Eureka Power Paw Pet Hair Attachment Customer Reviews

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  Love the Power Paw
Reviewed by:  from Vacaville, California

Warm weather always brings unwanted shedding fur, especially on upholstered furniture. To deal with this problem I ordered the Power Paw. It's a powerful little tool that made quick work of ridding the unwanted fur. Attachment comes with, so should fit most vacuums.
  Eureka''s Power Paw Rocks
Reviewed by: Molly's mom. from Corvallis, Oregon

I had just purchased the Eureka's Mighty Mite and then discovered that the difference between this one and the Pet Mighty Mite was the Power Paw. Price was really reasonable. As we have a really hairy, little dog, this turned out to be a wonderful purchase. The Power Paw's only negative is it is about 5 inches wide. Does an amazing job.
  Great for all pet hair
Reviewed by: S, Brown from Athens, GA

I have a German Shepherd and a medium haired cat who both love to sit on the sofa. The Power Paw got both types of their hair with ease. I can now sit on the sofa without getting all furry! Worth every penny!
Reviewed by: Dog owner from new jersey

I have 2 Golden Retrievers, and shedding is a tremendous problem! I have an oriental pattern runner on my center hall staircase that needs to be vacuumed daily! This tool attachment is very powerful and quickly removes hair from the rug. I am very happy with the price and the function of this too attachment!
  Pet hair remover
Reviewed by: Tired of pet hair from ND

Great tool for removing pet hair from carpet and furniture. Two labs keep this little gem busy!
  Brush is good Delivery was slow
Reviewed by: Greywolf from Ontario Canada

This was a replacement for a Power Pet Hair attachment that I had but it had stopped working. It is a great accessory and fits my central vac perfect without the extra attachment pipe. It really works good and gets 99.9% of pet hair off the furniture I have 2 large furry dogs. My only complaint and maybe because it had to ship to Canada it was 2 weeks later than the estimated shipping date. I know that has nothing to do with the seller or the product but that is why I gave only 4 stars.
  Unbelievably efficient
Reviewed by: Compulsive cleaner from lafayette, co

This vacuum attachment is fantastic for EASILY removing pet hair from furniture. I ordered one and loved it so much I bought one for my sister and daughter. They were so happy with theirs that I ordered three more for my nieces. It really works and it works well. I have used other attachments to remove pet hair from furniture that required major effort and still didn't work that well. This attachment runs itself. All you do it guide it. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with it.
Reviewed by: Cat Lover from Philadelphia, PA

I have two enormous and very furry cats who love to lay on the couch. I used this, and there was not one hair to be found. It's awesome and will pick up hair better than any attachment you currently have.
  Eureka, the cat hair is gone!
Reviewed by: V. Nelson from Boston, MA

We've used this product on couches and upholstered chairs, chair pads, comforters etc. the get rid of the cat hair during shedding season. It really has great suction and removes so much hair so easily. I'm a cheapskate but this contraption was worth every penny we paid for it.
  Great attachment
Reviewed by: Kim D. from Los Angeles, CA

My boyfriend has severe allergies to my dog. I bought this attachment as a supplement to other products, i.e., air cleaners and shampoo, solutions. The attachment is very, very easy to use and is powerful. It's 100 times better than the vacuum's own upholstery attachment and I have a Eureka upright vacuum. It seems to clean amazingly well and so far, the allergies have lessened.
Reviewed by: A multiple cat owner from Kentucky

I was showing my brother how well my turbo attachment worked on cat hair have 2 indoor cats and he said they didn't have one - so I got online and ordered this one shipped to his house. When I inquired by e-mail to see if they got it and liked it - this is the response I got: "The pet pro Eureka Power Paw Universal Turbo Attachment did come big hit with the mother & girlfriend - also I'm worn out from usin' it! so I'm spendin' weekend in the woods!!!! p.s. GOD BLESS HUNTIN'SEASON !!!!!!" They have 4 indoor cats - we would recommnd this attachment to anyone - makes housecleaning so much easier and more economical than trying to use lint brushes or regular vacuum attachments!
  Power Paw Attachment
Reviewed by: White carpets and allergies from Virginia Beach, VA

We are leasing a house and the owners are allowing us to have our Black Lab inside. Much of the house is carpeted with white carpet! In addition, I am an allergy sufferer. We were desperate to find something to keep these carpets white and my allergies from flaring up. During an Internet search we came upon the Eureka Paw Universal Turbo attachment. It is inexpensive and attaches to the central vac system in the house. And it actually works! I have had no allergy attacks and the house carpets show no black dog hairs. Awesome!
  doing the job right and easy
Reviewed by: earl from ILL.

I use this on all kind of places and it does the job easy and right!
  Animal Lover Gets Relief
Reviewed by: Hair from Auburn, NY

Thirty years ago I purchased a Kirby Cleaner - Bad mistake, but it came with a standard turbo attachment, which I absolutely loved. I am a single busy woman with three cats, and two large dogs living in an 2 bdrm. apartment no less. I was having a problem with sticky tape as a resolution to hair mess on furniture, and stairs. After being fed up with the mess, I went online and found that cleanliness wasn't as expensive as I had thought. I found Achoo Allergy & Air products. Ease of navigation & purchase was great. Highly recommended
  Brush stopped turning after just a few uses
Reviewed by: Dog owner from Lynchburg, VA

This worked very well the first few times I used it, but then the brush stopped turning and now it is not very effective at all.
  easy to use
Reviewed by: Ranger and Rascal from Seattle, WA

This handy little gadget really works. The brush rotates briskly, and picks up the hair on the sofa and chairs. Much more efficient than just the brush attachment that comes with a vacumn cleaner.
  great de-furrer
Reviewed by: overwhelmed with fur from Canada

Works great to remove fur, I was actually amazed at the results. However, it's a pain to have to open it up screwed in and de-jam it from fur after each time I do the couch because it stops spinning.
  Eureka Power Paw
Reviewed by: Kevin from Douglasville, GA

I love my dog, but the shedding drives me nuts sometimes. While he's not a long haired breed, during the summer and spring he sheds like CRAZY! I have tried other products, but the Power Paw attachment works better than anything I've tried. I've used it in my truck, on the carpeted steps at home, on my couch ... I've even tried it on him! It's small enough to get into most tight spaces, and powerful enough that with just a little time I can pull all the hair, dirt, and whatever else is there, up. If you have a pet and a vacuum that this will fit, don't be without it.
  Great value!
Reviewed by: A happy customer from Pennsylvania

I have a Dyson vacuum. Dyson sells a larger similar version which costs upwards of $70. I saw this and figured I would give it a try. While it does not fit on the wand, it fits perfectly into the hose. The amount of dust and hair it picks up is amazing. It fits between furniture where the regular sweeper can't go. It also works great on the stairs. I highly recommend this attachment!
  Not Bad..
Reviewed by: allergy sufferer from Birmingham, AL

The Power Paw does a decent job. I was skeptical, but it actually works.. You have to go slowly with it, but it does work... It works the best of any products in which I have purchased to pick up cat hair off upholstry.
Reviewed by:  from Minneapolis, MN

This attachment is fantastic! I have tried every product I can find for removing cat hair from furniture and bedspreads, from sticky lint rollers to self-cleaning lint brushes to assorted vacuum attachments. This is the only product that works in one quick pass to remove cat hair that has become "embedded" in the fabric. My velour bedspread finally looks as good as the day I bought it. You can't go wrong with this item -- it works much better than the "pet brush vac attachment" (basically a lint brush) also sold at this site. I'm buying a second Eureka Power Paw to keep around in case they stop making them!
  goodbye cat hair
Reviewed by: jerry modaff from mount pulaski,illinois

when i recieved my power paw, it fit my bissell perfect. i have 2 cats 1 is a long hair,and it sure got all the hair off my furniture like magic. great product.

  Every pet owner should have one!
Reviewed by: Mary B. from Maryville, IL

We have 3 dogs, plus take in fosters, and they generate more than their share of loose hair. The Power Paw does a great job of removing hair and dirt from furniture and stairs. The rotating brush removes even the embedded stuff that suction alone won't touch. A must for pet lovers!
Reviewed by: Hair-b-gone ! from Troy, MI

I was very sleptical about the effectiveness of this tool. After on use I was amazed. A MUST FOR PET OWNERS. I tried all other similar items, this leaves them IN THE DUST...:-)
Reviewed by: Cara from Washington

I love this attachment, it picks up the fur off everything. We have a Sharp brand vaccuum and it fits. We have 4 cats and 2 dogs so we need this!
  Allergy Armor Pillow Encasings
Reviewed by: Allergy Sufferer's Wife from Pearl River, New York

For the last few years my husband has been suffering from allergies. During the night while sleeping, he would wake up several times with anxiety episodes, feeling as if he could not breathe. We had read about dust mites and how they cause breathing difficulties for allergy sufferers. I decided to get new pillows, pillow covers and a mattress cover to see if it would cut down on his interrupted sleep. I purchased them from Achoo Allergy and am happy to say he has not had one episode since I put them to use.
Reviewed by: Marcia S. from 

This is positively the best attachment ever! Easy to use, requires no pressure, and works at every angle. Thank you Eureka!

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