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  great purchase
Reviewed by: girl w/ allergies from Ohio

Mu husband and I both use travel size pillows for comfort at night while sleeping. Finding allergy covers for them was crucial, or we may have had to get rid of them. The covers fit just right and are comfortable.
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Reviewed by: Be Proactive from PA

Solid product, great service, highly recommended BEFORE you have allergy problems!
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Reviewed by:  from PA

Great product!
  Good product.
Reviewed by: Liz from Michigan

I am really pleased with the pillow covers. I had some misgivings about how comfortable they would be. Something next to your face and head can become so irritating if it has any flaws, even small ones. These are just wonderful.
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Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from pennsylvania

Body pillow covers are great, just what we needed. Cover is noisy but the kids don't seem to mind.
  Bye bye dust mites!
Reviewed by: Christy, sleep enthusiast from Atlanta, Georgia

I never realized the effect allergens had on my overall health until I went to the allergist and she recommended these pillow covers. They zip right on, and while I forget that they're there, I can't ignore the vast improvement in my ability to breathe at night! I no longer wake up with a runny nose or scratchy throat. I recommend these to everyone.
  Travel pillow covers
Reviewed by: Ddjada from Branson,MO

I use these when we travel. I have found that my eye are much less swollen in the morning.
  Good product
Reviewed by: Vass from Río grande, Texas

I buy this for kids and it has an excellent quality.
  Good product
Reviewed by: Vass from Río grande, Texas

I bought this for kids - excellent quality.
  Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: Nanda from Miami, Florida

My husband and I suffer from allergies to mold and dust mites. Earlier this year, I was constantly sneezing for several months and my husband had a hard time sleeping through the night. He kept waking and coughing. Our allergist had been insisting that we get dust-mite proof pillow covers. Since I wash our pillows weekly in hot water and dry them thoroughly in a very hot dryer, I thought it was an unnecessary expense. Well, lo and behold, after one single night there was marked improvement and after two weeks we are basically fine. I recommend this product highly.
  High Quality Allergy Protection
Reviewed by: Cheryl from The Woodlands, TX

I have encased all of my mattresses, box springs, and pillow for years. Following this and other allergist recommendations, I am no longer on shots, inhalers, or steroids to control my asthma and allergies. I have tried many different brands over the years, and Allergy Armour is wonderful. I love how they FEEL, and I love how they FIT my Ogallala Wool Pillows. The Wool Pillows and AA Pillow Covers are the perfect combination!
  Pillow Peace
Reviewed by: Sleeping Better from Kennesaw, GA

The king sized mattress cover set only comes with standard pillow cases. These standard sized cases were used on other pillows in our house, so I purchased a king sized pillow cover. I'm really glad I did because the whole set is absolutely worth it. I get up in the morning with less congestion, and with peace of mind knowing that I don't have to take as much allergy medication as I used to. Now, I am making a list of more covers to buy for the beds in my home.
  Sleep and a child
Reviewed by: Sophia from Northern Virginia

Sophia is our 4 year old daughter. We recently moved to the Northern Virginia area. Sophia has never had allergies before but for a year now, she has been suffering at night with a constant cough. Never getting a good night sleep which all children should for proper health and growth. She was recently diagnosed with Asthma that is brought on by her very strong allergy to dust and dust mites. So, we reviewed all of our options and buying the Allergy Armor products pillow cases, mattress case and down alternative comforter have made all the difference. She can now sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT without even a wheeze. It's amazing what a difference AchooAllergy and Allergy Armor has made in her life. Thank you!!!!
Reviewed by:  from Dallas, TX

After the first night, we slept great.
  Comfortable bedding
Reviewed by: Dust-mite victim from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I've purchased this pillowcase before and am getting a new one. I've slept on these without the need to put anything on top of them. They're quite comfortable.
  Allergy Free Travel
Reviewed by: Asthmatic Grandma from Lakeview, OR

We now take our own travel pillows for train travel and at destination and using this pillowcase assures me that I won't be bringing home mites or other allergens. As an asthmatic, I won't use anyone's pillow but mine and this size is perfect for my travel pillow. These covers prevent me from having asthma attacks and that wheezy heaviness in the chest. I pop them in washer and dryer and are like new. I have used these for years in the standard size. Highly recommended!
  Pillow covers
Reviewed by: allergy from North Carolina

Great!! Great fix, nice feel. No problems
  Just What an Allergy Sufferer Needs!
Reviewed by: GS Pugh from Indianapolis, Indiana

When I found out I was allergic to dust mites I ordered a set of Allergy Armor Advanced for all the beds in my house, and we've been happy with the quality and the performance. I no longer wake up all congested in the morning. The material is reasonably soft, and I don't really notice that our pillows or mattress have the cover in place.
Reviewed by:  from NEW YORK

  Advanced Pillow Covers
Reviewed by:  from California

These pillow covers are fantastic. They are nice and smooth and super quiet unlike most allergy covers. They've done a great job of keeping my allergies at bay!
  helped a lot, very comfy
Reviewed by: allergy traveler from Altanta, Georgia

Very pleased with these pillow covers. I don't notice they're there, and they have made a big difference in my allergies. We used them at home, and I bring one with me if I stay at a hotel.
  Problem solved
Reviewed by: Nancy Woolley from Pennsylvania

For some time now I have had these bumps on the back of my head and neck. I could not figure out what was causing them. Then it dawned on me that I had started using a feather pillow and that I just might be allergic to the feathers. So I searched the web for an inexpensive cover and came upon this product. I am very pleased. The web site and ordering process were very simple and I received my cover in a timely manner. Problem solved, no more bumps. Now I just have to buy two more for my other pillows!
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from McKinney, Texas

These pillow covers are amazing! They have really helped me breathe better, and are way more comfortable then I had expected. Great buy!
  New to Allergy Symptoms
Reviewed by:  from Petersburg, MI

I purchased the pillow cover because I have had a cough in the morning shortly after getting up. I read through several websites and thought maybe the problem was those awful dust mites and/or mold. From the moment I put on the cover, my cough was reduced. I have looked over this website & have recommended it to others. I plan on getting the mattress cover to further reduce the allergens. Excellent product & customer service was awesome I called and actually was able to ask questions without going through several prompts!
  Feather-pillow, no reaction
Reviewed by: Ann from Denmark, Maine

This pillow cover has been a super solution! My husband loves his king-sized feather pillow, but we are both allergic to dust mites. Washing the pillow every 2 weeks just didn't work, because it took days to dry, even in the drier! With the Allergy Armor pillow case that's no longer necessary - no more reactions to sleeping with the pillow. I give it 5 stars because it is also comfortable and quiet, unlike the old vinyl cover.
  Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow Cover
Reviewed by: CD from Orlando, Florida

This pillow cover is so soft and comfortable. Hard to believe it keeps all the dust mites away from my pillow!
Reviewed by: Marva K. from Columbia, MD

These pillow covers are well made and of excellent quality. I purchased the covers for all the pillows in my home. The material is of exceptional quality and they feel soft enough to sleep on. They provide excellent protection No bugs, dustmites, or pest will ever get inside of these covers. The best part about the cases is that they zip closed so there is NO shifting of the case off the pillow during the night and they fit a standard size pillow to a tee! Excellent value and I would purchase more if I needed them.
  great pillow covers
Reviewed by: allergic to lots from Mountain Home, AR

My order came in very few days, I put the mattress and pillow covers on the bed, after vacuuming, washing and all that. Well, within just a few days I noticed that I did not wake up stuffed like the Thanksgiving turkey--I could actually breathe in the morning. YEAH! I am now about to order the organic cotton sheets. My allergies have led to four bouts with bronchitis/pneumonia this winter, and I am trying hard to get that "fixed" before another winter. Service is great, too.
Reviewed by: Wesley Leach from Long Island, New York

I have severe allergies year round. I felt instant relief with these covers!
  great pillow cover
Reviewed by: Wesley Leach from Long Island, New York

I have severe allergy's that I suffer with year round. I have felt immediate relief with these covers!
  Comfortable cover
Reviewed by: mom of allergy sufferers from Huntington Beach, California

I don't feel like I'm sleeping on a child's pillow anymore like I did with our old dust mite cover. This is soft as cotton. It doesn't rustle as you sleep on it, and it doesn't sweat from your body heat. I love the pillow cover.
  Value for the Buck
Reviewed by: Fellow Sufferer from Tucson, AZ

I've only used the Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow covers a few weeks but so far they seem to work great. I had lost hope of being able to breath at night, but now there is hope!!!
  Great Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: sarahjacks from Dallas, TX

These are made of a very comfortable fabric and are really breathable. They are great for hot Texas summers. The pillow cases are a lovely upgrade from the old fashioned style of allergy relief pillow covers with the membrane. I noticed the king sized pillow covers are a bit long even for my king sized pillows.
  Very Nice Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: Dust Mite Sufferer from Indiana

Love the pillow covers! They do no not crinkle like the ones you buy in the store and they are around the same price. The also keep your pillows "in shape". My husband likes them also! I was surprised to see a lifetime warranty. Fast shipping.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from New york City

The feel of these cases is a bit silky in the hand. They feel quite natural under my pillow cases and are comfortable for sleeping.
  It helps my allergy
Reviewed by: Amy from Seattle, WA

The pillow covers do work their magic!
  great comfort
Reviewed by: Stuffy from Ladera Ranch, CA

These pillow encasings are great. I can't even notice that they are over my pillow - there is really no comfort sacrificed to get dust protection. After they arrived I realized I needed to buy another pair for two other pillows I had recently purchased. While at Sears, I found pillow encasing for around the same price but found that the material was much like a plastic that makes a crunching noise much like a newspaper. The Allery Armor product is undetectable and vastly supperior than the Sears version.
  Pillow Covers Helped Me Sleep Again
Reviewed by: J. Cummings from St. Louis, MO

I used to suffer sever sinus/nasal congestion and watery/runny eyes every single night. Then I was tested and found out I am allergic to dust mites. I purchased the allergy armor bedding set and extra pillow covers as my allergist recommended. The difference was amazing! Since using the allergy armor bedding and pillow covers, my eyes no longer water and my nose no longer gets 'plugged up' while I try to fall asleep. I can't believe what a difference these products have made for me. I was afraid they would be stiff or uncomfortable, but I don't even notice them under my sheets and pillow cases. Thanks to these pillow covers I am able to fall asleep allergy symptom free!
  No review title given
Reviewed by:  from marysville, ohio

The allergy armor advanced body pillow cover I purchased is great. It is high quality fabric with a sturdy zipper. It washes great and is roomy enought to fit thick pillows. Best of all, I don't have to get rid of my 10 year old pillow because this case keeps all the allergens away from me!
  king pillow cover
Reviewed by: South East Texas customer from Beaumont, TX

Great product, decent quality, excellent customer service.
  Pillow cover review
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Denton, North Carolina

As soon as we received our covers we put them in place. I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase of the pillow covers. The price was wonderful, the customer service was A+, and the timely manner which we received our order was outstanding. Thanks Achoo Allergy, I feel I am safe from those nasty dust mites.
  Pillow Covers from Heaven
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Glen Carbon, Illinois

I can't believe your pillow covers are made so well. The material is fantastic and the workmanship is first class. I have have bought pillows and cases in the past from mall stores that were supposed to cut down on allergens but after a while my sinuses would always start giving me trouble. Since I have put your pillow cases on my pillows I breathe better and wake up with no congestion. Thank You! You are Great!
  Keeping the duck & hubby happy
Reviewed by: Picky Sniffer from So. Florida

Though a bit stiff at first they seem to be doing a fairly good job. My husband, the allergy sufferer he is, insists on feather pillows, and I’ve spent many a night plucking quill shards from various parts of my face while he snores and wheezes like a happy Retriever with a duck between it’s teeth. Lately the nightly plucking and wheezing has subsided and I no longer find feathers wafting into my morning cup of coffee. For that alone I give it 4 stars. Could it be softer? Yes. But, I throw a regular pillowcase over the thing, change it regularly and it’s all good, because I didn’t want to spring for the softer set incase they were more just a gimmick.
  Customer Service
Reviewed by: Needed Help from Johns Creek, GA

I called your number when I believed I had two problems with my first order. I thought the set I ordered for my king-sized bed contained the wrong items. The gentleman who answered my call very politely and patiently explained that I had received just what I needed. He was correct! The second problem was my fault - I ordered the wrong size pillow encasements. I was advised your store was nearby and I could bring the items back for an exchange, saving shipping. Thanks achoo allery!
  Great for Asthma sufferers
Reviewed by: AJD from New Jersey

This set really helped my yougest son's and husbands asthma. I recommend it to anyone with asthma and allergies to dust mites.
  pillowcovers & other products
Reviewed by: Carla Belniak from Illinois

I received both pillow covers and two nasal items All quality products. This is my 2nd order with Achoo. A large order given to another allergy company reaped slow and seperate deliveries Your delivery on both orders was very prompt, your customer service friendly and helpful. No one is allergic to a responsible company with good products!
  Great body pillow cover
Reviewed by: Lyndie from Washington State

This is a great price for a product that brought me a lot of relief!!
  sleep better
Reviewed by: Karla G. from Houston, Texas

Since I started using this product I now sleep better through the night. I've had less sleep interruptions from sneezing and nasal congestion. It's great to feel better rested in the morning.
  Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow Covers
Reviewed by:  from Tampa, FL

Reasonably priced and appears to have helped with my sons distmite allergies. This is my first experience with allergy products and has been a good one.
  Add it and be Glad!
Reviewed by: Sniffles Nomore from Atlanta, Georgia

Super quality fabric and well worth protecting the topnotch pillows!
  No More Bites!
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer's spouse from Tucson, AZ

Something was biting me in bed until I got this product, along with the mattress cover. I also bought it because my husband has allergies. So now we both sleep sound!
  Allergy Armor Allersoft Bedding Packages
Reviewed by:  from charlotte nC

This really made me feel better in the morning.
  pillow cover
Reviewed by: Mother with Toddler with Allergies from Florida

This type of cover is great. It is quiet (no crackling plastic) and comfortable. It helped my daughter's nasal congestion clear up.
  Pillow Protector
Reviewed by: allergy Suffer from New York

Very soft material and Snug zipper.
  Excellent quality in a hard-to-find size
Reviewed by: willo from Oregon & Massachusetts

When my toddler started asking for a pillow, I gave him the softest, smallest pillow in the house--my packable down travel pillow. Regular size pillows just looked ridiculously large and uncomfortable for him. I felt a little nervous giving him a down pillow, though, because I have allergies, and I would hate for him to end up with them, too. I just washed that little pillow in our front loader (it turned out fine) and hoped for the best. Then I found achoo!allergy, and realized that, FINALLY, someone has made dust mite impervious covers in all the sizes I need, including travel pillow size. I ordered it the same day I found the website. The quality of Allergy Armor is equal to or better than all the other brands of allergy covers I've used, and I've been covering my beds and pillows for over 12 years. It is just an added bonus for parents of small children that most allergy covers are also water-resistant, just in case there are any late-night accidents. I'm so thrilled with the purchase of this pillow cover!
  Good for Me bad for Zyrtec
Reviewed by: DylisTN from TN

I’m a long time allergy sufferer. Dust mites, dogs, cats, pollen, mold spores, you name it! Dogs, cats, mold spores can be controlled or avoided, pollen is seasonal. I spend 6 hours a day in contact with my pillow and mattress, and so exposed to millions of dust mites, generations of their body parts, and their droppings. This product is a practical way to reduce dust mite exposure! Very comfortable! It feels like a crisp clean new sheet. But best of all I wake up able to breath through both nostrils, and My wife sleeps better because I don’t snore any where near as much. No bed time sneezing fits. I’ll probably still need Zyrtec during peak Hay fever seasons, But at $2 a pill my 4 Allergy Armor king pillow cases and king mattress cover will pay for themselves in 3 months. But most of all, I feel much better
  Finally Clear
Reviewed by: Cathy B from Orlando, FL

After 3 years of doctor visits and prescriptions for my nighttime stuffiness, I've finally discovered that dust mites are most likely the cause. After using the Allergy Armor pillow covers, I was almost completely clear the first night. I have not experienced a good night's sleep in a long time but your allergy covers did the trick. I'll be purchasing the mattress cover soon. Thanks so much - the prescriptions are a thing of the past!
  I love my old down pillow
Reviewed by: Todd Holden from Portland, OR

...but I wouldn't give it up for anyone. Even as much as it made me sneeze and ooze all night, I had it "trained" to be just the right shape. People kept telling me to buy a new allergy-free pillow but I just couldn't part with my old friend. So when I saw the Allergy Armor Advanced Pillow Covers, I thought "what have I to lose?". They are inexpensive and they made a world of difference. I don't even know they are there, saving me from evil allergins in my sleep. And they were covered under my medical flex spending account too!
  Easy as Pie
Reviewed by:  from Texas

Wonderful product works great and it breaths so no sweating!
  Great cases
Reviewed by: Susan from St. Louis MO

Great quality, and they make a big differnce!!
  pillow covers
Reviewed by:  from san francisco

the allergy armor is by far the best encasing on the market. I feel confident at night knowing there aren't any little mites getting into my pillows. I give this product 5 stars
  I highly recommend this product!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Ohio

My husband and I both suffer from allergies and often don't sleep well as a result. I noticed a difference right away when I put on these pillowcases! My breathing was much clearer in the morning when I woke up. I really think that I am getting more restfull sleep now. The fabric is very soft and I don't even notice that it's on my pillow. It is not stiff or "noisy" at all. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as a very easy, inexpensive and drug free way to improve your allergy symptoms. I plan to eventually get the mattress cover as well.
  allergy armour pillows
Reviewed by: david from clearwater

Recently received so do not know yet if they significantly affect my allergies, but the mattress pad and pillow are soft and more importantly quiet and cool.
  Perfection Pillow Covers
Reviewed by: Peaceful Pillow Sleeper from San Francisco, CA

I was so pleased with the quality and weight of the fabric in my new Allergy Armor pillow cover. It is not the least bit hot or stiff and makes my pillowcases keep their shape on my pillows! A bonus! And most importantly, no more wheezing and sneezing!
  Pillow Encasings
Reviewed by: Unlikely Asthmatic from California

I recently purchased the Armor Pillow Casings since I was also getting a mattress cover. THe pillow covers were priced reasonably and very easy to put on. It's been about two weeks and I wake up breathing easier and lighter, I wish I'd purchased them months (or years) earlier. Thanks Achoo!
  Awesome Product with Great Fit!
Reviewed by: Asthma and Allergy Sufferers from Phoenix

My son suffers from severe Asthma and Allergies (along with myself). I had just purchased the "toddler pillow" (traveler pillow). I knew I needed something to cover the pillow so that it wouldn't collect any dust mites. So, after searching for a few days and many different websites, I found Achoo Allergy. I ordered the Allergy Armor Pillow Encasing for his pillow. I received the pillow about 4 days after I ordered it. It fits perfectly snug around the pillow. The best part about it... It is extremely soft and no "crinkling" noise! My son loves it! Thank You Achoo Allergy! I will soon be purchasing a mattress encasing for my Huge Bed! Thanks a Bunch! Exactly what I was looking for with a Great Price!
Reviewed by: FRED N. from LOS ANGELES, CA

  Pillow Protection Perfection
Reviewed by: J. Stern from San Diego, CA

These pillow covers fit nicely and are easy to use and help keep those dustmites out of my breath during the night. These as well as the other products I've recently purchased from Achoo have changed the way I sleep, I don't wake up coughing or sneezing only refreshed
  a perfect cover
Reviewed by: picky customer from San Diego

It so great to have an allergy encasing that doesn't feel like its there. It breaths well like fabric and does not get hot. Very comfortable. After I put it on I forget it was even there except I enjoy peace of mind I'm protected from allergies.
  pillow casing
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Concord, North Carolina

We have been very happy with the allergen free pillow casings as well as the other bedding casings from the same manufacturer. They are of sturdy construction and the fabric is very good quality!
  Thank my sleeping stars
Reviewed by: Gail from Atlanta. GA

My doctor told me I was allergic to mites. I encased everything in my bedroom, including my new mattress. I had a hard time finding a euro square case that was the correct size. Achoo had it and now my wheezing is gone!
  Really helped
Reviewed by: just stuffy from Pittsburg, PA

These pillow covers really helped with my morning congestion.
  Breathable, noiseless allergy protection
Reviewed by: Asthma-allergy sufferer from New York, NY

Since I tend to sweat when I sleep, I was concerned that my new Allergy Armor pillow encasings might feel heavy and hot. To the contrary, I've found them to be quite cool and breathable. They are also very quiet, so you don't even know they are there. Best of all, I'm coughing less, which means they're effective. All in all, I'm very pleased with this purchase.
  Off to College
Reviewed by: Jean Streeto from East Haven, CT

My youngest daughter was going off to college.I had been byeing items for her to take for months.The last item I had to purchase was a mattress protector.I kept thinking of all the times the mattress had previously been used.I went to all of the malls and specialty stores that claimed to have everything that was needed for college but not one of them had the mattress protectors in the extra long sizes that fit around the dorm mattresses.My daughter is allergic to dust mites also but I would have purchased a mattress protector even if she was not.I went on line and found Achoo Allergy Products and found many products with detailed descriptions and found exactly what I was looking for.Since it was the last item I needed it was only a few days before taking my daughter to college.The mattress and pillow protector arrived at my house within three days of my order.Just wanted you to know what a great service you provided and maybe advertise your product so others may think of it for their children to take to college with them.
  Great Pillow Cover
Reviewed by: Virginia allergy sufferer from 

The Armor line is well made. I am impressed with the quality build and soft texture. I cannot tell the covers are on the pillows.
  Don't notice it
Reviewed by: rr from Phoenix, AZ

I had a cheap pillow cover before this one, and it was stiff and made noise. With this one, I don't notice anything at all.
  Don't notice it
Reviewed by: rr from Phoenix, AZ

I had a cheap pillow cover before this one. It made noise and felt stiff. With these covers, I don't notice a thing.
Reviewed by: a happy mom from San Diego, California

My son has asthma and allergies and I have been looking for products to help keep his environment clean. Thanks
  pillow covers
Reviewed by: AE-C from Manchester, NH

Great product...wonderful fabric and reasonable price
  Armor pillow cover
Reviewed by: Melissa Donaldson from Ellijay, Georgia

Had less nose stuffiness the first night I used it - evenmakes the pillow feel better.
  Wonderful pillow case
Reviewed by: A long-time allergy sufferer from New York

What a pleasure to to find protection from dust mites in such a comfortable fabric.
  pillow casings
Reviewed by: daughter has severe allergy to mites from tryon, north carolina

easy to enclose pillows of all sizes
  Pillow covers
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Queens, NY

  The BEST ever!
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer from Maryland

I have severe allergies. I am allergic to everything. I wake up every moring trying to clear my head out enough to function through the day despite the medication I take. I never would have thought my pillow could be causing these problems until I read an article that said after a couple of days of sleeping on even a brand new pillow, bacteria, mold and other allergins start forming. I found this website by chance and after reading the reviews, I chose the Allergy Armor Pillow cases. The first night I slet with the cases on, I woke up clear in the morning. I was so happy but stll cautious. I couldn't believe that something so minor could be the cause of all my trouble. Well, it's been over a week now and consistantly every moring I am clear when I wake up. It is such a relief! I loved these pillow cases so much that I referred a friend of mine to this site. She is waiting for her order and is hoping she has the same result. I feel like a whole new person!
  Excellent quality
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Western New York

These encasings feel "solid" and you know they will work as a barrier for you, however, they are still soft and breathable so you aren't noticing the extra layer on your pillow
  Great Product
Reviewed by: mflem from atlanta, ga

Allergy season is full swing in Atlanta and for the first time in six years, I wake up without sinus congestion. The covers fit the pillows perfectly.
  So soft
Reviewed by: J Frank from Pennsylvania

This product is just as soft as a normal cotton cover, great if you are worried about noise and comfort.
  It's like they are not even there...
Reviewed by: Elizabeth A. from The Windy City

I have terrible allergies. I just found out about these encasings. My doctor told me about them when I went in to get tested for allergies. My husband did not even notice that I had put them on our pillows and mattress and he is a hot sleeper. I am so glad I took the initiative to do this. These encasings feel just like my sheets. Lightening fast shipping too. Thanks achoo!

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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