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  Works well!
Reviewed by: Surprised! from Salem, Mo.

I thought my Spray Mist failed me on a recent trip but traced the problem to my laundering technique. I now spray all my shirts with a stain remover product in the armpits before laundering and my Spray Mist continues to work well.
  No review title given
Reviewed by: Ms. Natural from Phoenix, AZ

Terrific product - works great. A little skeptical at first, but was surprisingly satisfied. Thanks
  Great stuff
Reviewed by: JM from Austin, TX

As a three year breast cancer survivor, I have been reading about the dangers of parabens etc. I doubted this product would work, but ordered anyway. I am amazed. It has been working and I live in Texas, where it is HOT and HUMID. I will be using it forever and trying some of the other products as well.
  Excellent product
Reviewed by: Andy from New York

I've used the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal spray for a few weeks now and have been quite impressed. It prevents odor better than many regular deodorants I've used. Actually "better than" is the wrong term it simply stops odor completely! I've become quite allergic to all anti-perspirants and most deodorants, but I haven't had the slightest negative reaction to this product. The only drawback to the spray mist is that you have to be careful not to spray too much, or you'll have it running down your sides until it dries.
  Highly recommended
Reviewed by: Environmentalist from Canada

I bought a "travel sized" crystal a few months ago, feeling a little skeptical of its claims but willing to give it a try - single-ingredient products are always so appealing - and was extremely pleased with the results. The crystal did not stop me sweating but the sweat was odourless. Be sure to fully cover the area because if you miss a spot it will smell. Sweat itself is odorless, but bacteria that grow in these warm, humid conditions with a certain pH create chemical reactions that smell. Conventional deodorants stop all sweating with a toxic chemical has not been declared carcinogenic but is a well-known neurotoxin, and/or mask it with perfume. Naturally Fresh neutralizes the pH of the area so no bacteria will grow in it all, using a naturally occuring salt that your body won't absorb. Sweating is natural, it has a purpose and is necessary to cool your body and release toxins. It is body odour that is unacceptable in our society - Naturally Fresh crystal completely eliminated that for me.
  Works great without harmful chemicals!
Reviewed by: Eczema sufferer  from Northern Minnesota

I have used many different deodorants, each one giving me a rash and was uncomfortable to use, even the ones that claimed they were for sensitive skin. When I use the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, I have relief from sweatiness without all those harmful chemicals. I have been very satisfied, and I even got other family members to try it! :
  Perfect protection
Reviewed by: Christina from St. Louis

I'm happy with how this product keeps body odor control. Dries quickly after application. Great to find a product that does not compromise my health. Thanks deodarant crystals!
Reviewed by: an allergy sufferer from marlette michigan

i was so delighted and exicited about this product. i have suffered for years being allergic to all deodorants. if not a rash--brown and dry. it was very hard to go without because i still produced ordor. wow!!! what a surprize!! this actually works. so very happy. thank-yoy
  Good For Kids
Reviewed by: Tiffany from Cincinnati

I was shocked when my 5yr old daughter was beginning to get an odor under her underarms, I searched the internet for something natural, I ran across this product picked it up from Walmart and I LOVE IT, do not have to worry about my daughter who is now 6 getting rashes, or burning sensations due to deodorant, I will continue to use this on her!!
  Raise Your Hands 'Cause You're Sure
Reviewed by: Nzinga K. Grateful Being Me from Washington Metropolitan Area

In a nutshell --- I bought the Spray Mist (yes, aluminum free :-), use it daily (feels like plain water) without further ado, then it dawned on me a couple of weeks later… Hey! No Itching, No Odor, No Feeling Clammy, and No Nothing. Now I am raising my hands to give thanks!!!
  A Chemical Sensitivity Products...AT LAST!
Reviewed by: Chemically Sensitive from Berea, Kentucky

I have tried one deordorant after another and ALWAYS came up with rashes and itching due to contents. I have a collection of at least twenty (20) different types of deordorants (recommended by this person or this doctor). I use them for my "guest baskets." I found this product at Wal-Mart and now they are not carrying it. I am so sensitive (with or without underarm shaving) and have been extremely happy with this product. I have even bought out every item on the shelf for myself and my friends who have the same chemical sensitivity as I do. Thank you for a product that does not polute my body, cause severe itching, and controls underarm smells.
  Don't waste money on other deodorants like I did!
Reviewed by: Sweaty Betty from Los Angeles, CA

I spent a small fortune buying natural deodorants from the local health food store. I tried many of them, and they did not work. It was disappointing, and embarassing, and frustrating. I have a young baby, and I am constantly in motion. When I take a shower is determined by when she naps. Needless to say, I need a powerful )aluminum free!) deodorant, which this is!!!
  It really works
Reviewed by: Sally a baby boomer from Chicago, IL

I bought this recently and use the Spray Mist and it does what it says. No odor and so far no sweat.
  Really works!
Reviewed by: An allergy sufferer from Oregon

I got this for my friend who needs the "big guns" when it comes to perspiration and odor. Deoderants didn't work; she needed hard-core antiperspirants. To her amazement and delight, this not only controls odor, it also reduces wetness. She is still using it, which says a lot. Users should take note, though, that, although this product does not contain aluminum chlorohydrate, it does contain potassium alum, which is a compound that contains aluminum. That probably accounts for its success an an anti-perspirant.
  doubly effective
Reviewed by: a satisfied physician from Lynchburg, VA

I became sensitive to deodorants/antiperspirants at the same time I developed respiratory allergies. No locally available products worked (even those labelled "hypo-allergenic). Not only has this product proven effective but it does not produce excessive dryness as some anti-perspirants I've tried.
  must use over other deodorants!
Reviewed by: believer from Florida

I started using this after my mom got breast cancer and freaked out, making us all use this instead of other stuff (don't know much about what it is in the other stuff that's supposed to be cancer causing, so excuse me for not knowing the right terms)... but whether any of that's true or not, this just IS better than anything else. I used to sweat so much, and now it's very rare if I do even in the hottest conditions. I'm a Floridian! And of course absolutely no odor. You gotta try this stuff, and get used to it... then you'll never go back.
  now a believer
Reviewed by: kathy from  from texas

i never would've believed i could feel "protected/dry" with using any product without alum. chlorohydrate; not only do i feel "dry/safe", but i feel cleaner and almost like i sweat less, than when i used regular deodorant (which was for 40 years, and ended up causing severe "underarm rashes"). America should wake up to the cleanliness of this product.

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