High Tech Glass Cleaning Cloth Customer Reviews

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  Amazing Windows
Reviewed by: Major Cleanor from Mountain Home, AR

I could not believe how easy it was to clean my windows and mirrors without streaks using only water with the Glass Cleaning Cloth!
  Really works!
Reviewed by: dusting freak from Cleveland, OH

I had a child's palm print on my TV for the last year! Tried removing it several ways but nothing seemed to pull the oil out. This cloth did it in a jiffy! Super product!
Reviewed by: Eileen from Maryland

My cleaning products, especially glass cleaner, were aggregating my allergies and causing chronic coughing. I decided to change my products. The Glass Wizard Cleaning Cloth was one of my first purchases. It exceeded my expectations. Not only did it stop my coughing, but it cleaned glass even better than my old name-brand cleaner. My mirrors and windows never sparkled like they do now and with no mess. I have recommended these cloths to several of my friends.
  Magic Cloth
Reviewed by: Donna Kay from central Illinois

I was amazed at how well this product works. It is the first time I cleaned...without a window cleaner. I did add a little more water tan the directions implied. I have a beautiful china hutch and the glass was so streaked (from a window cleaner).I used my magic cloth...it not only cleans and shines but also leaves the glass dust free for a long period of time. 2 Thumbs and ten stars!!!
  love this!
Reviewed by: relieved from San Jose, California

I can not believe what this cloth can do. Hard to clean glass objects, metal, CD's, mirrors, all come clean with ease just like the instructions say. I will not miss the obnoxious chemical smell that could sometimes make me ill.
  cleaning cloths
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Illinois

Great product, all natural!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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