Miele AirClean FJM Dust Bags Customer Reviews

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  best vacuum ever
Reviewed by: Karen in Chester from Chester, VA

I buy my products and accessories from Achoo Allergy because I know they are authentic, unused, quality products.
  It's not clean till it's Miele clean
Reviewed by: Miele vacuum lover from Brentwood, TN

The Miele AirClean dust bags are a superior product compared to the variety of vacuum and dust bag products I've used over the years. Plain and simple, Miele makes a great product, both in the vacuum and in the dust bag.
  No dust!
Reviewed by: NYC Office with allergies! from New York, New york

These work terrific. They last for quite a while and are easy to install and remove. The price is great too! We use these in a vacuum that cleans wool rugs, and we vacuum the office every night, and they stand up to the task! No complaints!
  Excellent filtration
Reviewed by: CJ Allergy sufferer/dog lover from Long Island NY

I have been using the Miele dust bags and system in my home for a few years now and it is fantastic.I have allergies and 3 lightly shedding dogs and this system with the hepa filter leaves the rooms very clean and odor free.When people come in, I lock the dogs in crates and nobody can believe I have 3 dogs.Even my niece with Asthma can come and not have problems.
  The exhaust is clean
Reviewed by: CC from Long Island NY

I purchased the miele bags because I have the miele, I find it much cleaner than other machines. The exhaust air comes out clean and does not send dust back into the room.you don't even get an odor of any kind.Good product for allergy sufferers.(be aware this product is costly, but again it is very good.you get what you pay for.)

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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