Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by: Satisfied with Dyson from Pittsburgh PA

I bought a Dyson after having a Kirby for 30 years. They both have the same great "sucking" power which is what I was looking for. What really concerns me is that the Dyson is ALL PLASTIC. It looks like it will crack very easily. The hose and attachments are not as comfortable to use as the my Kirby ones. The hose is not as flexible nor is it as long. The Kirby is a hard plastic connector that is curved just right for ease of comfort when sweeping. I like that the Dyson is bagless and the 3 main attachments are stored right on the machine. The Dyson is lighterweight than the Kirby and about half the price.
  Dyson DC14
Reviewed by: Tweak a Few Things from Tallahassee, FL

I purchased the Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum. It has great suction but there are a few things that I don't like about it. One, when I use the hose attachment and stretch the hose the vacuum rolls. I wish they would have made a locking device on the wheels so the vacuum stays in place when the hose attachment is being used. I've gotten very annoyed alot of times when the vacuum rolls and bangs into furniture or my legs. Secondly, on the front of the vacuum, just under the canister there is a gap where air blows out from the motor. When I am vacuuming bare floors, the air blowing out in the front of the vacuum causes the dust bunnies to swirl around and fly up in the air. And three, when I push the vacuum from a bare floor over the edges of a large area rug, the front edge of the vacuum won't go over the edge of the area rug unless I tilt the vacuum way back. Hopefully Dyson will come up with a better design and tweak the problems I've mentioned. Other than that the Dyson vac has the best suction of any vacuum I've ever owned.
  Kickin' dust eating machine!
Reviewed by: Interior Designer - allergy sufferer from Chicago, IL

I live with my sister who has 2 cats and a dog. I first heard about the Dyson in Dwell Magazine. After reading the article, I decided we had to replace the old vacuum. When we got the Dyson, I vacuumed the rugs with the old vacuum (a popular lightweight pro-quality available only at the brand's own store). Then I vacuumed with the Dyson. My sister and I were shocked at the amount of fur and dust the it picked up and were converted forever. NO more bags! YAY! The only cons: flimsy hose, we've replaced it once already - do take care when dusting; heavy/awkward for going up and down stairs. Overall, I recommend this vac to everyone I encounter. One question: WHERE IS THE DC08 ALLERGY CANISTER?
  it's amazing!
Reviewed by: Minnie (A/K/A Ms. Monk want a be) from Pennsylvania

I was apprehensive paying so much for this vacuum however it is worth every penny. The dog hair,dirt and debris it picks up is amazing. I knew my rugs were dirty but the suction power picked up alot more than I expected. The best feature is deposing of the dirt with the push of one button! I would recommend this vacuum to anyone that has animals and alot of traffic going through their home on a daily basis.
Reviewed by: Amazed from Washington

I was amazed at how much it picked up that my old Vac left behind. I was almost grossed out by how much "stuff" was hidden in the carpets that I never even new about.
Reviewed by: A pet lover from Atlanta, GA

I had no idea how much pet hair I had in my house until I got this vacuum. It works great and I love the attachments for under the beds and for the stairs.
  Great Vacuum Accessories weak
Reviewed by: Jeff from Roswell, ga

the vaccuum cleaner is fabulous. the air powerd attachments seem to bog down easily. Th machine leaves no dog hair behind
  Best ever
Reviewed by: Clean again from Western North Carolina

I've owned a lot of different vacuum cleaners in my life but this is hands down the best ever. We have two large house dogs and although we clean often, I just knew the old vacuums weren't keeping up with the shedding fur and tracked in dirt. I'm ashamed to tell you how much fur, dust and crud I cleaned up with the Dyson but I will tell you that it's worth every cent it costs. I have a number of dog friends who are waiting for my review, including the UPS driver who delivered the vacuum. Your service was perfect and I will certainly give them contact information for your store in addition to singing the praises of the Dyson. Thank you.
  Great Vacuum
Reviewed by: Cat-owner from Lynchburg, VA

The suction on this thing is phenomenal. I used my 4-year-old vacuum, then re-vacuumed with this - amazing, how much stuff it picked up. Does great on cat-hair, both from carpet and on furniture.

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