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  eliminate odor
Reviewed by: satisfied customer from Sheboygan, WI

We have purchased the Gonzo Basement odor eliminator stones a few times now. We are happy to report that they work quite well. Unfortunately after our first purchase we did not realize we can refresh them by setting them out in the sunlight. We are now doing that to extend the life of the rocks.
  odor free basement
Reviewed by: Damp basement problem from Kansas,Mayetta

i have a 1400 plus sq. foot basement..by placing 5 of these odor eliminator bags,the basement does not smell damp or smelly now..
  Odor Eliminator
Reviewed by:  from St Paul, Minnesota

I highly recommend this to everyone, especially those with allergies. It's amazing how this mineral just eliminates damp musty odors! Love It! Thank You. M Moen
  it works
Reviewed by: Mike from Flanagan, IL

I bought 3 bags because of basement odors and have only needed to hang 1. So I am donating the others to my in laws.
  Odors really are GONZO
Reviewed by: Cat Lover from New Jersey

I have two cats, their litter box is in a utility room in the basement. The combined odors of the box and the mustiness of the basement were becoming overwhelming which is why I opted to try this product. It works fast and it works really well. I bought three. Placed one in the utility room, one in a work room and one in the remaining unfinished basement area. I noticed a difference in a matter of a few hours. By the next day, it was really good and two days later, no odor at all. I could not be more pleased. Unpack it, place it in the room and you're done. How does it get any better than that?
Reviewed by: Jane Doe from Lindley, New York

I was a little doubtful about it working, but I thought it was worth a try to get the basement smelling better. I bought two - one for the basement and one to put in a room that had an extreme case of mildew. I was very surprised, when the basement actually did smell pleasant. It no longer has a musty smell to it.
  It works!
Reviewed by: Happy customer from Minnesota

I bought 3 of these not having a lot of faith they would work but they do! I noticed it less then a day after putting them out. They removed 80% of the pet oder I couldn't seem to get rid of in our basement. Good product!
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Reviewed by:  from 

Great value. Really works! Used for basement area. Took away odors. Used another for smoking odors. Works really well.
  Not a SCAM - Worked perfectly!
Reviewed by:  from Midwest

I bought a few of these to put in my garage and attic where a lingering smell still hung around. I have used several commercial odor reducers with good success, but they never could get rid of it enitrely. I figured for what these cost they were worth a try. After keeping one in my garage for 24 hours, the little smell that was there, completely disappeared. The tinge left in the attic, was also gone too. I hung these up from the ceiling, but am completely amazed at how well they worked. I would recommend these to anyone!
Reviewed by: A person whose basement smells no more! from Milwaukee, WI

What a great product! We hung 2 in our basement and the funny musty smells that were annoying us are GONE. It REALLY works and we're totally impressed!
  odor killer
Reviewed by: Don't like stinky! from Massachusetts

Glad you asked ! Our cellar had SUCH a musty odor when you opened that door. UGH! We have a dehumidifier that would work night and day just about, and still no help with that smell. Then I read reviews on your Odor Eliminator. Ordered right then and there. I tell no fib/lie when I say "All is well again!" It took I would say maybe a half day and already we noticed a major difference, and by the next morning, NO ODOR AT ALL. Thank you EVER so much for offering a product that actually does what you claim it will do. Makes me have faith in trying anything else you offer, that we may need.
  Yes, it really works!
Reviewed by: Happy mom from South Carolina

I recently purchased the Gonzo Odor Eliminator, made from volcanic minerals. I was so glad to find this product again! I had one of these years ago, and did not know where to find it again. For musty, mildewy smelling areas, this works great! I have it in a large, double closet and it has definetly absorbed the unpleasant odors! I will be ordering more of these for other problem areas in my home!
  Gonzo Basement Odor Eliminator
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from New York

This product is amazing, within 4 days the musty smelly odors were gone! I have forgotton what the basement use to smell like. I don"t mind going into the basement to do laundry anymore.
  Odor Eliminator
Reviewed by: AE from Scotia, NY

Seems to work OK, but not as good as what I expected. Perhaps my basement is REALLY stinky. I think I'll open the second one I bought and see if that helps the situation.
Reviewed by:  from Cleveland, OH

I was laughed at when I bought this product, but it actually worked to even my surprise! I just wish HD still stocked them, but I'm glad achoo does. I LOVE it!
  Wow! This works!!
Reviewed by: Susan Hall from Texas

My daughter lives in an apartment and discovered after she had been there awhile that a cigarette smoke smell was in the walls or vents and was getting into her clothes! Yuck. I bought this product for her and it worked! I read all the rave reviews that others had put up and they were right..it took away the stink! Fantastic product..Gonzo, you get my vote!
  Awesome and inexpensive
Reviewed by: Kelloggs from LA

This product does exactly what it says it will do and we are very pleased! We are so thankful we found the achoo allergy company! They have really helped us fulfill our allergy product needs and quickly! Thank you from a family who suffers from serious allergies and asthma!
  It made a believer out of me
Reviewed by:  from Illinois

We had carpet that got wet when our sump pump quit working. We had taken up the padding and left the carpet for almost one year. I read some reviews about this product and thought it was worth a try. I have about 1600 Sq ft of finished basement area and within two days, the smell had almost disappeared with one pouch. I will be buying another one to help eliminate the odor. It is worth what every penny.
  Great for banishing mustiness
Reviewed by: mold allergy sufferer from SF Bay Area, CA

I've had different varieties of the Gonzo odor eliminators and always found them helpful for absorbing bad odors. THis time I needed another one for a VERY musty cabinet and other so-called odor absorbers hadn't done a thing for it...this one did the job!! And it was really a strong odor!
  It really works!
Reviewed by: Basement Dweller from Columbus, Ohio

I was skeptical that I would notice any difference in the air quality by hanging this "odor eliminator" in our basement, but I can honestly say that it has made a difference. It has helped clear the air of everything from moldy basement smell to smoke residue. I will be buying more of these for other parts of the house.
  This stuff really works!!
Reviewed by: Amazed!! from Fort Worth, Texas

I put a bag in my living room to get rid of a horrible odor coming from the flooded carpet I had. Within 1 day, the odors in my whole house were completely eliminated!!
  This really worked for me!
Reviewed by: Leigh from Atlanta, GA

I recently moved into a house that had an overall musty smell, with strong pet odors in some of the rooms. I tried removing the odors by thoroughly cleaning everything, but the odors still lingered. I like to use products that don't harm the environment, so I was trying every natural approach possible to get rid of the odors. I saw the Gonzo odor eliminator and decided to give it a try, but didn't really expect it to work. On the package I believe it said it would eliminate odors within 8 hours. I put a bag in one of the bedrooms and checked back in about 12 hours. I was only mildly disappointed because although I could still smell some pet odors, it was significantly better. A few days passed and I went into that room again was very pleasantly surprised to find that I could not smell one hint of the pet odors anymore! I even had friends test out the room to see if I'd just gotten used to the pet smells, and everyone was amazed at how the odors were just completely gone. I bought a couple more bags for other rooms and they're working great. These are natural volcanic rocks that aren't bad for you or the environment, and you just put the bag out in the sun to "recharge" them after about 10 months. I haven't tried that yet so I can't testify to that, but I can tell you that if you hesitated to buy these because it sounded too good to be true, you might want to give them a try. I give them 5 stars.
Reviewed by: MJP with the sensitive nose from Manchester, New Hampshire

What a great product!! We moved into a first floor apartment in October 2006 and realized quickly that the musty odor wasn't going to go away, anytime soon. No amount of open windows, vacuuming or cleaning was working and neither of us can handle those 'smelly' deodorizers that simply try to cover one smell with another. Enter the Odor Eliminator -- and poof, we no longer smell anything as we enter our apartment. We bought three bags in January 2007 and within 24 hours, the smell was gone. We bought one for a friend to put in her car after she quits smoking (we are her cheering squad) and we thought we might need two because of the layout of our place ... but one is working on this 1400+ sq.ft. apartment. What a relief! To be honest, we knew it would work because a family member we visited over the holidays keeps one beneath her cocktail table because her husband does still smoke. One new visitor was shocked to see him light up in the house because she had smelled 'no smoke' when she came in to join us. It doesn't grab the smoke out of the air, but it certainly does help eliminate the leftover odor the next day. We love it for our new apartment-behind-the-swamp thing we had going on here, in the northeast. Our biggest problem now is deciding what to do with the extra bag. Do we keep it for the house we hope to move into soon or do we give it to our friend for her apartment ... hmmm.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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