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  Easy and effective
Reviewed by: Liz from Michigan

Was very easy to get over the mattress. Quiet, comfortable. Would not know that it was on. Haven't had it long enough to tell if it will make an impact on my allergies.
  a little noisy
Reviewed by: night time head blobs from Huntsville, AL

I'm sure they do the job they are supposed to do. THe only problem I'm seeing is that they make our bed a little noisy which I do not like. :
  Easy to put on
Reviewed by: Jeannie from Belgrade, Montana

It was very easy to slide this cover onto the mattress all by myself. I was recently diagnosed with allergies and have noticed a difference right away after encasing the mattress.
  Dust must protection!
Reviewed by: Dust must sufferer from NH

I am allergic to dust mites, so we needed some covers for our new king sized mattress. Loved these they went on easy and are very durable. They make no sound when moving around at night. We put our old queen sized covers on the guest room bed even though it is a full rather than a queen, it still worked with a little tucking in. Also bought the box spring covers and pillow protectors. Would recommend to everyone.
  Great for mattress !
Reviewed by: Miss Mae from Oak Park, IL

I purchased this for a new mattress purchase and have been highly satisfied since. It is a wonderful product, reasonably priced and very comfortable !
  Highly recommended by my top-ranked allergist
Reviewed by: higly allergic to mites from San Diego, California

My allergist who is a clinician at a prestigious university, insisted that I have my mattress covered and gave me the achoo allergy leaflets for this product.
  Works and good customer service
Reviewed by: CSchlegel from Raleigh, NC

I think these are working. It arrived and there was a rip at one seam, but they sent a replacement very quickly with a return label enclosed for the other one.
  Comfortable bedding
Reviewed by: Dust-mite victim from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I've purchased this bedding before and am getting a new one. I've slept on these for sheets without the need to put anything on top of them. They're quite comfortable. They're not the easiest to put onto the mattress, but I'm a small woman and managed it on my own.
  Just What an Allergy Sufferer Needs
Reviewed by: GS Pugh from Indianapolis, Indiana

When I found out I was allergic to dust mites I ordered a set of Allergy Armor Advanced for all the beds in my house, and we've been happy with the quality and the performance. I no longer wake up all congested in the morning. The material is reasonably soft, and I don't really notice that our pillows or mattress have the cover in place
  Allergy Armor Advanced Mattress
Reviewed by: Denise M. from Galt, CA

I bought this mattress cover for our new mattress, mainly to protect it from anything that would cause more allergens in our bedroom. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the product! The day I got it, I washed it with Allersearch Allergen wash and attempted to put in on our mattress. It was so easy to do myself - and I am all of 5'2 and 103 pounds! I also bought the duvet cover and pillow covers. They ALL have made a difference! I used to wake up every morning with a stuffed nose. Now I wake up with a clear head and have been able to get a good night's sleep every night since I put these on our bed. I would highly recommend this mattress cover!
  Well-made and worth it!
Reviewed by: Concerned mom from Fayetteville, GA

This mattress cover is very soft, perfectly comfortable and fits like a glove. My mattress and a foam pad are about 10-11" thick yet this mattress cover doesn't bunch up or slide at all.
  5-star relief.....
Reviewed by: A thankful consumer from Cadiz, Kentucky

I bought the Allergy Armor Advanced mattress and pillow encasements along with a vinyl mattress encasement. This is an exception value and has given me much relief. I am breathing so much better at night and do not get up sneezing each morning. This is amazing fabric so cool and comfortable. I have had these encasements 3 weeks and have washed the pillow covers. They are still just as effective as when new. I would recommend this to anyone with allergies and asthma.
  Comfortable as a fitted sheet
Reviewed by: Student from 

I purchased an Allergy Armor Advanced mattress cover to bring with me to school. When I first arrived, I had some trouble finding fitted sheets, and so I ended up sleeping right on the mattress cover. It was totally fine and comfortable - I wouldn't have known it wasn't a sheet. The only hassle is that the zipper only extends along one short end of the mattress. I have seen other allergy mattress covers or box spring cover zippers that extend the length of the mattress so that they are easier to put on. Still, putting on this mattress cover was fine, and I was able to do it by myself. Having the mattress cover and duvet cover made me feel much better about the used mattress and duvet in my student dorm room!
  Excellent material and construction
Reviewed by: derring do from Orlando

We decided to encase both beds completely for allergy protection, and after searching online and in stores, decided on this site for its breadth of offerings. I bought the Advanced for all the pillows and mattresses and the Vinyl for the box springs. The fit was excellent, and very easy to install not what I have experienced with other brands and the feel of the material was pleasant. Only the twin box spring was a unexpectedly tight fit. Our queen mattress is 13" tall, but the 15" cover did neatly tuck underneath, and does not wrinkle, which had caused me some concern beforehand. The zippers are well-made, and the construction is over all very good quality. I have a great deal more confidence in our bedding, and the ability to control dust and allergens in both bedrooms. I'm very happy with this purchase.
  Great cover!
Reviewed by: Mom of an allergy sufferer from Beacon Falls, CT

This mattress cover is exactly what my son needed to take to college to cover his bed. Who knows what is in his mattress? He is allergic to everything, but wants to be comfortable--this was the perfect solution.
  Great cover, no regrets
Reviewed by: Mike Chen from New York, NY

Bought a 12" Queen Allergy Armor Advanced for my new Sealy Posturepedic Harbor House firm mattress. I had measured my mattress as 10" tall, and the 12" AA Advanced fit perfectly! I put my sheets on, and cannot even feel the mattress cover underneath. Very comfortable, better than the plastic lined mattress covers I saw in stores. Would buy again, I am looking forward to reporting to the durability of this mattress cover.
  Great Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: sarahjacksDa from Dallas, TX

This was a great mattress cover, but I had to return it because the measurement advice given is incorrect. I'm still waiting for Achoo to process my return so that I can buy a new one. They have been slow in processing this return. Measure your mattresses edge, do not include the additional height that rises above the finished edge in your selection or your mattress cover will be massive. The fabric is lovely and very breathable, great for hot Texas nights.
  Great Fit!
Reviewed by: Josh W. from New Jersey

Just installed this mattress cover, very impressed with the fit. It appears to be exactly as advertised. Looking forward to a great night's sleep.
  does the job perfectly
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer no more from philadelphia, pa

I have used many different allergy covers, and this is by far the best. Sturdy, clean, as soft as allergy bedding can be though I wouldn't go as far as to call it 'silk'. My favorite part is definitely how easy it was to put on. I usually find allergy mattress covers to be impossible for one person to put on, but this one was a cinch. My breathing is noticeably better and my sleep is fantastic!
  Comfortable, Cozy Protection
Reviewed by: Rosemary N. from Pittsburgh, PA

We love our mattress cover! The soft fabric keeps our body temperature comfortable. No squeaky noises keep us up as we toss and turn all night long. The 15" is perfect to place overtop of the large pillowtop mattress. Glides right over for easy installation and regular laundering. I recommend this product to everyone. No more sneezes or stuffy heads at night for us!
  Better morning!
Reviewed by: Diane T. from Louisiana

The mattress cover made an instant difference in the way I feel when I wake up. My head is not as stuffy when I wake up.
  Allergy Armor Advanced Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Californis, USA

This cover was sent out fast. It has help me get some sleep.
  Really love these
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Tallahassee, FL

We ordered one for each bed - queen size. They were here in no time and got them on our mattresses easily. I have definitely been waking up feeling so much less stuffiness!
  It definitely works--and is comfortable, too
Reviewed by: breathing freer from Madison WI

I'd really begun to notice the dust mites in my mattress bothering me. When I got the mattress cover, I was surprised at how easy it slipped on, yet how well it fit. It's quite comfortable-you hardly know it's there, but I noticed a difference with my allergies the very first night I used the mattress cover.
  great mattress cover
Reviewed by: allergic to everything from Memphis, Tennessee

I had previously purcahsed a mattress cover from another company for my son's bed. This one is much nicer. I cant tell its on the bed when I'm in it, becuase it is soft, not stiff, like others. This is a great product at a good price
  Easy to install - even on a KING mattress
Reviewed by: A dust mite sufferer from Bethesda, MD

I credit this mattress cover with the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. I procrastinated in ordering a cover for my king size mattress because I feared how difficult it would be to encase such a huge mattress. This one went on easily and fit like a glove. Bye-bye dust mites -- hello clear sinuses!
  feel good!!
Reviewed by:  from California

Allergy Armor Advanced Mattress Covers is good for me. it's very comfortable.
  Protecting our guests
Reviewed by: Ocean Wilderness Inn from Sooke, British Columbia

We operate an inn on Vancouver Island. We purchased mattress covers to protect our guests from allergy producing dust mites (and to protect our investment in new beds.
  sleep better
Reviewed by: Karla G. from Houston, Texas

Since I started using this product with the pillow covers, I am sleeping better through the night. For those who spend their nights sneezing and blowing their nose rather than sleeping, this product is definitely a solution! I feel better rested in the morning.
  Allergy Armor Advanced
Reviewed by: G.Mathis from Albuquerque, NM

Haven't had a chance to use this for more than a couple days so far, but seems to be a well-made cover--I wouldn't say it's soft as silk, but the fabric is smooth, densely woven, and looks like it will hold up a long time. The 12" depth accomodated my new 12 1/2" mattress without a problem. I don't usually buy antibacterial products, but did in this case because it's not chemically treated--I have dogs who nap on the bed.
  Didn't know I needed this...but what a difference!
Reviewed by: No more stuffy nose from New York, NY

We had an allergy cover on our old mattress, but when we upgraded to a new bed we didn't bother getting a new one, so we've been sleeping without allergy mattress protection for the past four years (we only had allergy pillow covers). However, we decided on a whim recently to get a new one, and the Advanced is great! We didn't have any problem getting it on the mattress, and didn't feel it under the sheets - it's soft, and noiseless. And the best part - the morning after our first night on it, I woke up with a TOTALLY CLEAR NOSE! What a difference. I'm usually really stuffed up in the morning - it was a welcome change! My only hesitation in buying this was the anti-microbial protection - I find anti-microbial fabric a really creepy concept, and it seems unnecessary in a mattress cover (if it's dirty enough to be teeming with microbes underneath your sheets, just wash it, you know?) - but that is my only complaint about the Advanced mattress cover. It certainly does what it's supposed to do!
  Performs as expected in a difficult size
Reviewed by: willo from Oregon & Massachusetts

The best thing for our family about finding achoo!allergy is that, finally, after six years, I have found this product--an extra-long twin mattress cover in a DEEP size! We can't get a real king bed up our narrow stairs in our old house. We bought two extra long twins to push together and make up as a king--they add up to the same size. However, I have dust allergies, and in the six years since we bought our bed, I've never found impervious covers to fit these mattresses. I had to go with a King size cover, which makes it really, really hard to flip the mattresses as one is supposed to do to prolong their life. I discovered my allergies 12 years ago and have been covering my mattresses and pillows ever since. Allergy Armor covers equal or exceed the quality of all the other covers I have used, plus they are finally offering those hard-to-find sizes some of us need. What a relief to know that, when the time comes for my little kids to go to college, there should be options like this product to fit those dorm-room beds!
  Good for Me bad for Zyrtec
Reviewed by: DylisTN from TN

I’m a long time allergy sufferer. Dust mites, dogs, cats, pollen, mold spores, you name it! Dogs, cats, mold spores can be controlled or avoided, pollen is seasonal. I spend 6 hours a day in contact with my pillow and mattress, and so exposed to millions of dust mites, generations of their body parts, and their droppings. This product is a practical way to reduce dust mite exposure! Very comfortable! It feels like a crisp clean new sheet. But best of all I wake up able to breath through both nostrils, and My wife sleeps better because I don’t snore any where near as much. No bed time sneezing fits. I’ll probably still need Zyrtec during peak Hay fever seasons, But at $2 a pill my 4 Allergy Armor king pillow cases and king mattress cover will pay for themselves in 3 months. But most of all, I feel much better.
  Kill them at the breeding ground
Reviewed by: Todd Holden from Portland, OR

The poor dust mites never stood a chance after I bought the Allergy Armor Advanced matress cover (along with pillow covers and a duvet encasing). I sleep like a baby now, and have had nightly allergies for nearly 20 years. I didn't know what I was missing. I am a new, rested man now. And for a bonus point, I paid for the set using my medical flex spending plan. I just showed them the emailed invoice and had a reimbursement check before the product was even delivered. Outstanding!!!
Reviewed by: FRED N. from LOS ANGELES, CA

  great cover cheap zipper
Reviewed by: high expectations consumer from San Diego

Delivers as promised. Once the cover is on the bed, I can't tell its there. Very comfortable. Had used cheaper covers in the past and I can feel (and hear the difference) Zipper is so fragile when slipping on cover. I had a second person helping and still the zipper clasp broke like bending a paperclip. Fortunately a pair of pliars helped bend the clasp back and put the zipper back on track. The warning needs to be stronger on the invoice. Maybe a special insert. Only 4 stars because of the fragile zipper.
   Allergy Armor Pillow Encasings
Reviewed by: suzanne from Avon lake ohio

very nice and soft
  Clean Air Allergy Bedding Review
Reviewed by: Happy from 

As a night sweater, I really appreciate a mattress cover and pillow cover that's water- and allergen-proof! The King Clean Air Bedding package is a GREAT deal. On the invoice, though, you should spell out the package contents. When I saw the line for the Free Pillow Cover, I wasn't sure that was in addition to the 2 covers that come with the package. Otherwise, no complaints. Speedy delivery. I am very happy and already notice a difference in my sleep and my allergy symptoms after 1 week's use.
  sleep comfort
Reviewed by: mother of allergy sufferer from Florence, Al

Very comfortable mattress cover. Gives allergy relief but feels like a cotten mattress cover. Very good product.
  Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Pearl River, New York

I put the mattress cover on my king size bed, got new pillows and encasings and am sleeping much better. These products work to make you more comfortable.
  Mattress encasing - armor
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Ellijay, Georgia

Woke up the next morning less congested after the first use.
  Excellent quality
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Western New York

The allergy armour feels solid enough that you know it will protect, yet soft & breathable so it isn't adding discomfort or bulk to your mattress. Easy construction allowed me to put it on a california king bed by myself!

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