Ogallala Pearl White Hypodown Pillows Customer Reviews

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  Pretty Good, But...
Reviewed by: Angie K. from Long Beach, CA

I have been an allergy sufferer for the last 3 years and have had to go through several processes of prevention. This pillow was very promising when I received it - it was fluffy and felt like a real down pillow! I enjoyed it for a few months, even though it had a slight smell from the Hypodown, which did not bother me much. The only real unfortunate thing is that after several months of use, the pillow tends to go real flat during sleep which causes me neckpain. My advice is to go with a heavier filling, even if you are a back sleeper. Otherwise, great pillow and website.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Dayton, Ohio

After years of using a feather pillow, I switched to this pillow for allergy reasons. This pillow is wonderfully soft and a perfect replacement for the pillow that I've loved for years.
  Worth Every Penny
Reviewed by: N from New York, NY

This pillow is not cheap, but it's money well spent! The extra firm pillow works well for reading. You might want one of the others for sleeping.
  Best Down Pillow
Reviewed by: Daydream Believer from New York

Unfortunately, because some manufacturers write fake reviews, it's hard to know if you can trust any reviews nowadays. Well, this is a real review by an actual customer. I needed new pillows -- I like them firm. First, I bought 2 without much research from Pacific Coast. They were not what I would call firm. After some research, I realized that a truly firm down pillow would cost a significant amount. My final candidates were Cuddledown, Down and Feather, and Ogallala. The prices were comparable. However, I already have an Ogallala comforter and I kind of buy into the whole Syriaca theory. So, where to buy. Allergy Buyer's Club does not sell the extra firm pillow, plus it accepts returns. Most people would consider that a positive, but not me. I don't want a pillow that someone else returned. I wrote to Ogallala, which recommended Achoo Allergy. I placed my order, which was shipped directly from Ogallala. The pillows arrived in perfect condition, and they truly are perfect. I sleep on the firm pillow and use the extra firm for reading. PS: Before learning about Achoo Allergy, I bought pillow encasements from National Allergy, but I'm sure Achoo sells those as well.
  The Very Best
Reviewed by: Happy at last from Louisville, Kentucky

These are the very best pillows I have ever had and I have been sleeping on pillows for more than 60 years! I sleep on my stomach so I need a soft pillow. The soft pillows I've had in the past have been so soft that they were useless for anything but lying flat. I'm allergic to down but have tried it in the past after my synthetic pillows turned lumpy on me. The down pillows I tried were more comfortable but they always made me sneeze, so I'd end up putting them in the closet with all the other pillows I couldn't use. Your Hypodown pillows are wonderful! They have enough fill to support me if I want to read before I go to sleep and they don't make me sneeze. I was a bit leery of paying $130 for a pillow when I've bought other down pillows for less, but now that I've tried them I won't have anything else regardless of cost. They're tops in my book!
  Pure Heaven
Reviewed by: Shawn H from Chesapeake, VA

This pillow is an absolute dream...nuff said!
  I'm in Love
Reviewed by: Sleeping happily  from Harrisburg, PA

This is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. Just wonderful.
  Sleeping like a baby
Reviewed by: fussy sleeper from Phoenix, AZ

I have gone through many pillows in the last few years, but always wake with a stiff neck and sometimes a headache. I used a down pillow about a year ago, but it wasn't hypoallergenic, so I ended up with severe bronchitis. I'm so happy to have discovered Hypodown! I'm trying to convince my husband that he needs one, too.
  Happy Husband
Reviewed by: L. Niblock from Sarasota, Florida

I bought this pillow for my husband. He loves sleeping on a down pillow but my allergies wouldn't allow it. Wow, now we have the best of both worlds. He's very happy with his new pillow and I don't have any allergy problems. I even bought one for myself! There's nothing like sleeping on down.
  down pillow
Reviewed by: sleep seeker from Dickinson, North Dakota

Everything but price is fantastic. 800 fill extra firm down pillow hits the mark. Firmness exceeds its billing.

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