granddaughter. She used it and once she got the process down, she loves it. No more trying to decide how much sea salt or saline to use. This is a wonderful product and I am so happy to have found it. The results of the rinse is also wonderful. I would recommend it highly to anyone considering a nasal rinse.
  Sinus Rinse
Reviewed by: A Sinus Sufferer from Los Angeles, California

I purchased the Narial Nasal Cup and decided to purchase the Neilmed Mixture Packets to use along with the nasal cup. Since my sinuses are sensitive I decided to use the Sinus Rinse instead of table salt. I am very pleased with the Sinus Rinse it is working to clear my sinuses as well as the severe eye irritation I was having due to my sinus condition. The Sinus Rinse is gentle and does not irritate the nasal/sinus passages. I'm looking forward to eventually being able to eliminate prescription medications and just use the Sinus Rinse.
Reviewed by: Bobbi G from Waterville, Maine

I have used the packets for over 6 years and would not do without it. The only thing I would say about the method of using it - I found the bottle to be a hassle and have only used it once. After that I purchased a baby syringe and found that worked beautifully. With the syringe I would rate the overall use of the product an a+. I am still using the same syringe that I bought initially.
  Sinus Rinse Packets
Reviewed by:  from Clarksburg MD

I usually use plain salt and I can't really tell a difference between that and this with the added ingredient apparently of soda. The packets are very nice for travel.
  Sinus Rinse
Reviewed by: Brian Morrison from Maryland

I am very pleased by the quality and cost of this product.
  Great and Easy to Use!
Reviewed by: David McCarter from San Diego, Ca

I use to grind up my own sea salt for use in my Hydro Pulse Nasal Sinus Irrigation System until I discovered these mixture packets. Not only are they easy to use (pre-measured etc.) but they do a better job and make my sinuses feel even better!
  great product to word off extra drugs
Reviewed by: mom to an allergy sufferer from Tampa, FL

This rinse is a great way to help avoid the use of extra allergy medication. I use this before giving my daughter claritin and it often helps. It gets rid of all the garbage in her sinus's and helps her to breath better. You must use it with the bottle which is sold seperately.

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