Miele Callisto Vacuum Cleaner Customer Reviews

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  Beats Aurus Electrolux hands-down!
Reviewed by:  from Ohio

I have been cleaning professionally for the past ten years. My three previous sweepers have all been Electrolux's top of the line Guardian canisters. I have had nothing but trouble with them and have paid hundreds of dollars in repair bills to keep them going over the years, I decided last week to bite the bullet and purchase a brand new top of the line Aerus Electrolux to the tune of over $2,000. After using it for roughly two hours, I was so frustrated with it that I was about ready to throw it against the wall. Electrolux had changed all of the features with this year's newest most expensive model that I had come to love with my old sweepers. [Editor's Note: This review was shortened for space.]The Electrolux was returned the next day, much to the dismay of the sales rep. I had used a Miele a few years ago at the home of a wealthy client and decided to investigate it. After studying the different models, I decided on Callisto. It has all the features my old Electrolux sweepers had, plus has many more accessories available to make my job even easier and more efficient. The only thing I am changing is I am switching out the power head that came with it to one that has a light on it. My Electrolux has this and it makes a huge difference when cleaning poorly lit rooms. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment from my new team-mate. My sweeper is literally my right hand for my line of work, and I need something that is dependable, easy to use, efficient, and versatile. Thank you Miehle for having all the options available that Electrolux decided to abandon. Their loss, your gain!
  investment in family
Reviewed by: Annp from Chicago

I have a history of purchasing items that do not perform as promised. Before i purchased this Miele Callisto I emailed Achoo Allergy for guidance. A response to my questions were answered the next day with specific info pertaining to MY questions. There response made me feel comfortable in investing in this very high cost vacuum. I felt this was an investment in my family's health. Well, the vacuum is PERFECT! I was not led on to believe anything other than what it can do. It cleans perfectly and the house really does smell cleaner when I am done. Also, it is so quite you will not believe it! I can vacuum on the phone!! Thanks so much for the great advice, I will be purchasing from your site again.
  My New "BFF"
Reviewed by: Carol with pets & allergies from Tampa, FL

The house smells and feels so clean after vacuuming! I have asthma and allergies, and the Callisto cleans my carpet, wood floors, tile floors and oriental rugs thoroughly. This vacuum is so easy to use and follows me without damaging furniture. I can vacuum under beds and furniture easily, too. Love it!!
  Worth the Money!
Reviewed by: Finally found the Best! from Arizona

I researched the internet for several weeks before making my decision to buy the Miele Callisto. I am extremely happy with my purchase! I called Achoo Allergy several times with questions before making my purchase and their customer service was outstanding. This was the deciding factor for my decision to buy from them. After placing my order, I received my vacuum in a only a few days! I am very impressed with Achoo Allergy! Now, the vacuum: The majority of my home is tile. "Dust mopping" even with micro-fiber mops, was not effective. It simply moved the dust around, while picking up only some of it. The attachments that came with the Callisto are perfect for the tile and area rugs in my home. It does a fabulous job of REMOVING the dust or dirt, rather than just spreading it around! It's comforting to know that when I am done, the dust is GONE! I was dust mopping my floors every day, but now that I am actually removing the dust, I can now go 2-3 days before having to clean my floors again! That's fantastic! Plus, I'm not sneezing anymore! I had an upright before that was ineffective on my tile - even though it was supposed to be great on bare floors... Now I've discovered how much easier it is to use a canister and the Miele Callisto is perfect. I love knowing I will never have to buy another vacuum cleaner again!
  Almost Perfect
Reviewed by: Pet Owner/Allery Sufferer from Lincoln, Nebraska

This vacuum is almost perfect. The suction is amazing. I love the parquet floor tool. It has a saw-tooth design in the brushes that allows dirt to pass through so it can be sucked up instead of pushed around the floor. Why aren't all floor tools made this way? The power head works beautifully on my carpet. I love the fact that I can vacuum under coffee tables and end tables without moving them. My floors seem to be staying cleaner longer since this vacuum does such a thorough job. I like the variable suction. I can vacuum throw rugs, bath mats, curtains, and other items that would typically get sucked into the vacuum with ease. The cord rewind is great and the onboard tools are convenient. The wheel design is terrific. The vacuum moves around so effortlessly behind me. This is a totally different animal than those canister vacuums that are hard to negotiate through the house. This little vacuum moves across thresholds with ease. The very best feature of this vacuum for me, though, is that there is absolutely no dust blowing out of the vacuum. I no longer need to take an allergy pill before I vacuum. I am absolutely amazed at how clean the air stays while I'm vacuuming. In fact, I almost feel like the house smells fresher when I'm done vacuuming. For this reason alone, I'll never by anything but Miele again. I have four cats and a dog. The Callisto does a great job cleaning up after them. Kitty litter gets sucked right up. Fur bunnies vanish with ease. The upholstery tool removes hair from the furniture quite handily. This is the most effective vacuum I've ever used for pet hair. My only complaint about the vacuum is the ergonomic handle. It's fine for vacuuming floors though my hand gets a bit tired. I find it difficult for vacuuming above floor level though. The handle is cumbersome. It makes me nervous to vacuum shelves and decorative items because of the amount of hand strength required to control the small attachments with that large handle. If you use dust cloths or swiffers to clean your shelves and decorative items, this won't be an issue for you. It's a slight disappointment for me because I like to vacuum these items. It feels more thorough to me. I see there are micro attachment kits for cleaning cars and small household items that can be purchased separately. I may try those to see if they help the issue. I'm guessing that I'll build a little hand strength over time, though, and this handle probably won't be an issue for me. In spite of not liking the handle, I give this vacuum 5 stars. I absolutely love it. If you suffer from dust allergies, please consider this investment in your health. You'll be absolutely amazed at how much more pleasant vacuuming can be with a vacuum that works wells and contains the dust.
  Real engineering
Reviewed by: Householder from Rockingham, Vermont

It's a nearly impossible blend of quiet and power, that can be turned down enough to be safe for fine area rugs, or up far enough to thoroughly clean deep wall-to-wall. The parquet brush is excellent on more delicate floors. I can run it in my child's room while he's sleeping. This shows a thorough excellence in engineering that other, flashier brands marketed with claims about their brilliant inventors, turn out once bought to lack. Unlike most of the competition, it's worth every dollar.
  wicked machine!
Reviewed by: Joe wheezer from Boston

I recently started doing all the vacuuming in our house and since I have significant allergies to dust, I knew I needed to upgrade our vacuum. After a bit of research I settled on the Miele S5280 Callisto. After using the old vacuum, I'd always be wheezing with all the dust raised. With the Miele, there is no such problem. The hepa filtration does an awesome job. Search youtube for demos of this machine comparing this hepa machine to hepa machines from other manufacturers. They are exactly correct. I'm an engineer by trade, and I'm really impressed with how this one is designed and manufactured. If you're in the market for a new vacuum, do your lungs a favor and get this one. Easy transaction and free shipping from achooallergy.com made this a great purchase.
  Great Vacuum!
Reviewed by: Pearl from Peoli, OH

Works great on all my floors and steps, carpet and wood flooring. It has a huge cleaning range, and the filter and bags have nearly eliminated the pet smell from my home. With four dogs and one cat in the house, I do have to change the filter more often than what they say is normal, but it's definitely worth it to keep my pets and have a clean house! It was a little pricey, but so far it's been more than worth it.
  Miele S5280 Callisto
Reviewed by: Alex Tversky from Charlottesville, VA

Pros: Reliable, makes a great job of dust cleaning, not really loud, 7 years parts warranty, has real HEPA filtration. Cons: Plastic body - finish easily scratched.
  Less Sneezing More Breathing
Reviewed by: Sneeze free in Scranton from 

From all that I read this vacuum was the best bang for my buck, so after my girlfriend moved in, I purchased the Callisto along with an air purifier she has bad allergies and I really liked the HEPA with this vacuum. Things have went off without a hitch! I'm happy with the vacuum and air purifier, and my girlfriend hasn't had any issues with her allergies. Now if I can only talk her into trading in her cat for a dog, we'd be set!

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