Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge Customer Reviews

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Reviewed by: AGG- Severe Asthma Sufferer from MD

Our new dehumidifier is fabulous. This is the second week we have had it hooked up. It is quiet and does a tremendous job. Our basement was at 65 percent humidity. Now, it is 47 percent, and the smell is completely gone. Thank you so very much!
  Keeping Humidity in check
Reviewed by: Dust mite allergy sufferer from Pennsylvania

Excellent gauge to watch humidity levels in all areas of home. Portable to each room and is quite accurate. I don't use the outside temp as I am not interested in that. Just inside temp and humidity levels.
  Easy to use
Reviewed by: humid in Florida from Hollywood, Florida

This gauge is easy to use and affordable. I recommend it to anyone curious about the humidity levels. I bought it for my apartment because I don't have a vent in my bathroom and also because I live by the ocean and love to have my windows open.
  Excellent humidity guage
Reviewed by: Allery sufferer from New Britain, CT

This gauge is great. The numbers are easy to read and it is very accurate. Also, the size is compact so you can put it just about anywhere. I would recommend this product.
Reviewed by: DAN D from OHIO

  Excellent product
Reviewed by: satisfied customer from New York, New York

I am very pleased with this humidity gauge. It's reasonably priced, compact, and provides readings for both humidity and temperature. Highly recommended!
  Danby dehumidifier does the job.
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina

Arrived within two days in good condition. Removed from box, read instructions and plugged the unit in. Within one day had reduced relative humidity by 15% in our 2200 sq. ft. lower level. So we ordered another unit for the upper level.
  Convenient humidy reference
Reviewed by:  from Central NY

Works as stated. Appears to be accurate: humidity level agrees with set point of dehumidifier controller in basement.
  Acu-Rite Humidity Gauge was right for me!
Reviewed by: Steve R from Atco, New Jersey

Five Stars for the Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge. I wanted to verify the humidity level in my basement before purchasing a dehumidfier. After searching localy with no luck, I found Achoo Allergy, thought this gauge would do well, it did and then some! Displays time and tempeture too! Super Fast shipping!
  Upstairs Gauge
Reviewed by: Bob from Lansing, MI

We purchased our second Acu-Rite to have one both upstairs and downstairs. Our first purchased a year ago has proven to be an excellent product to help monitor our humidifier/de-humidifier operation during Michigan's dry winters and humid summers.
  Great Gauge
Reviewed by:  from St. Paul, MN

Easy to use and portable throughout the house.
  Cool Tool
Reviewed by: Terry from Cincinnati, Kentucky

My business of helping people weather-proof their homes has profited greatly showing them the humidity level with this little gadget. No other humidity gauge is as portable, and easy to use as this one. Not to mention the value compared to the bigger gauges at the big box stores.
  Digital Humidity Gauge
Reviewed by: Humid human from Seattle, WA

Fantastic product! Instructions are fiber clear. Works effortlessly. Updates humidity/temp changes quickly.
  Helpful in the basement
Reviewed by: Bob from Lansing, MI

Gives a real time humidity level in the basement for help in summertime dehumdifier control.
  humidity for exotic pets
Reviewed by: Lucas K from Lincoln, Nebraska

I recently purchased an emperor scorpion which requires at least 70 percent humidity. After misting the substrate of my ten gallon tank i set the acurite gauge on the substrate and it reads the humidity quickly and perfectly. thanks to this product there is no more guessing.
  inexpensive product with a great value
Reviewed by: Nina from Knoxville, TN

I am a student working in lab. As we need to monitor the air temperature and humidity in the lab, I ordered the digital humidity gauge. It is easy to use and works very well. If your experiment doesn't require very precise temperature and humidity monitoring, I strongly recommend that this product to you. It is cheap while works very well.
  Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge
Reviewed by: Allergy sufferer from Seattle, Washington

just what we needed. Someway to measure the humidity in our home to and review the humidity. Easy order procedure with next day shipment was flawless. Fast delivery. Installed the battery and watched the humidity numbers tell us where we were and what we had to do to manage the humidity for optimum allergy control. Fast and easy set up.. Thanks
  no more guessing
Reviewed by: concerned mom from canton, Georgia

I have a 1 year old who was having sinus problems. I never knew if I was doing more harm then good with the humidifier. Now I know exactly when to run it and when not to. This little gadget is GREAT!!!
  great product, important to have in every home
Reviewed by: a sinus and allergy sufferer from New York

I am really glad i got the Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge. I am very sensitive to the humidity levels in my environment. it is so important to know what the humidity levels are. this product tells you the time, the outside temperature, the indoor relative humidity percentage. if the humidity levels are below 20%, it says low. do you know what the humidity ranges are in your home? i kept it in my bedroom for the past few days, and i've noticed that the humidity levels are consistently low. this is important to know. i thought the humidity levels were too high, and that i needed a dehumidifer. it turns out that i need a humidifer to add humidity to the air. the low humidity causes me to have extreme nasal and sinus congestion, itchy throat, itchy eyes, chapped skin etc. I want to keep this gauge in every room that i frequent, and try to keep the humidity levels around 40%... if the humidity goes under 35, i need to use the humidifer or vaporizer to add humidity to the air, to prevent sinus problems. and if the humidity goes above 50, then there is too much humidity in the air, and i need a dehumidifer, to prevent problems such as the growth of mold, mildew, dust mites, etc. I am so glad that i got this product- i think i finally found the root of my problem- i need to carefully monitor the humidity levels in the rooms that i frequent, to prevent exacerbation of my sinus problems and allergies. I have a deviated septum, nasal polyps, allergies, tend to get allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, etc. and this product is truly helping me. do you know the humidity levels in your bedroom? buy this product to find out and correct the problem. you may be surprised at the difference it makes!
  It Works!
Reviewed by: Ken Schroer from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

We though we had a mold problem in our cellar. But we didn't know for sure. ALL the Internet blurbs said that dampness was the key. But how damp actually WAS our cellar? I Googled "humidity gauge" and Achooalergy seemed to know what they were talking about. I bought it and it's WONDERFUL. Now we no longer have to guess. And the gizmo has lots of useful features. It was a most rewarding purchase.
  Acu-Rite Digital Humidity Gauge
Reviewed by: Tracy from Chicago Area

I have nothing to compare this product with, but the humidity readings seem to correspond properly to how I feel - I'm most comfortable with the humidity between 35% and 45%; I feel too hot if it's above that, and it hurts to breathe if it's below that.

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Could not wait to try Safeguard Window Filters. I am using them, am very pleased and have high hopes that my solution to open windows is at hand!
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