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  Easy to use bed cover
Reviewed by: Corrin from Laguna Beach, CA

This is my second purchase of the vinyl box spring cover. Its a good basic cover. On the 2nd one I bought the zipper broke so I couldn't put it on but I am working to exchange it. I have had no issues with my first one so I know this is just a fluke. It is easy to put on and works for the box spring very well.
  Allergy Armor Vinyl Box Springs Cover
Reviewed by: Asthma sufferer from Maryville, TN

We bought our box springs cover with the expectation that it would help keep the dust down in our bedroom and help my asthma. The cover itself went on well however when I went to zip it closed the zipper came off of the cover completely and there was no way to put it back on. I used some stick on Velcro to close the vinyl box springs cover where the zipper failed to. Bottom line is you can't count on the zipper to work on this product and it does not have a secondary closure as some covers do. We decided not to send it back for a refund as it would be too much trouble send it back therefore we just made it work for us by use of the Velcro. [Editor's Note: We've had a difficult time with the quality of some of the vinyl covers and are in the process of replacing it with a better quality product for roughly the same price.]
  Doesn''t fit
Reviewed by:  from 

The queen product was not tall enough for my box springs.
Reviewed by: Evan S from Oregon

Does what it is supposed to do. It was a tight fit, but overall the material is probably thick enough I don't think it will be ripping any time soon. Good, it works, 4/5 stars
Reviewed by: allergic to mites from Weston, Florida

  Does its job
Reviewed by: Matty Matt from Womelsdorf, PA

This does not require a great of explanation. It does what it says, period. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it runs a bit small and I had some trouble getting it on.
  Box spring cover
Reviewed by: CW from Detroit

Dust mite symptoms are way down and I feel better just knowing that it is there.
  Great Product
Reviewed by: Dust mite allgery suffers from Iowa

This is a wonderful product. I have noticed a big difference in sleeping.
  Allergy Armor Vinyl
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Arizona

Box Spring Encasings are outstanding!! Thank-You Much!! Pleasure Doing Business!!
  Doctors orders
Reviewed by: Rosemary, Asthma sufferer from Angier, North Carolina

Was easy to put on and it is easy to keep dust free!
  Basic but it works . . .
Reviewed by: LH from Atlanta, GA

These are very basic, and the vinyl odor is strong for a while. I highly recommend airing them out for a good week before sleeping with them in your room. I do wish there was a 'low profile' box spring size for these. They are huge, hanging down to the floor beneath my box springs.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from MN

This is PERFECT for a box spring encasement and really easy to put on.
  Better than I thought
Reviewed by: Drowning at night from Santa Monica, California

I got the vinyl box spring cover because we were in a financial pinch and I had to get a cover on the mattress one way or another because of my allergies. I know it's not supposed to go on the mattress and it only has a life of 2-3 years, but for about $20.00, you can't go wrong. The "brand new swimming pool" scent went away with in minutes, unfortunately, because I actually liked the way it smelled. The construction was great. I had my husband help me with this, although not really necessary, and it took about a minute. Our mattress is much "fluffier" than others so the cover was a little tight, but works just fine for a both box spring cover and mattress cover. When it was almost zipped up, I pushed all the other air out not necessary with real mattress covers, zipped it up, and put duct tape on the outside of the zipper for extra protection from the mites. I know this sound horrible, but OK, here's the thing... IT WORKED! Since that day my allergies have stopped COMPLETELY. I wanted to make sure I had 100% no .03 or whatever that the dust mites would not have anyway out. This did it. We have so many soft covers on the mattress it didn't matter that it was vinyl and after having this now for two weeks, well still can't even tell it's on. No noise, no smell, no nothing. The material is like buttery soft, but very strong. My allergies were so horrible that I was going through almost an entire box of tissue every day and have almost lost jobs because it interfered with my sleep. My husband says my snoring has stopped and I breath easier while I'm sleeping. I can actually breath through my nose when I lay down. Now he can sleep better because of it. Overall, we love the cover and will get covers for all box springs and mattresses for the house. This is great for breaking the cycle of allergies to dust mites with out breaking our wallets.
  Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: Judy from Kansas

Excellent product - Easy to install with 2 people
  Great quality and value
Reviewed by: Cinderella from Ohio

This went on easily and I expect it will withstand the test of time. Another brand that we bought years ago tore when putting it on we had to tape the tear which worsened over time with each linen changing. I should've bought Allergy Armor the first time!
  XL twin box spring vinyl encasing by Allergy Armor
Reviewed by: Cinderella from Ohio

ALL college dorm or home bedding for XL twin beds should include mattress and box spring encasings! I was so glad to find these at a fair price. I even suggested it to a mom and daughter who who trying to decide what linens to buy for the dorm. I explained why and said to ditch the egg crate foam they were going to buy and to buy a box spring protector and mattress protector from Achoo Allergy!
  Nice product, but too small
Reviewed by: Sleeping Better from Wisconsin

I ordered these to put over some more expensive allergy covers bed bug approved since so many people seem to have issues with metal frames ripping covers. The weight of the vinyl was really nice so if someone is looking for a more heavy duty cover, this would be it. The size did not fit my split king boxsprings however, even though they are supposed to. They were a bit short and so I could not zip them shut. Since they were only being used as extra protection, I used them anyway, though I was disappointed in that. I eneded up putting the unzipped end at the end of the bed so it wasn't exposing the better cover underneath against anything that might rip it. I would have sent them back, but I wanted to get the beds covered and put back together quickly.
  Sleep Fresh Vinyl Encasing XL
Reviewed by: Mother of Son with allergies from Atlanta, Georgia

My son has allergies and he wanted to cover his twin XL mattress in his dorm room. The product was so easy to slide over the mattress and it fits perfectly. The vinyl material is translucent and is not like the white opaque vinyl covers sold in most stores. There is a slight vinyl odor but you can air out the product before putting it on the bed. I plan on purchasing this product again for the other beds in our home.
  Good Quality Product
Reviewed by:  from Vancouver, Washington

I wasn't sure I needed the box spring cover but decided to encase it with these vinyl covers. They fit great and now I know my son will sleep better at night.
  I got what I expected
Reviewed by: Stuffy from Ladera Ranch, CA

I just bought new matresses and whated to dustmite proof them when they arrived. I ordered the encasings six days before the mattress scheduled delivery date. The encasing arrived well before the mattresses arrived. The encasings slipped on easily over the box springs and the mattress delivery men even offered to put them on for me. I have a king bed so it would have been a little difficult to install the encasing alone. Once installed and with the bedding, I can't tell they are there, and I assume that the dust mites are under control.
  Easy to use
Reviewed by: Dust central from Central Washington state

A bit of a struggle to put on the box spring, definitely 2 person job but well worth the effort!
  Good investment
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Houston

I mistakenly bought a king size not realizing I had 2 twins for a box spring. The cover was sturdy enough that it survived the tugging and pulling needed to cover both twins. It was not flimsy at all and was fairly easy to put on with 2 people.
  No-Frills Solution
Reviewed by: Lulu from New Hampshire

I was buying Allergy Armor for my mattress and wanted something for the box spring, too. At first I was reluctant to put vinyl around my boxspring, fearing the odor and crinkling that often comes with this type of plastic. When my Sleep Fresh Vinyl Box Spring Encasement arrived, I opened it and noticed it was made of a tough but soft vinyl. I proceeded to put my box spring into the encasement, and then back onto the bed frame with no problem you'll need a 2nd person to help you with all steps. There was no crinkling at all while getting into bed, and after the first two days of use there was no plastic odor left. The encasements appear to reduce my overnight stuffiness from the dust mite allergies I've had for years.
  heavy duty box spring cover
Reviewed by: allergic to everything from Memphis, Tennessee

I was suprised at the quality of this box spring cover. I had purchased one for my son's bed from another company, and it was a very light weight vinyl. This one is nice and heavy, and a good quality for the money.
  Effective but Delicate
Reviewed by: Sara from Connecticut

This box spring cover is incredibly delicate--if you have plastic corners or any exposed staples on your box spring, be very ginger when putting the cover on because it rips very easily. The cover will also emit a new plastic smell for a few days. If you don't want to deal with this, air it out outside for a day or two. It's a nice looking product and, if you don't rip it, does the trick.
  A Must Have: Boxspring Cover
Reviewed by: JC from Minneapolis, MN

How many of you dread cleaning under your bed because of pesky dust mites (and pet dander) that thrive down there? I did until I discovered the vinyl boxspring cover. Now that I have one, I've noticed a decrease in my allergies when I clean under the bed. I also have a better peace of mind knowing the mites and dander that do exist aren't infiltrating my bed. And about the vinyl, the smell was minimal the first day then non-existant after that. I'm sensitive to smells and this cover didn't bother me at all. Another bonus of this product: not only does it minimize the dander in bed, it keeps the cat from hiding inside the boxspring. Bad for her, good for me.
  Easy to Destroy
Reviewed by: Cat Allergy Sufferer from Newburgh, NY

My cats ripped this cover to shreds in a few minutes. It is really thin.
  Very easy to put on
Reviewed by: Mike Cooper from Boston, MA

I purchased box spring covers for my brand new King size Memory foam bed to ensure that dust mites wouldn't grow in the box spring set. Very easy to install and was impressed with the quality.
  Finally - I Can Sleep
Reviewed by:  from Tennessee

I moved recently so I thought it would be a good time to try a mattress pad and box springs cover at my new place (same mattress). I noticed the very first night the difference. I can breathe and don't wake up nearly as much with the sniffles.

Reviewed by: a bed bug sufferer from Brooklyn, New York

I purchased the Sleep Fresh Vinyl Box Spring Cover for bed bugs. I have had to replace two box springs during the past year. So far so good. Those critters can't get through the heavy vinyl and they will all die in six months.
  Finally a box spring that wont tear
Reviewed by: Satisfied customer from CA

I have used vinyl mattress covers for years as my budget wont allow mde to spend more. Achoo's Sleep Fresh covers are the first that I have used where the seams and zipper wont tear. I have always had good luck with items purchased from Achoo and this is no different
  sleepless nights
Reviewed by: wife of asthma sufferer from Maine

My husband has not slept well for years, bothered by asthma symptoms that were only somewhat relieved by inhalers and other medications. HIs doctor recommended mattress and pillow coverings. We have had the Sleep Fresh Vinyl Box Spring Encasing and the Allergy Armor Allersoft Mattress Encasing on the bed for just two nights, and the change has been instantaneous. My husband has experienced two nights of wonderful restful sleep, breathing comfortably. Finally, some real relief without more medication! It really works. Great Products!
  getting allergies under control
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Green Bay, WI

I was very excited to receive these encasings since my allergies are terrible. When I opened the first one, it went on alright. I opened the second one and it already had a tear along the seam. Because I wanted to use them I didn't return it or I wouldn't have anything for my other box spring. The first one ended up tearing when we set it down on the frame. I was very disappointed in the overall encasings because after all the research I did to find what I thought were wonderful encasings, they weren't that at all. We were very gentle putting them on the boxsprings (they went on fine) and very gentle setting them down so I don't know why the second one tore in the first place unless there was already a tear that we missed seeing before we put it on.
  Box Spring Cover
Reviewed by: a dust sufferer from Virginia

This is a nice weight vinyl cover. I could not use it on my bed's box spring because there are staples and metal on the bottom that would cut through the vinyl. I can however use it on another bed.
  easy to put on
Reviewed by: protect my box spring from California

Easy to put on. I bought a full size and a 2 long twin for my cal-king bed and are happy about them.
  Easy as Pie
Reviewed by: Children are allery sufferers from Texas

Great product! Easy to use easy to put on!
  Excellent Product
Reviewed by: Marburg from Houston, Texas

I have a 4 year old niece who has allergies. I bought the sleep fresh Box Spring and Mattress Encasements. Since putting them on her bed her night-time allergies are pretty much gone. She no longer wakes up wheezing with a runny nose. Her rashes are gone. She even says her bed is more comfortable.
  two twin size encasings
Reviewed by: Allergy Victim from Dallas, Texas

I like this product because it only needs to be wiped down and not washed. I have a king size mattress and would prefer not to have to wash the box spring encasings every week.
  Good for price
Reviewed by: JC from Florida

Slight vinyl smell, but this goes away after a few days. Great product for the price.
Reviewed by: DUST MITES NO MORE from Miami, FL

By far the best vinyl encasement I have purchased. The zipper is virtually tear proof. Great quality for such a low cost product.
  Sleep Fresh vinyl box springs cover
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Ellijay, Georgia

Slept better the first night after using it.
  box spring mattress
Reviewed by: bed bugs from New York, NY

This was a great purchase; it only took a couple of days for delivery, was the right price and easy to put over the box spring.
Reviewed by: Janet from Wilson, North Carolina

Now that my mattress, boxsprings, and pillows are covered with encasings,I am able to sleep through the night without waking up coughing or having trouble breathing.
  Great Value
Reviewed by: asthma sufferer from Houston, Texas

This is a great value for encasing spring box..
  Smelly at first
Reviewed by: Peter M. from New Haven, CT

Fortunately, I read the directions before putting this on my box springs. When you take it out of the packagaing it stinks (like all plastic). I set it outside and let it air out for a few days. When I began to install it, I was very careful putting it around the corners, because I had some sharp edges, staples, nails, in the box springs. I could have easily ripped the box spring cover if I didn't pay attention, and take my time. These are an economical solution and do a fine job.
  They fit
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from VA

I was pleased that they fit. Knowing that the odor of plastic would cause an allergic response, I aired them outside for 4 days. They still emit an odor that gives me a sore throat. I am running a deoderizer in hopes that if will subside. I note this problem with the understanding that all plastic emits odors, but may need to be aired, etc.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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