Ogallala Harvester Hypodown Pillow Customer Reviews

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  great pillows
Reviewed by: allergy relief from Pleasant Hill, CA

Had polyps in my sinuses removed. Doctor said no feather pillows so glad to find a feather pillow I can sleep on that will not aggravate my allergies. My wife loves hers too as the firm pillow has relieved her stiff neck.
  Finally- A wonderful night's sleep!
Reviewed by: Christine from Orlando, FL

I have been sleeping like a baby ever since I received this pillow (700/soft/Harvest)! I have arthritis and bone spurs in two disks in my neck and have been a prisoner to my former pillow (which I have been using since I was 10 (35 years-no lie)). I have been trying to replace it for years but every other pillow I tried gave me headaches and I could not fall asleep. This pillow is super soft and flexible. I would recommend to anyone with neck problems. Well worth the price.
  Heavenly soft
Reviewed by: Must Buy from New York

Amazing pillow! Gives me the support I need without the neck ache! I have been sleeping like a baby since I purchased it. Will be purchasing one for my husband.
  comfortable pillow
Reviewed by: jeannette from long island

I purchased the hypodown soft pillow. I bought it to see if it would help reduce the hives and itching on my face. I refuse to give up onmy down pillow. I think I had some allergic reaction to the standard down. So far so good with this one. It didnt have that funky smell lke the other pillows I previously bought at the store.
  We Bought 2 King Size Based on Your Description
Reviewed by: A (Now) Well Rested Customer  from Georgetown, IN

And we found these pillows to be a well justified expenditure. Sometimes my wife and I sleep on my pillow - sometimes I sleep with her on hers. We got rid of our other ones once we slept on these!
  Very Nice Pillow!
Reviewed by: Grateful Parents of an Allergy Sufferer from Georgetown, IN

This pillow is extemely comfortable, but the reason we got it is because our 1.5 year old daughter has been having a hard time sleeping due to a stuffed up nose. Apparently, it was allergies after all and she has been sleeping well. She loves it and we love it too, because now we can sleep!
  Allergy Armor Pillow Encasings
Reviewed by: L. Niblock from Sarasota, Florida

The dustmite protection pillow covers that arrived with my order were just as soft and comfortable as you said they would be. No plastic feeling, and the pillow remained cool and comfortable. Better sleep, no waking up with allergy problems. Thank you.
  restful night's sleep
Reviewed by: L. Niblock from Sarasota, Florida

The Harvester pillow is luxuriously comfortable. Not only do I wake up without congestion from my allergies, but my neck is no long sore and achey. Thank you for a wonderful product
  Great Hypodown PIllow
Reviewed by: sneezy from Northern New Mexico

My allergies are much better since switching to the hypodown pillow. I never wanted to switch from a down/feather pillow because I like to be able to bunch and mold my pillow to support my neck. These pillows are extremely comfortable and absolutely worth every penny!

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