Gonzo Wonder Sponge Customer Reviews

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  Best for what I use it for
Reviewed by: Gwen from Malvern, OH

I bought it primarily for dog hair, but chose it over the pet hair sponge b/c it has more uses. For dusting it can be a little difficult on some surfaces, but for pet hair it worked well. I was able to basically pull all of my dog's hair from the sofa into one neat little pile that I removed. As far as some of the other uses, I haven't got to that yet, but for dog hair, it's great!
  Wonder why I bought this.
Reviewed by:  from Oakland

It's the most difficult object to use. It has a strong resistance to being pushed or pulled across any flat surface. Try it on glass and you'll see it doesn't pick up any dirt whatsoever. A dry cloth worked quicker and better! Works well on baseboards and that's about it.
  Love it!!!
Reviewed by: Loves to Clean from Mentor, Ohio

This is (without a doubt) the best product I've used to clean up cat hair in my house. When the one I had wore out I had a heck of a time finding them again. They should really be sold everywhere! If you have pets this is a must have! It also works great on cleaning lint/dust from delicate lamp shades.
  Pet hair
Reviewed by: A professional cleaner from Carmi, Illinois

Just used the Wonder Sponge for the first time. It was recommended for removing pet hair from upholstry and it really does the job! Works better than the vacuum.
  Gonzo Wonder Sponge
Reviewed by: Melissa Donaldson from Ellijay, Georgia

Pretty hefty sponge, but I haven't tried it on all the surfaces it recommends yet.
Reviewed by: L.G. from Arizona

Just tried out the Gonzo Wonder Sponge on the top of my refrigerator which collects so much dust and is hard to keep clean. The sponge is used dry and does exactly what it says. Will be sure to continue ordering this sponge and is a great value as well.
  Microfiber Miracle
Reviewed by: Slobbery Boxer Owner from Phoenixville, PA

If you own anything microfiber....this is a lifesaver! It takes off everything!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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