AllerAir 5000 Series Air Purifiers Customer Reviews

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  Probably more than I needed.
Reviewed by: J.T. from Crystal River, FL

I don't want to say the only reason I bought the Allerair was because I'm a slight hypochondriac, but I am fairly concerned about my health. I don't really have any issues and part of me wants to keep it that way. I had always heard that carbon was the best at filtering, and this had the most. The air is definitely fresher in the house. That faint musty smell is completely gonesince the house is REALLY old and there is noticeably less dust. I'm happy with it so far! I do wish it weren't so heavy though.
  Aller Air 5000
Reviewed by: Dabbling in the Arts from Destin, FL

This machine is not very pretty, but it has worked great for me. I do some painting in my shop and that leads to a lot of odors. This Aller Air has lots of carbon that traps the odors. It is heavy but moves well on its wheels on my concrete floors.
  Rugged Air Purifier
Reviewed by: M. Jenkins from Marietta, GA

My wife makes me smoke my cigars only in my woodworking shop. I usually like to keep the doors closed, because of the noise. I needed a rugged, high performance man's air purifier.
  Pollen Nightmare
Reviewed by: Pollinated in GA!! from Acworth, GA

The pollen here in Atlanta is absolutely MISERABLE in the spring. But after buying this Allerair we noticed a huge difference in the dust and pollen in the house. I hardly notice any build up when I dust the tables and furniture, and while it is certainly heavy, it definitely works.
  What a Difference
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Fort Lauderdale

What a difference this machine made for me. My Husband and I are both deathly allergic to dust. Since we got this machine we have both felt dramatically better! We have tried several different machines over the years but this by far is the best one yet!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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