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  Great Product
Reviewed by: Allergy Eyes from Allen Park, Michigan

This shampoo works wonderful. It keeps my pet smelling wonderful for quite a long time. He is a Morkie and his fur is longer, this product makes his hair stay cleaner longer. He does not itch with this shampoo. ITS GREAT! Gets all the dander off. So no allergies!!!!
  We can keep the dog!
Reviewed by: Allergic from Baltimore, MD

I have always been allergic to dogs and cats but my kids have been dying to have a pet. We surprised them with a dog for Christmas and I figured I could suffer through my allergies. After a few days I realized either the dog had to go or we would need to find something to help with my allergies. I found this after doing some research online. It came quickly in the mail and we used it a few days later. It smells great and I've been able to have the dog cuddle with me with no allergy problems!
  Awesome product!
Reviewed by: Sam from NY

I have bad allergies to cats, and absolutly love cats, I bought this when my husband brought home a kitten, so we could live in harmony together. I have now used this for over a year and me and my Cat are the best of friends with no problems what so ever!
  First Time Buyer
Reviewed by: CB from Virginia

First time purchasing and using an anti-allergen pet shampoo. Good price for this product and as gentle on my dog as the previously used shampoo. Once our friends visit who are allergic I'll be able to tell if it helps or not with their allergy reactions.
Reviewed by: allergy mom from Atlanta, Ga

I order 3 bottles due to my daughter's new dog allergy. We have a very low dander dog, but I thought this could only help more. I love the natural scent and natural ingredients. I bathe my dog weekly so I like that it's not drying to my pup's skin.
Reviewed by: James L. from Charlotte, NC

I was literally contemplating surrendering my dog to the Humane Society b/c my girlfriend had such severe allergies to him. I have been using this shampoo for 2 weeks and it has worked miracles. Last weekend she didn't have any allergies at all. Thanks for a great product!
  Husband with Allergies
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer! from Minneapolis

My husband has bad allergies to dogs. But using this shampoo once a week has almost completely stopped them. He no longer experiences hives from petting our boxer. I bathe our dog once a week and allergies are no longer an issue.
  Works well & without fragrance
Reviewed by: allergic and chemically sensitive from Colorado

So many shampoos human & pet have added fragrences, chemicals or other ingredients that cause me problems. This not only cleansed my dog of the allergens that were bothering me, but, even more importantly, I did not have any reactions to the ingredients in the shampoo. I am not yet sure if I am allergic to my new puppy or if it is just that his fur is collecting pollens, either way, this stuff gets it. Two weeks after bathing him with this, I am still doing ok around him, but considering giving him another bath soon since my seasonal allergies are in full swing.
  Finally - I found you!
Reviewed by: The dog or the sister from Cambridge, MA

My twin sister is allergic to cats and dogs. My husband and I were hoping my Beagle puppy would be different but - nope, after about being around him for half a day at Thanksgiving she got her watery eyes and sneezing which lasted a few days. I figured there was nothing I could do and relented to having to keep him or my sister quarantined during the Christmas holidays. But after reading about achoo allergy I ordered some feeling positive with all the great reviews. worked!! Our dog Dewey was free to walk around the house and my sister was totally fine! It was the best Christmas present for all of us! Thank you so much!!
  Shampoo Review
Reviewed by: Puppy Love, Allergy Sufferer from Central Florida

I have used this product 3 or 4 times so far and will continue to use it. My wire/short hair Dachshund is soft and fluffy after his bath and smells delightful. The last time I used it however I noticed more dandruff after the bath then there was before, this may be due to the extra scrubbing I did this time he rolled in the mud for an hour that day Overall I would recommend this product to others.
  Shampoo Excellence
Reviewed by: Sharon J from Bakersfield, CA

I was skeptical this would work, but I was totally surprised that the claims were true. No itchy eyes after touching my puppy. I can snuggle with him without fear of an allergy attack!
  Works Wonders
Reviewed by: animal lover from Helena, AL

When we got our new puppy, I quickly realized that 2 dogs were more than my allergies could handle. Thanks to the internet I found this wonderful shampoo. It not only allows me to cuddle with my furry babies, but it keeps them smelling great for weeks. I would highly recommend this product to any one with pets. In regards to the site, the shipping was very fast and each bottle was shrink wrapped, so that I received 3 bottles of shampoo and not a box of goo and 3 empty bottles. Much appreciated!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Courtney from Round Rock, TX

This is a great product. You can not find a shampoo like this in the pet stores.
  No more sneezing!
Reviewed by: A long time cat owner from Michigan

I've had cats for 15 years with no problem, but got a part Siamese cat several months ago and started with these allergy attacks. I have bathed my cat with this shampoo twice, and have had NO allergy attacks since! What a treat to be able to snuggle my kitty without being paying the price with an allergy attack afterward. Thanks for a great product!
Reviewed by: Grateful Girlfriend from San Diego, CA

I purchased this due to my boyfriend's allergies to his dog and we've used it twice and it's been amazing. We can really tell the difference, and it makes both our dogs, one short hair and one long hair, look and smell great. Their coats are shiny and soft and it's really been helping my boyfriend breath better. Thanks!
  Great product
Reviewed by: Cheryl Hovey from Columbus, GA

This product works great. I have have numerous allergies. It has made a huge difference in being around my dog. I use the laundry detergent from this brand Anti- Allergen as well for dust mite allergies. I have been using is for 4 years.
  Shampoo - worth a try
Reviewed by: Jill - an allergy sufferer from Alabama

We got this shampoo because I have bad allergies to dogs and my husband really wanted a dog. He washes the dog with this shampoo about every 14 days to keep the dander down. Since just washing the dog removes the dander from the dog it is hard to tell how much extra this shampoo does. My husband says that he uses less of this shampoo than the previous shampoo we were using since it suds better, so I think it is worth trying it for the cost. I found that this keeps my allergies down pretty well for 6 or 7 days. Then we wipe the dog down with allerpet/D for Dogs and that keeps me pretty allegy free for the 14 days until we wash the dog again.
  It Really Works !
Reviewed by: No longer dogless in Colorado from Colorado

My wife is allergic to dog dander. Even though we have a non-shedding breed she still has allergic reactions. The Anti-Allergen shampoo has worked wonders. We use it in combination to the AllerpetD. Thanks to this shampoo we are able to not only keep our dog but my wife can actually play with him along side our children.
Reviewed by: Itchy Puppy from Los Angeles, California

I was anxious to use this pet shampoo on my dog because of her skin allergy. It smelled of aloe and lathered nicely. I would suggest this product for sensitive skinned pets. My dog feels better after her bath, but is still a little itchy.
  It Works!
Reviewed by: Kim D. from 

My boyfriend has severe allergies to my dog. We never tried any products because he never thought anything would work. I bought 2 air cleaners and constantly clean, but that never really did the trick. So far, Anti-Allergen Solution Pet Shampoo is working--I've used it just once so far, along with Allerpet/D. He got a small hive on his wrist, but his chest was completely clear. I'm hoping with continued use the allergies will lessen and eventually disappear! I will continue to use this product. For my dog, the shampoo has a pleasant smell and is very gentle. His hair is silky and smooth. I like that it's all natural.
  Big Help
Reviewed by: cat allergy sufferer from phila pa

I have tried multiple different shampoos over the years and this is the first in a long time that has helped with my cat allergies.
  Good product. Smells good
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Virginia

This is a good product. I am planning on purchasing more. I think it smells great and it really makes my dog's fur soft. We bought this product because we bought a goldendoodle thinking it wouldn't give me allergic reactions, but that doesn't seem true. When we started using this product it does seem lessen my symptoms. I can hold and cuddle with him, however you do have to consistently wash your dog with this product...I would say at least once a week for it to really work well.
  Amazing Product
Reviewed by: Kelly Beattie from Chilton, Wisconsin

Upon getting a dog, my eyes were swollen shut when I would wake up in the morning. My eyes itched and burned and I couldn't put my contacts in my eyes at all. Prescription eye drops wouldn't even work. This shampoo is amazing from the first time I tried it and could feel the results instantly after giving my dog a bath. I could even put in my contacts a few hours later. I notice that the shampoo wears off after about 2 1/2 weeks. This shampoo allowed me to keep my dog!!! I would definately recommend this to anyone with allergies!!!
  Does a good job
Reviewed by: HS from Fort Myers, FL

This shampoo works really well on my dog. I notice immediately after use that I have less allergy symptoms.
  Good Shampoo
Reviewed by:  from Indiana

So far the shampoo seems to really be helping with my pet allergies. Granted, my allergies are not too extreme regardless, it has seemed to help. It smells really nice too!
  Great Product!
Reviewed by: Parent of an allergy sufferer from Pennsylvania

After using this shampoo only once a week for three weeks to bathe our dog, I notice a great decrease in the amount of dander from the dog when I brush her.
  Magical Pet Shampoo
Reviewed by:  from illinois

We bought this after we realized my bf was allergic to our new dog. He went from a sniffly, miserable mess to perfectly fine once we started using this product. We bath her once every 7-9days, and everything is great! I'm so happy that they can finally play and snuggle together! I never expected that this would work as swimmingly as it does!
  Helping my kitty allergies!
Reviewed by: a Vet Tech with allergies from Virginia

I've suffered with cat allergies for a few years, and after bringing home a special needs kitten, was quite worried about my reaction. The Anti-Allergen Solution Pet Shampoo has worked pretty well, and I notice its effects best the few days after a bath. For best effectiveness, I suggest bathing once a week using the shampoo.
  Smells great!
Reviewed by: mlp0011 from Chicago, IL

This shampoo smells great on my 4 month old pomapoo. I will definitely continue using it to see if it helps with allergies, etc. but so far so good!
  SKeptic turned Believer
Reviewed by: Lisa - Allergy sufferers wife from Los Angeles, CA

My husband has had allergies since he was a little kid. Asthma, eczema, sneezy, watery eyes, wheezing. We adopted a short haired Olde English Bulldog and the day after we used it....the sneezing stopped, the itching from dander reduced significantly and her coat starting growing thicker and fuller. She also sheds way less than she use to.
  Finally some relief!
Reviewed by: Erin from West Palm Beach, FL

This product is a miracle!! I admit I was skeptical at first, but I had tried everything else, so I figured why not. After bathing my dog just once, the relief was immediate! No more sneezing, itching, watery eyes, etc. I could actually enjoy cuddling with my dog! The product tends to start wearing off after about a week, so I try to bath the dog on a weekly basis or at least every other week.
  Excellent product and company
Reviewed by: Don't Poison your Pet! from So. FLorida

In Florida, we have warm weather all year. Fleas and ticks are in abundance but I have read so much about the flea poisons you apply to your pet on the shoulders and how it causes cancer that I never want to use it. With this shampoo, my two huge dogs love taking baths and they have ZERO fleas. Their coats are shiny and so soft my vet even asked what I use.
  Great, Does it all
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer's partner from Louisiana

softer coat, good smell and does reduce odor days after use. Reduces allergens and fleas too. The product is thinner than I expected, but I will buy this over and over. I love it!
  smells funny
Reviewed by: Sandra from Austin, Texas

I have a male black cat, notorious for potent allergens. This shampoo has a funny smell and because of that, I didn't use it long enough to see if it worked and it did NOT seem to work the first wash. I also bought the Anti-Allergen Solution Spray, which I liked alot more because you can spray it on carpets and bedding, and it has no scent. Plus, the spray works on other allergens, great for places with lots to be allergic to like Austin.
Reviewed by: happy pets from Puerto Rico

My product was very good, my allergies decreased and my pets are happy!
  Help for asthma sufferers!
Reviewed by: Pleased mother from Centerburg, OH

My daughter has allergy-induced asthma. Just being around dogs, cats, horses, etc. is enough to send her into respiratory distress and/or pneumonia. She was never able to stay in my house for more than 2 hours without feeling the effects of my little dog, Taffy. I ordered the Anti-Allergen Solution Pet Shampoo and have used it twice over a 3-week period. It works! My daughter spent the entire day with me with NO allergic reaction and she even picked Taffy up and carried her around!
  The greatest thing since sliced bread!
Reviewed by: allergy queen w/ mile-long medical chart! from Laramie, Wyoming by way of Alabama and Tennessee!

I LOVE this product!!! From the very first time the kids shampooed our dog with it, I experienced IMMEDIATE relief from my previously constant coughing, throat-clearing, sniffling, and general malaise which usually came on in the evenings as I was attempting to spend quality chilling-out time with our family. The shampoo is literally a God-send for ALL of us, since I no longer subject my family to my horrendous hacking and choking noises brought on by my allergy to the dog. I want to buy stock in your company, in addition to acquiring a lifetime supply of your anti-allergen pet shampoo! Thank you SO MUCH for restoring my quality of life when I had about given up hope!
  It Really Works!
Reviewed by: Lana Badouin from California

I am not allergic to my two cats, but I rescued a stray kitten, and I was severely allergic to him. He was a fantastic, loving kitten, but I was putting prescription eye drops in my eyes and taking 2 Benedryl a day and still having severe allergies. I was going to have to give the kitten away. Then I bought this shampoo. It was unbelievable. No allergies any more. No drops and no pills for me either. We got to keep the kitten and I am very, very happy.
  Pet shampoo
Reviewed by: Asthma patient from Raleigh,NC

I have severe asthma and this wonderful shampoo is making such a difference for me and my cats! It leaves their fur soft and lovely and cuts down all the dander too! I will get more!!
  Happy, and Healthy, Pet Owners are grateful
Reviewed by: The Howe Family from Texans in the Foreign Service, posted to Manila

Our family has always loved having dogs, but everyone in the family has horrible allergies. It has been a few years since we had pets, and just recently we bought a new puppy. I found the achoo! website and ordered shampoo similar to what we used years ago on previous pets. This shampoo is even better than what we used to use. Not only does it eliminate our allergy to the dog, it smells so much nicer than the old chemically smelling one we used before. We just love this product, and now we are allergy free to love our new dog!
  Works Great
Reviewed by: G Thompson from Cato, NY

This product works great! We just found out that my son is allergic to our cat. We had a choice of either getting rid of our cat or trying the shampoo. We use the shampoo once a week on our dog and cat and our son can pet, hold and play with the cat without his nose getting stuffy. The only thing that is bad is that it is shampoo and our cat does not like getting wet, so that is sort of a challenge. But the product works great!
  best ever
Reviewed by: John from Florida

I have a yellow lab and the breed is notorious for having skin prblems... dry,itchy and prone to hot spots. I have tried everything from the vet giving weekly shots to following a very bland diet for my pup. The Ecology Works pet shampoo is remarkable. After only using it once, I could tell an immediate difference. After a couple of months, she doesn't shed nearly as much, no itching and her coat is silky soft. I recommend that anyone with dander allergies use this in conjunction with The Ecology Works Anti Allergen Solution and their Dust Mite and Flea product. I will never use those expensive "poisons" that you buy and put on the pets back to control fleas again! My house is dander, dust mite and flea free!!! Don't hesitate. Order it now!!
  Clean Pets, Clean Air To Breathe
Reviewed by: Paige, allergy sufferer from Raleigh, NC

I recently got two new big dogs after having small dogs all my life. Bigger dogs have more to shed, and more dander to share. I was having allergy symptoms from the minute they moved in, and I found this anti-allergen shampoo online. It really cuts down on the amount of dander in the air and hair in the house, greatly decreasing my allergies. It left the dogs' coats super clean and shiny without drying out their skin. Highly recommended!
  Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo
Reviewed by: Runny nose relief from Kennesaw, Georgia

I suffer from seasonal allergies from April to May every year in Ga. I have two dogs that insist on being walked everyday; therefore they collect alot of pollen. This shampoo has reduced my allergy symptoms greatly. I love this shampoo. There is no perfume smell that will irritate the nose. Great product!
  Great for dogs and families
Reviewed by: Thankful Army wife from Vicenza, Italy

I bought this product because my husband is allergic to dander and our long haired dachshund is very precious to us. I thought I would give this a try and it has helped tremendously with my husbands allergies. I recommend this product for anyone that has a beloved pet and family that are allergic.
  Best pet shampoo for allergies
Reviewed by: Concerned mommy from Phoenix, AZ

I bought this product because my young son is allergic to dogs. He really wanted a puppy so we got one. He was showing signs of allergies, his eyes swelled and watered, his nose was stuffy and his eczema flared up. I found this item and read the testimonials and thought I would try it. What a huge improvement! The puppy gets washed 2-3 times a week and I keep a tshirt on her most of the time and his allergies pretty much have stopped! I am very impressed with this product. Seller is great too, they fixed a potential problem without question.
  My dog's fur is the softest he's ever been!
Reviewed by: NH mom with 2 allergic boys from Seacoast, NH

Wow! Every other shampoo I've ever used still left his fur feeling a little oily & after a day or two he smelled like a wet stinky dog again. But with this it's been 2 weeks & he still feels & smells great. I ordered this on line after searching every pet supply store around with no luck. Now our allergist said my 2 boys both are showing no symptoms even though they're animal allergies still exist. Great stuff!
  Great Product
Reviewed by: A dog lover from Richmond Hill, Georgia

I have three dogs and even though I don't necessarily have an allergy to dogs, their dander is all over my house. I have washed all three dogs with this and it has seemed to help not only me but them as well. I have a terrier mix who has skin allergies and since using this product she has stopped itching as much as before.
  So far so good
Reviewed by: Sergio from Burbank, CA

My wife's dog allergies were always minor and very manageable so we decided to adopt a lab mix. Well, long story short after a week of having our dog Kenya, my wife developed bad asthmatic attacks and we were to the point of having to return her (Kenya of course). But were so much in love with our dog, we decided to give this shampoo a try and along w/her allergist other recomendations everything seems to be under control. We use it once a week, along with better dusting habits.
  No more itch!
Reviewed by: Annie from Bainbridge, IN

This is the first shampoo I've used on my long hair chihuahua that hasn't made her scratch and lick herself for days after bathing! And THAT helps with my allergy and asthma symptoms! YEA!
  too much congestion for little baby
Reviewed by:  constant congestion from Illinois

After using anti-allergen pet shampoo my 8 month old son is 10 times better with his congestion. I bathed all three of our cats and our english bulldog. The diffrence in our son was like night and day. I so relieved to find a product that would help our baby's breathing so much. Can't say enough. I'm a happier mommy and most important a happier son.
  Pet Shampoo
Reviewed by: Constance from Westland, Michigan

My cat named Goldie refuses to clean his fur. He must be washed every few months to keep his long hair clean. It was a chore bathing Goldie but the Anti-Allergen Solution Pet Shampoo helped to make the event easier. The shampoo does not have a strong odor and cleaned his hair. Even rinsing out the shampoo was quick. Goldie was in and out of the sink within 5 minutes.
  Awesome Shampoo
Reviewed by: Kate Wiggin from Lee, New Hampshire

This shampoo not only has a fabulous scent that doesn't bother my asthma, it also delivers. We used it on our ferrets and even after a week, they still smell great and I haven't had any breathing problems. A definite keeper!
  Allergen Reducing Shampoo
Reviewed by: Erica Kendall- Asthma and Allergy Sufferer from Boston, MA

This shampoo definitely minimized the allergens that were produced by my dog. Before I had used it I couldn't control my sneezing and coughing. After I used it my allergies and asthma were under control. I highly recommend this product to other sufferers like myself!!
  Anti-allergy pet shampoo
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Ellijay, Georgia

Pretty good shampoo - my poodle didn't mind the change, either.
Reviewed by: woof! from NJ,product!

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