M-1 House Wash Customer Reviews

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  Tough on Mildew
Reviewed by: Asthma Sufferer from Lindley, New York

M-1 works great on eliminating mildew. I had a major problem with the roof rotting and falling in through the ceiling. Mildew triggers an asthma attack for me. I used the M-1 to shampoo the carpet and washed everything in the room with it to kill the mildew spores, plus a basement gonzo to help clean the air enough to allow me to paint the room and seal everything. I was beginning to think that it was hopeless to get the odor out and that I would never be able to use the room again. The room is not only back to being useable, but it is now painted and has zero mildew odor.
  M-1 Excellent product
Reviewed by: Ana Valdes from Miami

Found what I was looking for, an excellent odorless product to clean almost everything in the house from soiled floors to countertops.
  A product that realy works
Reviewed by: Ed from Essex, Maryland

M 1 House Wash is a most excellent product, I have removed black streaks with this product that no other cleaner would remove.
  A Real Life Saver
Reviewed by: Christine Richardson from Pennsylvania

This product has been a real life saver for me! Flooding caused my house to be attacked by mold, and anything with chlorine causes my asthma to flare up. This product had no smell, and works on an astonishing range of surfaces. I used it on wood panelling, varnished furniture, even leather and no surface was harmed. This stuff is great!!!!!
  M1 house wash
Reviewed by: Allergy suffer ...Mold from Hopatcong, NJ

Unbelievable, This is the greatest cleaner I have ever used. Best mold remover and it has a staying power for a long time. Up to two seasons. I cleaded the north side of my house two summers ago and just had to re clean this year. It cleans the painted gutters like new. This stuff is great. I connot find this in stores anymore. Home depot used to have it. Their loss.
  A great cleaner for mold
Reviewed by: I found a great mold removal solution from Warminster, Pennsylvania

My house is located in a place having very much humidity. So some areas in the house has a mold problem. I was looking for a effective cleaner that is safe to use. I tried bleach before but it give out a unhealthy vapor and the problem is not solved completely. I saw your web page about the M-1 house wash and purchased the gallon bottle. This product is safe to use and really worked well. The mold never come back after cleaning the areas with the M-1 and the installation of a dehumifier.
  pleasant surprise
Reviewed by: Midsouth Pressure washing from Biloxi, MS

I ordered 6 gallons then I ordered 5 more, just in case. I completed 54 duplexes and had 7 gallons left. I had to mix a little more than the instructions for my needs, but it greatly exceeded my expectations. Not to mention the plants and flowers were not harmed.
  M -1!
Reviewed by:  from MI

i Love this cleaning product and I use it for all my cleaning needs not just for cleaning decks and houses; infact I haven't used it for that yet.
  All pupose awesome cleaner
Reviewed by: TL - Black streak hater! from 

I use this on the black streaks on my boat. It only saves me about $100 worth of the special "black streak remover". Oh yeah, we love it in the house as well!
Reviewed by: sensitive to smells from Madison NH

Actually I haven't used it yet. I was not satisfied with the directions. I wish there was a chart to tell me exactly how much mix would equal (for example) Windex; Lestoil; Softscrub, etc.
  My dirty tile
Reviewed by: My Dirty Tile from Texas

2 years ago we had 50% of our house covered with natural Travertine tile. The installer did an excellent job until it got to sealing it properly. Needless to say, with two 80 lb. Labradors tracking on it the dirt built up. We tried every cleaner available @ Lowes & Home Deopt to no Avail. Then I remembered the quart of M-1 I had in the garage. I don't even remember where I got that original bottle. We mixed it about 20 to 1 with 2 cups of Clorox Bleach and PRESTO. The tile is back to it's original natural color and now sealed properly.
  Cleaner of Excellance
Reviewed by: Phyllis V from Upstate Ny

I have been using M-1 for 15 yrs and love it.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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