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  Great for outdoor activities
Reviewed by: Carol from St. Paul, MN

I rate the product highly, though I will use it far less than the "I can breathe" mask that slips over the ears. That one is great for quick on/off and wearing for the short time to walk between buildings or while running errands. This one is not as easy on/off, and is designed for sports or longer wear. It warmed the air well. It has a foam piece that goes over the nose to keep from fogging the glasses, but I found it pinched the nostrils completely and that felt a little suffocating to me. The foam did keep it from fogging the glasses, though. This has an added advantage of warming the ears and neck. I tried using on a day when my asthma was already bad, and I couldn't for more than a few minutes, as it made it too difficult to breathe. I wore it on a day when I was breathing okay, and it prevented bronchospasm and didn't seem to add any burden. I will use it less, since I don't participate in many outdoor winter activities, but I have recommended it to several people who like winter sports and need to prevent bronchospasm.
  I can play in the snow again
Reviewed by: Jeff Smith from NW Iowa

I ordered this mask with the hopes that I could go outside again. I have COPD and cold air feels like fire entering my lungs. This mask works exactly as advertised. I spent 4 hours in 15 degree weather and never has a problem with my breathing. I would recomend it to anyone.
  need more information please!
Reviewed by: exercise enthusiast from New York, NY

Because the product cannot be returned and is not inexpensive, more sizing information is needed. Specifically, in inches, both expanded and not expanded how wide is the mask at the point where if has to be fastened . It might make a difference in choosing the S/M or the Large
  Makes life easier
Reviewed by:  from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Since I received the BreathXchange-half mask, I can now walk outside without the cold air getting into my lungs and giving me an bronchitis attack. It also keeps my body warm so I don't suffer from the severe cold. This is so nice as I can continue in the winter with my walks with the dog. Being 67 years old, it is important to me to be able to do all these things.
Reviewed by: Ex Smoker who like winter walking from North East Tennessee

I have used these masks now for at least 3 years and they have set me free, especially on cold and even extremely cold days The only proble, I have had especially with the Half Masks is the fit seems difficult, and being a large person, I have always ordered the Largest size. This time I am going to try one at the Smaller size, as the heating units look like they are able to be moved from one mask to another, I may be wrong here, but it is worth a shot
  Good but too loose
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Indiana

I've only used the half-mask two times, and it seems to work well, except that I had ordered size L/XL based on a comment in a review that it ran small. I believe size S/M would be better for a woman.
  breathXchange half mask
Reviewed by: asthma /emphaseyma from houston, tx

i ordered the breathXchange half mask because i love to ride my motorcycle but everytime i would ride it i would get sick. but now that i started using the breath-exchange i can ride my bike to louisiana and back to texas without getting sick, so thanks breathXchange
  Really helped!
Reviewed by: Asthmatic from West Texas

I used this for the first time today. It was 39 degrees, 31 with windchill. I used this and it made the air warm and made it a lot easier to breathe. It was well worth the money and I highly recommend it. It does run small, so if you're debating between sizes, I would go with the larger one.

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