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  Clean Air, But Too Little Of It
Reviewed by: Dan from Connecticut River Vally

I've had this filter installed for years and it does do a good job cleaning but it restricts the air flow so much that during prolonged periods of 90°+ temperatures I take it out and put a fiberglass one in.
  Newtron Filter Original
Reviewed by: Dust Free from TN

Excellent product. Expect it to last 20 years.
  Great Filter
Reviewed by: Michael from OKC

I don't like that the smaller filters are the same price as the bigger ones but you can't beat the quality and convenience of these filters. No need to go buy news ones each month.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from 

So far, since we have had the filters, the green pollen has fallen of the trees and it has been very windy, we noticed there is a big difference, we do not have to takeany antihistamines if we stay indoors.
  Long time satisfied customer
Reviewed by: Bill from Green Bay, Wisconsin

I have not used a conventional furnace filter since I started using the Newtron permanent air filter 20 years ago. They are so efficent at removing dust particulates and really makes a difference on the furnance performance. I would never use anything else. Never.
  Great furance filters
Reviewed by: Michael from OKC

I have been looking for a permanent filter for months. My first home had one when I bought it. These filters are high quality and lowered by gas bill from 150 to 50 dollars. Easy to install and clean.
  Good Deal
Reviewed by: Saving money for retirement from Lafayette, LA

The AC company wanted $100 more for the same filter. Thank you for saving me money.
  previous experience
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Macon, MS

I have had an Newtron air filter for the last 26 years. It helps my allergies and a big plus, I have virtually no dust.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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