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Reviewed by:  from 

I ordered a set of the Allergy Armor Advanced bedding sets for a king and queen sized bed. The King size shipped out very quickly and arrived in good condition. The product seems very top notch and my wife's allergy symptoms have decreased after using this product. The Queen size set was backordered however. After a week, I emailed customer service asking how long the product would be backordered. They responded that they thought it would be another 7-10 days, but they would ship out the Allergy Armor Ultra set as a complimentary upgrade right away if I wanted! That is top notch customer service!! The product arrived quickly and in good condition and my allergy symptoms have decreased since using this product as well. Would highly recommend these products and this company to anyone!
  Very pleased
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Opelika. Alabama

I'm very pleased with my allergy covers. Even though They were back ordered. And it took awhile to get them. The was a delightful surprise. Thanks! They were easy to put on, feel very comfortable to sleep on. Hope it is going to give me the relief I'a hoping for.
  Good product
Reviewed by: Vass from Río grande city,texas

I like this product because it comes complete with all the matress and pillow covers and has a exellent quality.
  Wish it was softer, advanced bed package
Reviewed by: christie from Douglasville, GA

I shopped around to compare prices & reviews before I purchased the advanced set bedding package. Overall I am happy with the products. I now wish I went with the cotton or ultra set due to mattress cover noise. I went with advanced since it was supposed to be quieter & for hot sleepers. I get hot & I move around alot. Once I finally settle in, I do not notice the mattress & pillow cover. I have not noticed I get any hotter then normal & it has helped with congestion when I wake up. The vinyl smell from the boxspring cover is strong @ 1st but goes away soon. As suggested, I ordered a larger size mattress cover as our mattress measured 13". Definately room to spare. The feel reminds me of one of those thin shower curtain liners, inbetween the thick plastic & the washable ones. My husband doesn't notice it at all, but he can sleep through anything & almost anywhere.
  Allergies Under Control
Reviewed by: Sleeping Better from Kennesaw, GA

I have been wanting to get mattress covers for a long time since I suffer from severe allergies to dust mites. I was excited to see the bedding package because it made shopping all the more easier and affordable for our king mattress set. Since we put it on, my symptoms have been less severe, and I have taken less medication to control my symptoms.
  achoo review
Reviewed by: meg from lebanon, me

The item was shipped quickly. It was overall a great product, I wish it was less platic like. But I think it will do a great job of helping my son with his allergy issues.
  I can finally breathe!
Reviewed by: Kim Allergy and Asthma Sufferer from Horsham, PA

I would like to applaud AchooAllergy on their fantastic bedding package! I had been suffering from allergies and saw a specialist. I was given a brochure to your company to get protective covers for my bed to help with my allergy induced asthma. All I can say is...I can breathe again!! The difference is amazing not to mention that the order shipped in one day. That makes a world of difference when you are suffering every night! I couldn't be happier!
  Great Value
Reviewed by: Jennifer from Dallas, Texas

I have horrible allergies and am on shots, so my allergist insisted that I get a mattress cover. I purchased a cover at a local department store and I was very unhappy with it. It wasn't vinyl, but it would not breathe at all. I would sweat during the night and it was terrible. It would cause the sheets to slip off of the corners of the mattress as well. The Allergy Armor covers are amazing. They were much easier to install, fit perfectly, and they BREATHE, which was the most important thing to me besides helping my allergies, of course. I have finally been able to sleep comfortably and have noticed an improvement in my allergy problems. I can't recommend this set enough.
Reviewed by: allergic to dust mites from Tucson, AZ

The bedding set says 12" which would lead one to expect both the mattress and box spring covers would be 12" however, I had to return the box spring cover because it was only a 9" cover, and you do not supply 12". Otherwise the materials, etc. are find and the mattress cover fits well.
  fantastic product!
Reviewed by: dust mites contained from Santa Cruz, CA

The Allergy Armor advanced bedding is a high quality and extremely product. I am extremely allergic to dust mites. Prior to using this bedding I suffered from asthma, congestion, coughing, and watery, itch eyes. Upon encasing my bedding in the Allergy Armor covers I ceased to suffer from these symptoms. Delivery was prompt too!
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Reviewed by: My Husband vs. Dust Mites from Waynesboro, Virginia

The box spring cover is difficult to put on, and was a very tight fit. However, the mattress cover was very easy to put on and take off for washing. Great price, too!
  Fits great!
Reviewed by: Allergy Mom from NE Florida

After ripping other mattress covers on our king sized bed I was thrilled that this one was MORE than big enough...we just tucked the excess. Really soft and not noisy at all!
  A WORLD of difference
Reviewed by: Grateful Parent from Holland, Michigan

Our 4 year old daughter would wake up with serious sinus infections and we suspected dust mites. We decided to purchase the bedding package. She has not had an infection since and sleeps like a baby.
  Awesome Product
Reviewed by: Susan Miller from Candler, NC

Recently ordered encasings for me and my son's bed. We have dust mite and mold allergies . I have already noticed a big difference in my son. Who is 14 and suffered for many years with repeat sinus infections. Finally went and saw an Allergy doctor and he suggested we get these. So, glad I did because we feel so much better. Definitely worth the price, I researched for about 3 months online before I bought these. And Achoo! allergy was the only business that would send me a fabric sample of there products and within like 3 days. Tried to get one from National Allergy Supply and they never would email or call me back. That says alot about the company. They were easy to put on, and I don't even notice them. I bought the Advanced package for both bed, the allerpet shampoo, and x-mite carpet cleaner. Also got the demineralization cartridges and ionic stick for our son's humidifier. This was a big purchase but definitely worth every penny.
  Dust Mite Guard
Reviewed by: Mother with poor allergy suffering daughter from Dunlap, Illinois

I have ordered the whole set of Allergy Armor Advanced Bedding Packages because my 12 years old daughter was diagnosed to be allergic to Dust Mites, and her room is carpeted. She has been suffering for years wih her respiratory inflmmation till we learned from her Allergist that she is allergic to Dust Mites. After I learned this, I then annouced war with the Dust Mite by encasing all the bedding set including changing the normal blanket to a Vellux blanket. And also I ordered all the Dust Mite products, i.e. spray to spray on the carpet. Now I feel that my daughter is protected. My daughter said now she is no longer suffocating and all her allergy symptoms have gone. Thanks to all the good products from Achoo Allergy!
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Reviewed by: Stephanie from Connecticut

This bedding cover set helps both my husband and I a lot. I have allergies, and my husband recently had respiratory issues. We are both sleeping so much better now!
Reviewed by: Emily J from Sanford, North Carolina

The allergy covers seem very well made and I did not have any problems getting this on my son's bed myself. The mattress cover seems comfortable. Good product and very fast shipping!
  Great Product and Great Price
Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh, PA

Excellent product - well made very good quality. Had no problem pulling the mattress cover onto my queen 14-1/2 queen mattress. Good price as compared to other similar products.
  Great product
Reviewed by: Impressed from Naperville, IL

At the allergist recommendation I purchased this product for my daughter who has terrible allergies. I did compare pricing and found this to be the best value. I was impressed with the quality and noticed improvement in my daughters allergies right away. I was prepared for a struggle getting the encasement on but found it easy with help. I would recommend this to family and friends and if I need any additional products I would purchase from here again.
  Best Value Package
Reviewed by: Laura Hawkins from Richmond, Virginia

The Allergy Armor Advanced package was my go-to bedding choice when adding a new mattress set to my home. Not only are these bedding covers affordable, they are also comfortable and most importantly, they're effective. I no longer feel like I'm sleeping on plastic bag sheets, and my days of waking up with a headache and scratchy throat every day are OVER!!
  works well
Reviewed by: STUFFY NOSE from ILLINOIS

  Great Product
Reviewed by: Diana from Tallahassee, FL

I had been waking at night with itchy anoying I could't go back to sleep. My new Allergy Armor bedding has cured my sleepless nights. Thanks Allergy Armor!
  Great quality, great results
Reviewed by: happy mom from St. Charles, IL

After discovering that our children were allergic to dust mites, we did extensive research to find the bed possible mattress covers out there. We bought the Allergy Armor Advanced covers for their beds and we were so inmpressed with the results that we decided to get covers for our own bed as well. Now our girls are breathing better, no longer coughing at night, sleeping soundly and best of all their eczema cleared up completely! I especially love how well the covers hold up in the wash. We wash all bed linens weekly and the covers still look like brand new!
  Very Pleased
Reviewed by: For myself and parents from PA

I was very pleased with the quality and the fit of this product. There was no noise with the covers. I purchased the size according to the requirements, and the fit was good, and easy to apply. I purchased some pillow covers for my husband and I, but the mattress and box-spring, etc. was for my mother who has the allergies. This product along with other things in her home will need to be modified for her problem. So, I can not speak about this particular item "alone" solving her allergies. Every person has their own set of issues.
  Better Already
Reviewed by: Michelle T from New Berlin, WI

I was a little skeptical with the price of the package. But the encasings are comfortable, the one over the actual mattress doesn't have a plastic feel to it at all, and sheets stay on nicely. The box spring cover does have a plastic feel but doesn't matter being on the bottom. My husband and I noticed a difference immediatley when we put the encasings on. I would definitley recommend this set if you want allergy relief.
  Best defense against allergies
Reviewed by: Nancy from Ohio

I have tried everything for allergies. I put off buying these because of the expense and I just couldn't believe it would matter. I recently saw an allergist and she recommended I encase my bed. I am so serious when I tell you it was a night and day difference. I was immediately able to stop my nose sprays. I woke up breathing and refreshed. It's been a couple of weeks now and I am amazed at how much better I'm feeling. I was worried about the covers being noisy or crinkly or hot for dh but they have been fine. I haven't had any issues with noise or heat. We are 100% thrilled with this purchase!
  Best Deal!
Reviewed by: happy customer! from Houston, TX

The complete package is the best deal by far! After many allergy tests my allergist suggested I purchase the achoo allergy bedding covers. At first I was a bit skeptic because why order online when I could probably get the covers at a local bedding store. Once the package arrived I immediately put the coverings on. They are smooth and fits the mattress perfectly. Also, the extra cloth does not make the bed warmer which is an absolute plus. Anyone with allergies esp to dust mites should purchase the package. I would recommend this to ANYONE.
  Better product
Reviewed by: Joann Guhlke from Yakima, Washington

I have had my bed encased for years now, and just love the way the polyester sheets wear and wear. When I recieved my Allergy Armor Advanced bedding package I was so thrilled to find the box spring encasing vinyl heavier and the sheets of higher quality than those I had bought from a competitor, and for less money!! Thank you Achoo Allergy.
  It did the trick!
Reviewed by: Dustmite sufferer from Los Angeles, CA

I've had this for about five months. My stuffy nose and itching while sleeping from dustmites all went away. Plus I added the de-mite wash to my laundry and now my bed is dustmite free. Thanks a bunch!
  Allergy Armor Advanced Pkg
Reviewed by: South East Texas customer from Beaumont, TX

I highly recommend this package. A great deal for what you're getting. My 7 year old son has bad allergies and when his doctor said we should try this first before starting shots, I got the package and some extras. Nice quality material. The box spring cover I got which is heat sealed had a rip but when I contacted the company, they sent me a replacement right away. Excellenmt customer service. I will do business with them again.
  Super soft and dust mite free
Reviewed by: Pietro'sMom from Staten Island, New York

I purchase this set for my 18 mth old who was just diagnosed with a severe dust mite allergy. What a difference this set has made already. It is super soft and really protects against dust mites. Finally, he is getting a peaceful night's sleep and does not wake up congested. His eczema is already clearing up too. I can't say enough about Allergy Armor Advanced bedding.
  ByeBye Dustmites
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Nashville, Tn

Well I must say I feel so much better. You have improved my allergy suffering with your encasings. I sleep better. Thank you.
Reviewed by: Beverly Yeager from Apringfield, Missouri

The day I received my order for my bedding package, I put the covers on my mattress and boxsprings, changed my pillow out and put the encasing on. I had cleaned my bedroom spotless the day before. I absolutely do not wake up with sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and barely able to breathe! These products are absolutely wonderful and the pillow is awesome! I am going to order packages for my son & daughter.
  The whole family sleeps better!
Reviewed by: Allergic to everything! from California

I am skeptical about most products however,I highly recommend these products! My whole family has suffered for years and I finally broke down and bought the protective cover for our bedding, what a difference it has made! I am no longer skeptical!
  king bedding package
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from Denton, NC

As soon as we received our new encasings we put them in place. It was so easy. I am satisfied with my purchase my bedding package, although I didn't receive a free encasing with this package like I did with the full size bedding package. The price was wonderful, the customer service was A+, and the timely manner which we received our order was outstanding. Thanks Achoo Allergy, I feel I am safe from those nasty dust mites.
  Full bedding package
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from denton, NC

As soon as we received our bedding package we put them in place. It was so easy. I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase of the package. The price was wonderful, the customer service was A+, and the timely manner which we received our order was outstanding. The free encasing with this purchase was a wonderful bonus. This package was for our guest room. Thanks Achoo Allergy, I feel our guests will be safe from those nasty dust mites.
  Headache Help
Reviewed by: Allison a chronic migraine sufferer from Durham, NC

I have only had the boxspring, mattress, and pillow encasing on my bed for one week, yet what a world of difference they make. I am a chronic migraine sufferer and only recently found out I am allergic to dust mites. I usually suffer 2 to 3 migraines per week. In the last week, I have only had one mild headache.
  Good price & works so far
Reviewed by: dust mite sufferer from DC

Easy to put on, product was as described, and getting everything together for one price was great deal.
  a good night's sleep at last
Reviewed by: extreme dust mite allergy sufferer  from Granite City, IL

I do think I am sleeping better now than I have in a long time. I haven't woken up at 3:00 a.m. with that horrible congestion and headache since I covered all the bedding. The coverings are very comfortable. I debated for quite awhile as to which one to get. I think the options of the advanced bedding package worked out well for me.
  Eczema relief
Reviewed by:  from California

This product has helped my two year old daughter who has a dust mite allergy and eczema on her face.
  Allergy Bedding Package
Reviewed by: LaDonna S  from Phoenix, AZ

I ordered the King bed package and received two standard pillow covers instead of King pillow covers. Quality is good and put the covers on the mattresses right away.
  allergy bedding package
Reviewed by: Mary Jane from Rome, Ga

I am not the one sleeping on the recently purchased bedding package, as it is for my daughter. However i was pleased by the tight fit and smooth material. I know she does not even know it is there!
  a good deal for the buck
Reviewed by: was stuffy from New York

We're very happy with the bedding package. It covered all our needs. You will need two people to get it on the queen size mattress but it only took a minute.
  Toddler Allergies
Reviewed by: Mom to Toddler with Allergies from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My daughter is 3 years old. Her allergies seemed to escalate ever since she moved out of her crib, into her "big girl bed". She suffered from chronic postnasal drip, coughing and ear infections even despite ear tubes. The Allergy Armor Advanced Bedding, along with an in room air purifier have changed her life, and mine. She is able to get an allergy-free good night sleep and as a result feels better and happier throughout the day. Being a toddler is hard enough, she shouldn't have to deal with constant congestion too! I certainly plan to buy the covers for my son when he moves to his "big boy bed". Thank you.
  Finally control of my breathing
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer  from Syracuse NY

all my life i have suffered from asthma and allergies i have had allergy covers before however the allergy package is great my breathing is great and i do not have to do a breathing treatment every day thank you achoo! allergy for making my life back to normal
  Now I'm protected
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Scotia, NY

It is a great comfort to know that Dust mites cannot get through these barriers. My doctor recommended that I get such covers and I'm very glad that I found yours. They are great. Thank you.
  Great Bedding package
Reviewed by: Susan from St. Louis MO

I thought these were great quality and easy as you can get to put on the bed.
  allergy Armor bedding package
Reviewed by: amelitorate the Mites from san francisco

definitely the way to go if you want to save money on the best quality encasings on the market. the package makes the Allergy Armor Encasings much more affordable. However, I think Achoo needs to indicate that if you have a deep mattress to "go up" one size so that you get the best fit. I ordered a 9" Queen and thought a 9" would fit, but unfortunately it was too tight and I ended up ordering the next size up. I couldn't return the mattress encasing because I had already gotten rid of the orignal packing. So my recommendation is: If you have a deep mattress order the next size up. The zippers are strong, but one can't over stress them. I give the Allergy Armor Package 5 stars.
  Allergy Armor Mattress encasing
Reviewed by:  from san francisco

this is a very durable encasing. We have a deep 9" mattress so we should have ordered the 15", but overall we are very pleased with the quality and durability of this product
  good product
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Maryland

It wasn't as soft as I was expecting, but when considering others are worse, its probably pretty darn good. Anyway after a day or so of using it, I didn't even notice I was sleeping on it anymore. I feel better knowing any dust in the mattress are away from me.
  No more clogged heads!
Reviewed by: Richard & Helen from New Jersey

We just purchased our second bed cover (and pillow case covers) and to be simply honest with works! We bought the first one for our grandson who has allergies as well. And when it worked well for him...we got one for ourselves. It was much easier to put on that we anticipated. It was on in ten minutes...and that’s on a king size bed. My wife has asthma and I have allergies...and this cover has cut down on our night time head stuffiness. We don’t wake up with clogged heads anymore. Now...if it could just work on the snoring!
  Great investment!
Reviewed by: Maggie from Lexington, KY

These allergy covers have been extremely helpful to me in controlling my allergy symptoms. I put them on the bed by myself, but I would recommend using two people to make it a little easier. They are not noisy like some of the other allergy covers I have seen and the price is very competitive. In fact, this package was the lowest price I found for this type of quality. If you want to make your life more enjoyable, try out these covers, I'm so glad I did!
  allergy armor mattress cover
Reviewed by: Linda from Archbold, Ohio

I am not one to wait for someone to help me do something but I read the reviews before I purchased the mattress cover and they were stressing how important it was to have two people put the mattress cover on together, so after purchasing the cover and reading the instructions which also stressed a two person team, I did wait for my spouse. it was very easy. The mattress cover is very quiet and comfortable I don't even know it is there.
  Peaceful Sleep Finally Possible
Reviewed by: REA from Pittsburgh, PA

This bedding package has made a great difference in my ability to sleep. No more stuffy nose or itchy eyes overnight. The mattress pad and pillow covers are comfortable and obviously providing effective relief to my dust mite allergy. Thankfully I found Achoo Allergy ... I highly recommend your products to any allergy sufferer.
  unexpected benefit of ordering from achoo allergy
Reviewed by: a satisfied customer from washington, north carolina

We ordered a tempurpedic set and got the complimentary allergy package with the set. while there are many methods for ordering thsi type of mttress, this is the only organization that provides the extra benefit for their customers. we've used the mattress covers and the pillow cases for a guest bedroom with down pillows to allow visitors to have the luxury of a mite-free sleep
  What a relief!
Reviewed by: Sheila Plotts from Tampa, FL

I was so congested, miserable, didn't realize how bad off I was, until I received my air purifier and allergy free bedding. Instantly I plugged in the air pruifier, then covered my bed, I felt such a difference that night, it was amazing! My comforter is great, feels like the real thing to me, very cozy! Would love to have another air purifier for the livingroom, it would cover the rest of my apartment. Unable to get rid of the carpet, air purifiers really make a difference, especially since I'm so allergic to household mix. Tried my dust mite mix at work but think I need an air purifier for my desk. After a month of using these products, it's made a real difference in my life, I can actually smell!!
  No More Sneezing!
Reviewed by: Kerensa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My son's has asthma and our doctor told us to get encasing for our mattresses and pillows so that no dust mites will live inside the mattress and eat our skin, Yuck! Well, what you can't see does hurt you... my son would sneeze all night and unsanitary tissues would be all over his bed from the constant need to wipe his nose, not to mention his lack of a good night's sleep. The first night we put on the encasings, he didn't sneeze or call for tissues! I had to keep checking on him to see if he was still breathing! Now we all sleep so much better. We put encasing on all our beds.
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from newyork

This product is as advertised. I only had it for a few days and I can feel the difference.
  What a difference!
Reviewed by: Allergic to inside and out from Fort Meade, MD

I was diagnosed with dustmite allergies recently. My allergist reconmended matress encasings and gave me a catalogue. I looked through the catalogue and thought to myself they are so expensive, so I went online to find a better price. And I did! I have since recieved the encasings put them on.....definately a 2 person job but easy. It has been a week and I have noticed a definate improvement in my congestion in the morning. I wish I would have known years ago, I suffered unnecessarily. I also used the Dustmite X to treat my drapes and carpet throughout the house and my couch and couch pillows. I also was missing one body pillow encasing in my box, I called to tell Achoo and the sent it right away I was actually very suprised that they were so nice about it! Great products, Great customer service.....I would definately reconmend them to other allergy sufferers!
  Allergy Armor Bedding Packages
Reviewed by: Allergic to Dust Mites from California

The pillow case is very comfortable.
  Allergy Armor Bedding Packages
Reviewed by: Allergic to Dust Mites from California

The bedding is very comfortable and easy to use.
  Tight Covers
Reviewed by: Nifty Covers from Atlanta, GA

These covers slip on like they mean business. We love them and feel better already!
  I love these bedding covers
Reviewed by: B Robbins from Scituate, MA

I have experienced a significant improvement with the Allergy Armor bedding. The pillow protectors stay cool which is great for women in menopause!! The quality is superb and I have had my dearest friend get the Armor bedding as well. She is also very pleased. Great quality at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work. Also all of the staff I have talked with has been very courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. It is a pleasure to do business with people who care.
  Don't notice it
Reviewed by: rr from Phoenix, AZ

I don't notice the cover at all. It isn't stiff and doesn't make any noise. It is so like regular fabric that you forget it is there. The only difficulty I had with this product was when I was ordering. If you buy the king box spring cover seperately, you get to choose between a single casing and a split casing. However, when you order the package, you don't get an option to choose which one you want. I called support and they said it came with the split, which is what I wanted. So, things worked out for me. However, if you want the single casing, then this package isn't for you.
  Comfortable bedding
Reviewed by: Allergic to dust mites from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I was able to sleep on this bedding without additional sheets on top of it. The cloth is very comfortable next to the skin, and the zippers are well placed and well made for ease of use. The 15" set works very well on my 12" thick pillowtop mattress, and this package itself is an extremely good value to take care of your mattress, box spring (vinyl), and pillowcases (also very comfortable) without having to pay too high a price for each one separately. Recommended!
  Matress cover that actually fits
Reviewed by: A long time allergy sufferer from New York

I have had problems in the past with "deep" mattress covers that are very difficult to pull over my matress. This cover fit easily and still fits right without being too loose. The box spring cover is similar to others on the market and works well.
  full-size casings
Reviewed by: duaghter has allergy to mites from tryon, north carolina

My only thought would be that the package should state more clearly which casing is for box spring and which is for mattress. Otherwise they are great
  Big Relief
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Virginia

I purchased this bedding package really questioning if it would help my allergies. After two nights of sleeping with the product, I woke up with a clear nose and no scratchy throat! It wasn't until then that I realized I was waking up sick each day.
  allergy sufferer
Reviewed by:  from Bokeelia,Florida

excellant quality..very easy to put on
  Highest Quality Mattress Cover
Reviewed by: Long Time Allergy Sufferer from Roseville ,MI

This set of mattress/ box spring and pillow case covers seems of very high quality and using them has had a VERY positive effect on my wife's ability to sleep at night without the sneezing and coughing that always came each morning after awakening. She has allergies but we never knew she was sensitive to dust mites!! Thank you for a very nice and reasonably priced solution for my wife's sensitivities. Thank you, John F.
  No more congestion!
Reviewed by: mflem from atlanta, ga

I have not experienced any congestion during sleep since using this product.

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