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  pet mess
Reviewed by: Pet cleanup from Chula Vista, Ca

I love this product. My cats have frequent accidents and if it wasn't for Gonzo I would have urine stains on my carpet. It never has discolored any carpet or rug I have tried it on and so far, is the best pet stain remover I have tried. Thank you Achoo Allergy for this wonderful product.
  Best ever
Reviewed by: lms from california

Gonzo is the best spot remover I have ever tried. If my two cats throw up on my carpet I have no trouble getting it off even after it has dried. It works on about every stain I have used it. The only drawback is not being able to get all the liquid out with the spray gun. I find I have to waste some as you cannot remove the top from the bottle. You need to be able to remove the cap.
  Left large stains
Reviewed by:  from Maine

I used Gonzo on a large stain from iced tea spilled on a dark gray area rug. I followed the instructions carefully, but a large darker stain was left where I had applied Gonzo. It was even worse than before! &ltbr&gt&ltbr&gt[Editor's Note: When using products like this, we always recommend a spot test. Most of the time there is no problem with using cleaners like this, but you don't always know what the fabric is made of or what is possibly in the fabric that could have a color reaction with the cleaner.]
  Gonzo carpet cleaner REALLY works
Reviewed by: Richard from Sherman Oaks, California

How many times have you tried a carpet cleaner, only to find that all it really did was move the dirt/stain from one place to another? Well, Gonzo's version totally removes it, and permanently. Spray it on, let it sit for several minutes, and blot the stain away. In fact, some times, the stain will disappear with no blotting. Truly remarkable product.
  This is magic
Reviewed by: Leona from San Diego, California

I can't believe how great Gonzo works. I had a carpet stain for years that the carpet cleaners couldn't even get out.I used this product and it came out immediately and never came back. It has been remarkable on any spot I have used it. I highly recommend this. There is no odor and I will never be without it.
  Gonzo Works with No Allergy Inducing Odor
Reviewed by: an Asthma sufferer from New Orleans area, LA

I ordered Gonzo from Achoo Allergy because I had heard that it was a very good allergy friendly product. Spots and stains are removed from clothes, carpet, chair, couches very easily. You name it. There is no odor to the product. I love the fact that it is so environmentally and allery friendly since I have asthma. I've given bottles to my daughter-in-law and neice who also love it. I might add that Achoo handled my order in a very quick, efficient, and professional manner.
  miracle spot reviewer
Reviewed by: J. Portney from Baltimore, Maryland

I have tried many different spot removals on carpets throughout the years and although some are effective I was very impressed with the quick removal of stains by Gonzo Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaner. I noticed the spot starting to disappear upon spraying the cleaner on the spot. Just a quick movement with a brush and the stain was gone. I remember thinking that this is almost magical. I would highly recommend this product not only because of its effectiveness but because its environmental friendly.
  Gonzo Spot remover
Reviewed by: Lots of Spots on carpet from Sacramento, CA

I love Gonzo Spot & Stain remover. It works great without fading the color.
Reviewed by: L. Hooper from Nashville

I have used just about every spot remover on the market and have NEVER found one that works like this. I recommend this to everyone I know because it works so incredibly well! My husband is a mechanic, and this product has saved my carpet countless times! Thanks Gonzo!
Reviewed by: Search for a good stain remover from San Francisco

This is an awesome product! I ordinarily would not take the time to do a review, but I highly recommend Gonzo. It also works on clothing! I had red-punch stain on a pair of cream shoes and . . . Wa-la! A little Gonzo and the stains were gone.

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