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Reviewed by: Gary from San Francisco, CA

This is a firmer pillow than I thought when I ordered it. I like it and it provides good support.
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Reviewed by: Nicole N from Indiana

After deciding to make the investment in this wool pillow, i am more than pleased with this purchase and would like to eventually exchange all my other pillows with these wool ones. They hold their shape very well, and as a side sleeper it supports my head and neck very well. The best part though is almost immediately i noticed i was no longer sneezing in bed as much. I will be purchasing another of these Ogallala pillows soon!
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Reviewed by: headache from north carolina

i was disappointed with this pillow. it had an oder which i was allergic and within a week it was flat as pancake and was very hard to fluff up. on top of that had to pay a restocking fee to return it. i would not order again.
  best pillow ever
Reviewed by: Pixie with horrible allergies from Jacksonville, Florida

I have no idea the hundreds of dollars I have spent trying to find a comfortable pillow. I wish I had know about this one long ago!! I is incredible. Doesn't flatten out, is cool and just firm enough to give me plenty of neck support whether I sleep on my side or my back!! I will be getting another for this Christmas. Now that I found perfection, I want more.
  Best Pillow Ever
Reviewed by: Cheryl from The Woodlands, TX

I have tried many, many pillows, including expensive ones and specially shaped ones. Finally, the Ogallala Wool Pillows - Wool Extra Firm Standard fits my needs perfectly. Sleeping on my side, it supports my head and neck correctly so my spine is properly aligned. It helps with my breathing, too, as it keeps my head properly elevated. I have arthritis in my neck. Since I started using this pillow, I no longer wake up with a stiff neck. It is the perfect pillow for me! Definitely worth the investment!
  Truly firm, worth the price
Reviewed by: Picky about pillows from NYC

My pillows usually flatten to pancakes within a few months. Fluffy and soft is nice ... in the beginning, but over time, there's no neck support. This wool filled pillow is firm and dense, a great feel of quality that justifies the price. Let''s see how long it lasts. My fingers are crossed.
  Very Comfortable
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Redmond, Wa

Pillows are warm and comfortable!
  Wool Pillows
Reviewed by: Allergy Suffer from Redmond, WA

Very comfortable pillow. Just as comfortable as my old pillow without all the synthetic products to trigger my allergies.
  Pricey But Worth It
Reviewed by: Shannon from West Palm Beach, FL

I was VERY hesitant to pay this amount for a pillow, but after having my last pillow for a few too many years, I figured it's worth it if I get as much use out of it. After it arrived, I put my old pillow to rest, and I couldn't be happier. I cannot describe what a difference this pillow had made for me. I sleep so much better! Before I used to wake up at least once or twice a week with a stiff neck or sore upper back, and I haven't since I started using this pillow. The fill is perfect. My downsides to this pillow are price and having it cleaned. Despite these, I am very happy that I decided to buy the wool pillow.
  Sumptious firmness
Reviewed by: Don from Bonaire, Georgia

At first I balked at ordering these pillows due to the high price tag but after only one nights sleep it became apparent that it was money well spent. I purchased these not for allergy relief but because I have been unable to find a decent pillow since Pillowtex went out of business a few years ago. I need a very firm pillow for adequate neck support and the ones I bought before lost their loft after only a few months. These are very high quality and easily regain their original loft after only just a casual fluff or two. The 10 year guarantee is a big plus too. After several trials and errors I think I have finally found the perfect pillow to replace my beloved Pillowtex. Sensitivity to wool was a big concern for me because my wife is highly allergic to many wool products and to dust mites but neither are an issue with these pillows. They are 100% sterilized and my wife has been able to sleep comfortably since I purchased these and so have I. I consider the amount spent on these pillows as an investment. After all, how can you put a price tag on a good nights sleep?

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