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  so far so good
Reviewed by: Reiny Hayabusa Rider from near Toronto, Canada

I just purchased this mask and by looking at it , it looks like its going to be warm.I'm going to be using it while on my motorcycle,which i haven't been able to do because of the weather up here in Canada.I'm confident that it will keep me warm.The breathXchange box can be removed if in the way.
  Great for Heart Patients!!
Reviewed by: Heart Surgery Patient from Clevleand, Ohio

After my heart surgery the doctors told me I had to walk every day. But I live in Northeast Ohio, and when I would try to walk outside in the winter the cold air would hurt my chest and lungs. Also, I don't particularly care for the indoor tredmill, I really prefer to be outside and love the winter, so this was very disappointing for me. After purchasing this product that is no longer a problem. Now I can walk everyday in -15 degree weather and the cold air does not hurt my chest and lungs like before. Thank you achoo allergy for this great product!! Now I can get the exercise I need.
  north slope worker
Reviewed by: aircraft mechanic from north slope oil fields

I work outside where the temp commonly drops below a -80. At that temp your lungs freeze from the cold air entering your lungs. Since I recieved mine I have not had the pain from breathing the frigid air. I recommend the vapor shield if you wear glasses though and they actually should include them in the purchase price.
  it is what i saw online!
Reviewed by: rick from condon, oregon

i'm always concerned when buying on line, but rest assured this product is of high quality and has prompt delivery!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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